Not good!

Burnley -5
Nottingham Forest – 0

I’m somewhat cut off from technology in the wilds of Wiltshire where even a signal for text messaging has proven rather unreliable. Although I have found a spot in the bar with a smidgen of a GPRS signal.

After checking in with the TV I think a trip to the bar is very much in order. There was no coverage of league tables on the Premier League-centric programme, although eyeballing other results suggest it might not be a total disaster.

Of course, then we need to remember that Wolves are up next – pretty formidible opponents by our standards. That Billy Davies would push us into an era of consistency and professionalism is still a philosophy undergoing some major teething trouble.

I will follow up this post tomorrow when I have access to my usual myriad of media accoutrements, but naturally would welcome your comments as ever, particularly if you (inevitably) have access to more information than I do currently.

As for me, I’m off to find that square foot of mobile coverage to try to publish this short missive, that it is in the bar is entirely coincidence, but a welcome one nonetheless!

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  1. Well done those of you who went to turf moor..I only had to turn off the commentary at half time.and I´m not going to listen to billy davies´s excuses.
    This was dire,and I hope our new fullback is not on the train back to spurs. He must wonder what he has let himself in for.
    Nothing else to say………..

  2. Davies policy off slagging off individual players is high risk indeed – bottom line is we have another six pointer away at Barnsley in 2 weeks – I think this will be the decider for us – Norwich are climbing out
    and its between us and Barnsley – they have games in hand as well as a better GD – so if you were a betting man – I think we all know what now awaits us .

  3. The worst result in the history of our club
    The worst result in the history of our club
    The worst result in the history of our club
    The worst result in the history of our club
    The worst result in the history of our club

  4. The worst result ever in the history of our club as far as I am concerned.

  5. Davies needs to be careful not to drive a gulf with the players as the danger increases in the next few games – I dont know what he’s doing with the players psychology in training and in his post match comments – but its not working – he needs to settle on a formation and his best team quick

  6. Oh Dear. The table is starting to look very ominous indeed. Hard to feel positive at the moment.

  7. It’s never going to work with Doughty & Arthur at the helm is it? Whoever they get as Manager is always doomed.

    Hang on! what about
    1.a disposals committee
    2. a chain smoking, foul mouthed, overly aggressive Chief Exec who knows something about football
    3. a Chairman who talks and backs his Manager,not just when there’s a crisis
    4. a 5-week plan, or best still no plan just a policy based on passing football.
    5. a football consultant (if needed) with some roots in our history.

    Seriously pissed off and not happy ..

  8. I still think it will be either us,norwich or plymouth who take the 3 rd r. spot although southampton could escape too !!It looks 3 points at the home match against southampton is going to be vital…4 wins from 7 games’??????

  9. We are in the shit up to our eyeballs and i have to be honest im not surprised one bit.Billy davies has walked into the local baths and found himself in the atlantic ocean.

    We are a bunch of bottle merchants as a football club and im ashamed to admit it.

    Sheffield United playoffs = bottled it
    Yoevil playoffs = bottled it
    Doncaster @ home + shat it
    Wolves away = crap
    Derby @ home = bottled it
    Derby in cup = bottled it

    Believe me guys we are heading back to leage 1 and i blame the incompitence of the forest board for 10 yrs of failure we either oust them as fans or gonna stop supporting until ARTHUR AND CO GO YOU ARE SHIT FUCK OFF AND LEAVE OUR BELOVED CLUB WANKERS.

    I think we need to go down again and regroup its a shambles and we have toiled all season for diddly.

  10. At least BD has the guts to owe straight up for the outright non-exsistance tonight after the 1st goal. Damn right appologies are owed begining with a win next Saturday against Wolves. 7 games left – all or nothing now…

  11. I dare you we are staying… As I dared u we would go up last year. The glove’s yours to pick. A team that’s pulled such victories at Man City, Reading etc is not going to fall. Period. Don’t ask me where the foundations of my optimism are, I just believe as I always have. If you like to repeat that we are s**t, please feel free to, but sorry, Im not going to play this game.
    mffc, after the Wolves match I will post my “remaining games” table.

  12. Lets hope this story is true,

    However I have a feeling it might be too late. Why we didn’t bring these players in around Jan time is beyond me.

    Oh well, Yeovil Crewe again next season, well for Forest that is, I won’t be going to a single game.

