Forest vs Preston highlights..

They’re online with Virgin Media – it’s basically the Robert Earnshaw show.  I still can’t make my mind up about the goal conceded – clearly someone the size of Parkin shouldn’t be able to go quite so unnoticed in the area from a corner, whether or not Smith should have come for it is unclear.

Earnie’s first goal was thanks to a great cross from Lynch, but also some decidedly questionable marking given the stature of him – a good run from him to get himself some space, the header itself looked scrappy – but it was enough, I can see why their ‘keeper wasn’t happy.  If we had conceded that our fans would’ve been shouting for Smith to be claiming it, or at least some of them.

The second goal for Earnie showed his instinct for a chance in action – of course, it was a woeful backpass, but having him on hand to be chasing down made them pay for it!  Anderson’s headed chance at the end could have made the game a comfortable and deserved scoreline – it was a cracking save from Lonergan .

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  1. It seems that despite what Vassilis mentioned earlier in the week, Virgin still does not allow these highlights to be viewed from outside the UK (at least not in Australia) . Maybe it’s a Euro thing . Highly unfair. I now have to wait for the weekly highlights show on TV which airs here on Tuesday nights.
    Does anybody know where i can see them ?
    Thanks for a great site nffc.
    Cheers from Sydney….

  2. Quality is awful, but best I could find:

  3. Thanks for finding those so quickly.
    It looks like we weren’t the only team gifted goals on Tuesday night with Norwich and Southampton having very kind much higher ranked opponents. A bit of a topsy-turvy round( and the SheepShaggers didn’t win).
    With the PNE goal, it looks to me that Smith might have come for it but the fact is we won and he has saved our bacon on many occasions.
    Great news about McSheffrey and hopefully more to come with Kuqi being mentioned.
    With a bit of luck and a good start , we could get something from Saturday.
    Come on U Reds

  4. Can´t get Virgin media in Venezuela either. Still it came on the official website,although there is very little moving pictures,just the commentary.
    Your links ,for some reason still close your blog down. Error report shows a load of numbers and says they casn´t be written. Does anyone know if I can do anything about it?’
    Good news about McSheffrey !!Gives the opposition a bit more to worry about!!!

  5. Looking at the Preston goal, I think Wes missed Parkin but as Wes has bailed us out the shit plenty of times this season (how many last gasp tackles??) then he is instantly forgiven. I might not have been so generous if it had been Chambers….. 🙂

    Seriously, we do need to work on defending set pieces. We appear to be getting worse not better at them.

  6. Things seem to be looking up for all thngs red at the moment.2 great wins and 2 good loan deals mcsheffrey is a scoop hes a dangerous player at this level.

    Once again id like to say that under CC we would be dead and buried now.Billy davies is a fighter and exactly what our club needs.

    Many who comment on the blog malinged davies and i think we owe him big time.Plus we are still playing fast positive football well done team davie if you keep us up it will be MASSIVE.

    U REDS

  7. Does anyone know why there is booing after the Preston goal went in? Is it because of the standard of marking by Forest or was there a controversial decision before it went in that led to the corner?

    Aslo, I see/hear they are still playing that annoying music when we score!! I can’t stand it!!

  8. Smith was probably the only one NOT at fault for that goal.

  9. That was my feeling at the time, the replay angle isn’t as good as that I had during the game.

    I just hear so much anti-Smith stuff in the ground and on the web I start to wonder whether what I actually witness with my eyes is what is really happening…

  10. Quite right dr horse. Shocking defending from an otherwise impeccable Wes.

    As a Smith supporter…Although I felt he had a fair game on Tuesday, he didn’t help himself with a couple of proper wayward kicks and a missed punch in the first half. Unfortunately for him it only takes one mistake and half the Trent End start whinging.

    My lads not happy, we moved seats from the front row of the trent end as the rain was battering us and when Earnie scored the first he celebrated right in front of where we’d been sat!!

  11. Unfortunately RedTrees is right, again no highlights for non-UK residents… I wonder how I was able to watch them last time around! Thanks nffc for pointing out another address… Even though it’s videocam shooting from the telly, I have a pretty good opinion about all three goals!

  12. Vassilis you are now known as 4 thumbs

  13. Looking forward to Saturday & Swansea. A real footballing side. It would be sweet to go one better than the Sheep botherers. For me, if we win this one BD’s team has arrived, because I have this horrible feeling that itds be down to the last game of the season Southampton, at home, the winner stays up / the loser goes down.

  14. My point about Smith was that it looked to me that he was capable of coming out and punching (remember I am only commenting after seeing the youtube highlights so maybe not very qualified). Had he done that , then there may have been less pressure on the defence.
    I am not anti-Smith at all .
    As I can hardly see any matches live or at least in full, I can only go on what i see and that is limited to weekly highlights of the league which only show goals and the occasional acrobatic save. One match that i did see was the Derby FA tie (first leg) and he pulled ome a couple of amazing saves at the end to earn us a replay.( he also saved us in the first round vs Reading right at the end).
    He could use some competition though as i believe and agree with most of you in that our goalkeeper situation is far from ideal.
    Speaking of which , are there any rumours of a loan signing in that position ?

  15. Smith would never have been able to claim that ball in a million years, I really don’t see why people are out to get him so much, bar his shit kicking, he is an excellent player, and we’re fortunate to have him.
    Does the board suffer from some form of xenophobia? Why in the age of the EU, can we not go out and sign some of the cheap yet high quality east europeans out there. Yes the pound has taken a beating but the majority of the clubs in the east would settle for paltry sums anyway. Where are the hungarians, estonians, bulgarians…

  16. I dont know if its xenaphobia ryan but they suffer from incompetence is there a condition for that or are they incurable.

    Arhtur ,pleat ,and previous managers have been a laughing stock.

    U reds

  17. Lovely cross for the first goal. All is forgiven!

  18. no redric, Im known as four thumbs up 🙂
    until u guys share my optimism at last

  19. off topic: check that out, I think it’s a disgrace, but not an unexpected one.–compilation.aspx

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