More signings? And Preston preview..

Hot on the heels of making his first Forest signing in the shape of Aston Villa’s Isaiah Osbourne, Billy Davies is very much in a Veruca Salt frame of mind – he wants more, and he wants it in the next 48 hours!  Three more signings, no less – admittedly the usual caveats apply, but it would seem that the gaffer is starting to make the moves he wants to add some bodies to the team.  Although as time marches on it seems like only Osbourne is likely to be available for tonight’s clash with Preston North End.

So, Preston.  I work near to a Preston fan, my taunts about the return of Moussi and getting biblical upon them through Isaiah were met with a retort about Paul McKenna hypnotising our defence.  That didn’t really help me establish what his take on the game was – being a Nottingham dweller now, he does regard Forest more like a rival than most Preston fans would, and as such he treats the game quite seriously – and wasn’t prepared to give too much away.  Preston haven’t won away since beating Wolves on 10th January – which would be no mean feat but for the slump the West Midlander have recently undergone, although their home form is more impressive.  They’ve only won three games away from Deepdale all season.

Billy Davies of course managed Preston to some acclaim and a number of playoff appearances – given his record against the former club we have encountered since his arrival, the ‘ex-manager’ factor doesn’t seem to be something that has given him much in the way of an edge so far – perhaps that can change this evening, I’m sure he will be keen for it to do so.  Tyson is out injured, as is Garner, with Perch still suspended – the real question marks over selection is whether the Moose is fit to start another game (with the probable use of Osbourne to replace him) and who will replace Tyson – given Garner’s injury, and that of Newbold, it seems McCleary is most likely – and that’s a good thing, he’s earned a chance to start with his recent performances.

I’m feeling moderately positive this evening – if the Reds can pick up where they left off in the second half against Reading, then we’re laughing.  Of course, the home-crowd factor is at play – if the increasingly notoriously negative vibes at the City Ground can be quelled it will only help our cause.  So hopefully a few of the grumblers might have taken heed of Billy’s post-Reading comments and attempt to actually get behind the lads this evening.  Because we could sure as hell use three points.  Of course, so could Reading – who must be looking at the teams wobbling above them and fancying their chances to nicking an automatic spot.

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  1. Just found out that Virgin Media stopped their stupid policy of making game highlights available only to UK residents and screening out all of us second-class citizens. So please nffc keep posting the link after every game! (Lewis’s goal was FANTASTIC btw!)

    As far as tonight is concerned, our opponents are far from unbeatable and -as always- I am optimistic for us to continue on the winning path. I don’t know much about Izzy Osbourne but I wish him to ROCK tonight like his world famous almost-namesake!

    U REDS!

  2. Mmmmmmm Dont you mean PNE must be looking at the wobbling teams above them in the automatic places ? sorry to point that out nffc (if i’m correct)but it’s good to see you make out of character mistakes now and again !!! On the striker issue with tyson out,not a problem with mcleary up there, but what about lewis – after all did’nt he play up front away at norwich ? plus taking into account moussi,cohen,mcleary and izzy the midfield has sort of sorted itself out,has’nt it ? who knows-he’ll probably go with five in midfield my opinion.

  3. Yes, that’s exactly what I meant! Oops!

  4. One up front (Earnie in this case) with Lewis playing off him, just as it has been in past games with 10 mins or so left. And its been pretty effective at times. With Cohen, McCleary and Anderson all willing and capable of providing support aswell as tracking back, its as good a tactic as any given our plight.

    Alternative is to push Cohen up as he’s better in the air. He did this one one half of one game at the CG earlier the season but I’ll be damned if I can remember who it was against. Answers on a postcard…

  5. I can rememeber the last time the club brought in A loan to shut the fans up… he was gone after a week.

    Season ticket holder and can’t be bothered to go tonight, the clubs recent shananigans have left me feeling deflated at the moment.

    If the club don’t show commitment then why the hell should I?

  6. Forest 2, PNE 1. Your loss Matt… certainly not the team’s.

    I don’t know if Osbourne was brought in to shut the fans up, but apparently he played very well replacing the Mousse and nearly offered a goal to Paul Anderson (his header brought an exceptional save by the PNE keeper).

    I also LOOOOOOOOVED the fact that Joel Lynch, probably the most abused player in this forum, had “his best match in a Forest shirt” (quoting the official site).

    Two wins in a row against promotion-chasing teams – what else are people waiting for to stop whining for a change and get behind the team? Just 16,500 Forest fans tonight…. Oooooh yes I forgot, it was raining.

    Shouting my lungs out from here in Greece:

  7. I was a nervous wreck for the last 15 minutes…Well done everyone!!!Lynch is now playing for a contract so we should have some good performances from him until the end of the season. Dare we expect 3 more points on saturday??? A win for us to put us back above the sheep would be nice….Come on YOU REDS !!!!!

  8. Bloody brillant win……v PNE

    Well done lads

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