Back in the drop zone – but don’t worry, the next installment of embarrassment is half price!

I’ve been coaxed out of my general malaise of writing about Forest thanks to an email from Marc, so thanks Marc, I think!  It’s not really that all things Forest are THAT bad, well, they are – but I’m well versed in writing about Forest in attempting-to-find-the-positive ways during times of slim pickings.  What I’m finding incredibly disheartening is the general mood of my fellow fans at the moment, who seem to be on a relentless quest to self-destruct and undermine as many people’s confidence as possible.

So anyway, I digress.  It was interesting to see Billy Davies state in no unclear terms that Forest fans who had travelled to Burnley deserve better.  Undoubtedly that is true – and now they get to have an opportunity to repeat the experience for half price.  Because Forest are footing the bill for discounting Barnsley tickets for those unfortunates who travelled to Burnley.  A nice gesture, kind of, but it sets an interesting precident.  This chap has a very negative take on it, and that somehow helped me to validate my own generally negative feelings towards this ‘incentive’.

Initially I thought I was underwhelmed by the offer because despite being a fairly frequent traveller with the Reds, I didn’t go to Burnley so don’t get to ‘benefit’.  I did go to Wolves, where we shipped 5 goals, I went to Oldham once on a blisteringly cold new years’ day and saw us lose 5-0, in fact, if I totted up the miles I had done on thankless pursuits following Forest around the country, I would probably end up in a mental hospital!  So why now?  Hell, I saw what I am convinced was a Forest team throw a match against Chester in the cup during Megson’s reign.

And then, as the linked blogger does, if you quantify the discount – it’s actually pretty poxy.  The one thing a football club doesn’t need to do is unleash poxy gimmicks to ensure loyalty or brand equity.  Football clubs are lucky enough to have a pretty much unconditional loyalty from their customers – so really this gimmick is as transparent as it is ill-conceived.  As the chap in the linked story states, there would be no need for such things if we’d not bungled another transfer window in January and given Billy the squad members he wanted rather than pinching pennies and failing to land them.

I don’t think it is down to me being missed out of the offer that drives the negativity.  In his email with the linked story, Marc likened it to the fairly shameful “We’ll only charge you a fiver, then!” ‘incentive’ offered to us when we’d already paid full price to watch a replay of an aborted cup game against Leicester City.  Well that was a fiver well spent, wasn’t it?  Admittedly that was motivated out of ‘well, you’ve only seen half a game’ rather than ‘we’ve been rubbish’ – after all, Forest actually played very well in that game that never got beyond half time.

And, as if to rub salt into the wounds, Barnsley won one of their games in hand this evening – against Crystal Palace – which pushes us back into the relegation zone.  Billy – that Jekyll and Hyde character – seems to think that part of the solution to this dilemma is laying into Lewis in the press.  I really can’t work out Billy, I liked him on arrival – but when the going gets tough, he does get a bit irksome – or at least that is how the press choose to portray him.  Then when the going’s good I find myself liking him again, I suppose that’s human nature.

Either way, it’s a bleak pastime chronicling the rises and more considerable falls of Nottingham Forest FC at the moment, I am feeling decidedly disillusioned with my subject matter, and not just because they don’t offer me half price tickets!