Izzy signed or not?

According to the Aston Villa website, we’ve signed Isaiah Osbourne on loan – although if you click onto the story you get an error.  Presumably the notion of Forest actually making a signing has caused the Villa website to crash.  The Villa youngster will be just the kind of target we need, adding a wealth of experience to our young side… oh, okay.  He’s a young’un, that’s for sure, although he has had pitch time in the Premier League for Aston Villa, and is contracted to them until 2010.

He almost joined Les-dar on loan a little over a year ago but the move fell through due to injury.  He is generally seen as a defensive midfielder from what I can gather – which, given the return of the Moose (albeit still short on match fitness) doesn’t seem to be a priority area for us – but still, if it turns out to be true, then welcome aboard, Izzy.  Although I did just ask a Villa supporting colleague about him, to which he replied “He’s shit!”.  Oh well, then again, I suppose shit to a Villa fan is not necessarily the same for us right now.

Predictably there is nothing on the Forest website, they are probably busy wordsmithing a text message to the mugs people who subscribe to the pay-per-text service which is supposed to break news of new signings!  We shall see!  Not quite as exciting as the Leroy Lita rumours that have been doing the rounds, but signings are always a good thing and an unusual thing for me to write about!

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  1. Jees, you’d think given the growing anger and resentment from the fans, the club would be rushing to get this story out, just about sums up the shambles that is NFFC.

    Agree it seems a strange signing positionally, BD was only saying last week that Moussi may be back but that midfield was the one area we weren’t crying out for so now we’ve got an extra man but Moussi was exccellent on Saturday so not sure where he’ll play.

    Oh well, at least its a signing, and he chose us over Leicester as well!

  2. I have also heard that we have signed him on a two-month loan deal.

    Forgive me if I’m wrong though, I’m sure that picture is of Ashley Young not Osbourne

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  4. Oh lord, it could be – I just trusted Google Images!

  5. There, is that better?

  6. I am glad that you have written this because now I know I was not the only one clicking on the page and going “huh?”.

    Maybe the Villa webmaster has been a little hasty – to be fair to the Forest web team, they do tend to only publish stories once they can be confirmed as fact.

  7. A new face is more than welcome at the city ground and we should welcome him with open arms. a big well done to billy getting a deal done because osbourne could have easily signed for a side that is winning week in week out at les-dar.

    ive just asked my villa mate what hes like and he said one word ” sh*t. Dont really care though afterall villa fans no nothing about football, they still have their nose bleeds from being in the top 4.

  8. Yeah, about five hours after they are confirmed as fact! 🙂

  9. Okay, one hour late 😉 Confirmed on the Forest website:


    Welcome aboard, Isaiah!

  10. Argh! That leads to an error too!


    There’s a link to the story at least – it just doesn’t work!

  11. D’oh!

    And what’s with the “Leroy Lita rumours”? Do tell…

  12. Little more than that – he’s apparently a target, I have no idea how reliable said rumours are – hence only including them as a bit of an afterthought.

    He seems to be out of favour with Coppell, though.

  13. A slightly bizarre signing considering our injury concerns elsewhere but that’s nothing out of the ordinary for our beloved Arkham Forest. I can’t find a single Villa fan who says this lads is anything but shite but if he’s coming then I wish him the best.

    I’ve got some free call credit on Skype, does anyone fancy doing some ringing round seeing who has a spare striker?

  14. Certainly an odd one!
    We all seem to agree that new players are a must, and we all seem to agree which areas require strengthening.
    I would have thought midfield was alright, especially now Moussi is back.

    Still, we asked for a new player, we got one!

    Good job we beat Reading, otherwise this news would have just about finished a lot of fans off, I reckon!

    Anyway, good luck to the lad, I’ll cheer him on while he’s wearing the garibaldi

  15. Someone just told me we’d signed a Brummie called Ozzy Osborne!!!

    BD bleats on about our ‘babies’ then brings another one in!

    With Moussi and now Osborne vying for the defensive midfield role, Perch may find himself babysitting on the bench or back at full back when he’s available again?

  16. He’s bloody brilliant in Football Manager 2008 when you’ve played 3/4 seasons. So by the time his contract has expired, he should be decent 🙂

  17. Guys, inb case those of u haven’t realised or ckd the official website – do as it is true & very much done deal. He’s our’s until the end of the season.

  18. Soz nffc, I just saw your post but others afterwards threw me off track. Suppose there’s no harm in posting twice 😉

  19. great to get back after a weekend away and actually have some positive news-if he’s any good,and not another lee martin type lightweight.must say was’nt impressed with leroy lita when we beat norwich,all his game had gone when morgan went shoulder to shoulder with him and beat him time and again.but suppose he’s different to anything we’ve got so i’ll wait and see.

  20. What is the deal with the anti-Billy Davies sign that appears in the top banner?

  21. It shouldn’t do! If you’re seeing it it’s a throwback to me at my reactionary worst!

  22. PHEW !!!!!! This last 15 minutes is no good for the nerves.. Well played …. Lets get a drink !!!!!

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