  13. Ended up going to Burnley. Can not defend Smith, or any of them come to that. We will be going down. The players just aren’t good enough.

    (Text received from a mate, he isn’t the typical “impossible to please” type Forest fan either).

  14. Awful performance yesterday and only been slightly cheered up by listening to Billy’s criticism of the team on the internet. For those of you who question the effect of those comments on the team’s morale, I really don’t care. I watch that team regularily & I’d loose respect for the manager if he didn’t offer a honest appraisal. Gutless, shambolic, shameful, pitiful, effortless these all come to mind & I certainly wouldn’t want the manager to cover up for the shower of shite.
    All were culpable & whilst I know NFFC doesn’t like to single out individuals; Smith & Chambers have become liabilities- First goal came from a weak tackle by Chambers & the free kick was “flapped” at by Smith. Second goal came after limp challenges on the right & bundled past the keeper; third goal crossed over & no cover @ right back; fourth goal caused by the winger carrying the ball without being challenged by the right back…
    Chambers was found out last season by any one of any ability on the wing; Smith well… Great shot stopper, but forty per cent about being a keeper comes down to presence, distribution, positional sense & he is sadly lacking in all. You compare Smith to the unit in the Burnley goal who although quite honestly fat, won everything in the box, was positive & organised & cajoled his defence. It was men with desire against a timid, effortless set of boys!! If you want to balme anyone it’s certainly deeper than the manager; heart, desire & mental strength comes from within… Up the Reds!

  15. shit,shit,shit…….not even marlon harewood could save us if the papers are correct and he’s coming back ???

  16. Sorry vassilis nffcs text from mate is bang on we have all followed the reds for decades mate me 32 yrs.
    Plus some of us are x footballers we are not good enough misplaced loyalty has ran out we will go down and we need too.

    Then davis can rebuild and come back up with a team with backbone and a bit of balls.Im gonna say it again we are suffering from the CC legacy and he had a weak team with some decent players thrown in.Plus the board are incompetentand have consistent in one thing letting us the fans down they need to go also.

  17. I think Billy is doing a splendid job toward his aim of finishing 4th from bottom. We accidently sneaked up the table a couple of places there but now we are right back where Billy wants us to finish!

  18. Despite all of these best laid long term plans NFFC Management are now starting to panic by trying to get in as many loan players as possible. Too late for me. If/when we go down we won’t come back up straight away. The evidence of this is the previous 10 years and to hope suddenly this wil change now we have BD in charge is wishful thinking. Change has got to happen at the top first. I’ve often wondered about how much time Doughty puts into the club. Whether we/he likes it or not what’s done is done and his £40m has been washed down the Trent in the years of lower division football. One thing is for sure he’s got to get rid of Arthur, the man’s a liability far bigger than Chambers & Smith referred to above. Nice bloke, but the word failure will be indefinetly linked to him by all Forest fans. 10 years? you’ve had your chances but hop it. thanks.

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  20. Well redric, you are 100% entitled to your opinion and I can’t challenge you since I’ve been following Forest for just 31 years and I’m an x-footballer too.
    Nevertheless, please allow me to stick to my own view of things.
    Believe it. If you believe the opposite, our players will too. (Trust me.)

  21. Thats cool vassilis not having a go mate just pointing out that we are in a mess and need to start again.

    I like you dont want us to go down but if your an x player surely you like most reds with a bit of nouse realise we are way below the standard in this division.

    From billys interviews he also knows deep down that the current team and squad are not up to it its blatant really.

    If we scrape it then my hat will be off to billy because hes been handed a bum steer in taking over in january i feel sorry for him.Too many bottle merchants in current team look at both derby games we were shocking.

  22. I gave up my very long-standing season ticket after the Yeovil play-ofs debacle.

    I can’t honestly say I’m missing it.

  23. Patrick, bet you missed it on that super sunny promotion day last May?!

    Mind, seems like an awful long time ago now……

  24. I’m with Vas & all the rest on the +ve side. I’ve followed Forest for 35 yrs but am not an ex-footballer. BUT, how many times last year I was right, how many times this year I’ve been right. Stay +ve even throught the dark clouds. Let’s stay up ’cause we can. Let’s stay up as if we don’t that mass exodus which we escaped last year will hit us this year. On the bright side still, we’ve got 3 International call ups @ the moment. I’m expecting more.

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