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Many thanks to Nick who sent these through to me, I hadn’t seen these adverts for betting website Paddypower before (this isn’t a plug for them, just amusing adverts – so bet with them if you want to, but don’t feel compelled!).  The reason we’ve dredged these out is because they feature Forest-related people in them to demonstrate certain subtleties with the advertisers cashback systems!  Whilst he sent them on Thursday, they fit in neatly with my complete lack of desire to contemplate too much to do with the current Forest team at the moment!

(to see the alternative ending, then click here)

Okay, so now you will in future be slightly terrified every time you open your wardrobe in the morning, contemplate the downright sinister prospect of this next time you take a bath!

(to see the alternative ending, then click here)

Okay, you should surely have had a smile?  Perhaps some nightmares as well, but I can’t be held responsible for that!

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  1. Excellent find NFFC! ONLY laugh I had this weekend! Thanks

  2. You will never beat Des Walker, legend.

    Oh to have im in the team now.

    I remembe that one goal he scored, I was in the trent end with my Dad when I was about 11 years old, 1-1 v Luton, they scored early and then Des scored last minute. Quality. Oh happy days.

    Sad how things have turned and it is also wierd that I can remember more about games from years ago than I can from the last ten seasons. Funny that.

  3. Was it a New Years Day match, MrB?
    I do recall it being a dour game, and the Luton fans on the way out just couldn’t understand all the excitement surrounding Des’s goal!

    Yeah, I have a lot of good memories from the 80s and early 90s.
    Its not just the division/level we’re at at the moment, I think football generally has lost much of the excitement and passion.
    Too much money involved? Lack of personalities? All seater grounds?
    Who knows. But I doubt my lads will grow up remembering many ‘good times’!

  4. I got another piece of news to but a smile on our faces. What the Men’s team couldn’t do in four meetings, Tim Hopkinson managed it himself in the 4-2 drubbing of the Sheep in Derby as the Academy’s clashed. He got all 4 goals for Forest on Saturday morning.

  5. Sorry I can’t post up a link, I’m useless with technology, but some one emailed me an advert from Carling. Its basically for free beer in connection with the FA, if that makes the google search easier!
    Anyway, have a listen to what the “crowd” are singing.

    As I say, sorry for being extremely vague and a bit dim!

  6. I’ve not had much luck so far, mattyboy!

    You could forward the email on to me if you still have it?

  7. Oops, not Carling at all, sorry nffc!

  8. No, sorry. Still can’t raise a smile!

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