Not good!

Burnley -5
Nottingham Forest – 0

I’m somewhat cut off from technology in the wilds of Wiltshire where even a signal for text messaging has proven rather unreliable. Although I have found a spot in the bar with a smidgen of a GPRS signal.

After checking in with the TV I think a trip to the bar is very much in order. There was no coverage of league tables on the Premier League-centric programme, although eyeballing other results suggest it might not be a total disaster.

Of course, then we need to remember that Wolves are up next – pretty formidible opponents by our standards. That Billy Davies would push us into an era of consistency and professionalism is still a philosophy undergoing some major teething trouble.

I will follow up this post tomorrow when I have access to my usual myriad of media accoutrements, but naturally would welcome your comments as ever, particularly if you (inevitably) have access to more information than I do currently.

As for me, I’m off to find that square foot of mobile coverage to try to publish this short missive, that it is in the bar is entirely coincidence, but a welcome one nonetheless!