Six points lost?

Watford – 2
Nottingham Forest – 1

This result feels like a real kick in the teeth, however upon having a reality check (and perhaps the luxury of missing the game itself), despite seeing the chasm of relegation loom two points closer than it was earlier today – things could be a lot worse had things gone more as we would have expected in our last few games.  Wins against Reading, Preston and a draw against Swansea were more than I dared hope for – so that somewhat mitigates for defeat in this six-pointer.

As well as that, Watford are on a decent run of form (as is, seemingly, the majority of the struggling sides at the moment, annoyingly!).  Results elsewhere in the league were a mixed bag, for a while it was looking pretty bleak – certainly Norwich picking up a win is regrettable, and we can thank Derby for equalising against Southampton having fallen behind.  The injury of Ian Breckin and Joel Lynch do add somewhat to the gloom however, just as we were starting to bring back injured players.

People are bound to question the rather seismic changes Billy opted to make to the starting lineup, given recent good performance built roughly on the same kind of team – with the odd enforced change through suspensions and tiredness – and I look forward to comments around this from those of you who went.  The radio made it sound a rather disorganised performance with numerous tactical changes throughout (some forced through injury).  Worrying.

Rasiak opened the scoring for them early doors, Matt Thornhill bagged the equaliser for us just after the fifteen minute mark but unfortunately for us Priskin scored the only goal left in the game – with Forest unable to muster much by way of attacking threat to try to come back into the game a second time.  I realise I’m being vaguer than usual even when I’ve not attended matches in the past, but well – let’s not dwell, eh?  Should you want a more in depth match report then there’s one here.