Six points lost?

Watford – 2
Nottingham Forest – 1

This result feels like a real kick in the teeth, however upon having a reality check (and perhaps the luxury of missing the game itself), despite seeing the chasm of relegation loom two points closer than it was earlier today – things could be a lot worse had things gone more as we would have expected in our last few games.  Wins against Reading, Preston and a draw against Swansea were more than I dared hope for – so that somewhat mitigates for defeat in this six-pointer.

As well as that, Watford are on a decent run of form (as is, seemingly, the majority of the struggling sides at the moment, annoyingly!).  Results elsewhere in the league were a mixed bag, for a while it was looking pretty bleak – certainly Norwich picking up a win is regrettable, and we can thank Derby for equalising against Southampton having fallen behind.  The injury of Ian Breckin and Joel Lynch do add somewhat to the gloom however, just as we were starting to bring back injured players.

People are bound to question the rather seismic changes Billy opted to make to the starting lineup, given recent good performance built roughly on the same kind of team – with the odd enforced change through suspensions and tiredness – and I look forward to comments around this from those of you who went.  The radio made it sound a rather disorganised performance with numerous tactical changes throughout (some forced through injury).  Worrying.

Rasiak opened the scoring for them early doors, Matt Thornhill bagged the equaliser for us just after the fifteen minute mark but unfortunately for us Priskin scored the only goal left in the game – with Forest unable to muster much by way of attacking threat to try to come back into the game a second time.  I realise I’m being vaguer than usual even when I’ve not attended matches in the past, but well – let’s not dwell, eh?  Should you want a more in depth match report then there’s one here.

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  1. I was worried when I heard Earnie was being rested for this 6 pointer. It would seem to make sense to me to play the strongest team for this game and rest anyone for the burnley game.
    The Burnley game,as are all the remaining games Vital now for points. As they are one of the more successful teams we shall up our tempo and get at least a point. I can see this going to the final day the way the results are going. I´ll certainly be having a few? drinks when I know we are safe,and for my nerves the sooner the better….Hang On !!

  2. We have no doubt been unfortunate with injuries but I lost count of the number of different formations we played last night! You can’t expect to make that many changes to personnel (admittedly mostly enforced) and then formation and expect any kind of fluency. We never got going or played any decent football. For both Watford goals our defence stood like statues.

    That last game of the season against the Saints is starting to look a frightening prospect!!!

  3. What is it with todays footballers and injurys,they need a bit of meat on there bones,as for resting players utter bollocks,these are young men who train a few hours a week then play 90 mins(if fit)and are paid a lot of cash compared to us paying punters,a bowl of pasta and a bright coloured pair of boots wont make them play any better,someone needs to ask WHY so many injurys,for gods sake Billy sort that defence out.

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  5. Davies made a mistake resting the player for this game, I could see his logic behind it but this was the wrong game to do it for. We still need another loan signing at the back, namely a fullback who can also play at centrehalf or visa versa, but I’m not too down after last night, so long as the lads stay focussed.

  6. Dan – What we need are 2 full backs who know how to play at full back!

    Having said that, Garath Macleary did ok when he ended up at RB last night. Maybe it is strikers/wingers who can also play at full back that we need?!

  7. There are quite a few games between the bottom 8 teams coming up so they can’t all keep winning. You can also expect all the promotion teams to get over their recent blips and start dominating again.
    I think if we win against Barnsley, Blackpool and Coventry (who should be safe by then and will be playing purely for “pride”) then I don’t think the Southampton game will matter. If we can’t win against those three then we probably don’t deserve to stay up here anyway.

  8. We were disjointed and looked way out of our league last night – against a team who are very ordinary.

    The defence is where the problem lies and needs sorting – QUICKLY.

  9. Were in the shite thats for sure.We are still suffering from the CC legacy he stayed far too long.The defence is crap time after time they do silly things that cost us games.

    Billy is right we need to battle harder 8 cup finals left and players dropping like flies.It could have been 5 last night.

    Its time to strap yurself in for the final ride in 30 yrs its been the same forest always do it the hard way so here we go again.

    U reds

  10. Quality comment from MICKF your a legend

  11. redric-you’ve summed it up for me in four words “here we go again” not long now till the fat lady starts clearing her throat and the cream of league one’s supporter’s can once again sing “you’re not famous anymore” could go on but wont-:in the mire!!!

  12. chris gunter – 19yr old signed on loan from spurs,thought we needed some experienced heads to see us through difficult times not kids ? mmmm anybody know anything about him apart from he played for cardiff ???

  13. Anyone else notice that the bottom six all play each other on the last day of the season? its going down to the wire and no mistake!

    No idea who this kid is but he is a defender which is good news, and he can play saturday too.

  14. Gunter, from what I read is highly rated by toshack and will be welcome as he probably knows how to actually play at full back, whether he has been signed to play at right or left is a guess (he is right footed), but kinda annoys me as i believe we have an excellent player in moloney. No idea why BD isn’t playing him. But as for gunter, he is one of the highly rated welsh youths coming through for the national team, and even at his age will bring some class to us (i hope and assume!).

  15. Legendary picture of ex manager on above link!!

    Nice to see the squad strengthened if only through the loan system. Hopefully injuries won’t hurt us too badly. Think this season will go down to the wire, hold tight.

  16. Sounds a good edition this Gunter youth, although much like Ryan I cannot fathom why Maloney is not a fixture @ right back. Billy put Gunter left & Maloney right and we then have two GOOD full-backs; as long as Chambers has got a hole in his arse he’ll never make a right back.

  17. Maloney is injured. Out for at least another 3-4 weeks. Torn hamstring or something. He lives (boards) on the same estate as my brother-in-law and regularly gives a lift to my nephew – which has stopped as he can’t drive atm due to his injury.

    Quite surprised we got Gunter, a few other clubs who are challenging for promotion/play-offs were after him allegedly.

    Does make a mockery of Billy’s comments regarding experience AGAIN.

  18. Giovani Dos Santos has gone to Ipswich…wtf?!!!!
    BD waa obviously offered him and i’m disgusted that one of the brightest talents in the game will not be playing for us but will for the tractor boys, its a travesty

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