A right Royal result..

Brecks within a foot of Doyle, who was presumable about to collapse into a heap on the floor.  Diving git.

Brecks within a foot of Doyle, who was presumably about to collapse into a heap on the floor. Diving git.

Reading – 0
Nottingham Forest – 1

The happy sight of Guy Moussi vigourously joining in the pre-match warm up session was counterbalanced before the match by the sight of Joel Lynch also returning to the starting line up.  Forest started with Smith in goal, Lynch, Wilson, Morgan and Chambers in defence, Moussi, Cohen and McGugan in midfield with Anderson and Tyson out wide, and Earnie up front on his own (at least, this is what they appeared to do most of the time).  Optimism wasn’t exactly high amongst the fans, but spirits were quite good regardless.

First half started as many of us feared – Doyle did well to get the ball to Kebe after just two minutes, who somehow conspired – with all the time in the world – to drag his shot horribly wide.  Shortly after former Forest player Gunnarsson headed over after a good run into the box from a mere six yards.  It was looking alarmingly like a case of when Reading were going to score rather than if.  Although Forest had a few chances too, Earnie flicked a throw-in to Anderson whose shot was on target if not particularly challenging for the Reading ‘keeper.

Smith had a couple of saves to make from Rosenior and Matejovsky, with Morgan on hand to scramble away following the save.  Tyson had been down injured a few times and finally was withdrawn having tried to play on after half an hour with Garath McCleary replacing him – and (unrelated, I might add) – this heralded Forest starting to get more into the game.  McCleary worked himself into a decent position but could only shoot over.  Cohen was a little late in releasing Earnie who was forced wide by Pearce before blasting over.

So half time, 0-0.  A shade on the fortunate side, but we’d offered decent opponents – and it was great to see the Moose back on the pitch giving our midfield some much needed muscle.  Cautious pessimism was very much the order of the day, particularly for those in the away end able to see the half time scores coming in – because results elsewhere weren’t, and indeed didn’t, really do us many favours today.  So whilst before the game I would’ve taken a draw gratefully, it was looking increasingly like that wouldn’t really do considering results elsewhere.

The second half started very much brightly from a Forest perspective – probably the best move of the game so far saw Moussi find McGugan, who in turn found Anderson whose pass to Cohen gave him an opening on the edge of the area.  He opted for a curler rather than a blast – it was headed for the top corner and brought a great save from Federici at the expense of a corner for the Reds.  Which predictably didn’t really come to much, however, there wasn’t long to wait for the breakthrough we – whilst weren’t expecting – were secretly hoping for.

Lewis had the ball at his feet on the right hand side, cutting inside a defender before calmly finding the bottom corner of the net with his left foot past the despairing dive of Federici.  The goal clearly filled Lewis with confidence, as he became much more involved in the game and caused Reading a fair few problems – which is why it was surprising when he was replaced by Matt Thornhill.  I’ve since learned he was apparently suffering a slight injury, then that makes it fair enough!

Forest started to characteristically defend deeper and deeper and deeper as the half wore on – although there were some interludes of lovely midfield passing we’ve so missed recently – and it was nerve wracking.  Reading fans were oddly tetchy over perfectly normal amounts of time being taken over throw-ins (indeed, they neatly overlooked the blatant abuse of their multi-ball system that was occurring before they were losing), and somehow the referee found five minutes of added time.  Breckin came on for Earnie whilst we were preparing to defend a corner.

After what seemed like an eternity, the referee blew the whistle and the celebrations started properly – it was a good feeling, the players and management team joined us and frankly, it’s moments like that that make all the travelling, expense and hassle worthwhile.  A cracking performance by the lads – if I were to pick a man of the match it would be between Moussi and Wilson (who I’m normally quick to criticise), both stood out today, I think the Moose edged it.  Although nobody had a bad game – including the oft maligned Joel Lynch, who I thought performed very well.

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  1. Mcgugan injured, Tyson injured & (you’ll never beat)Wes Morgan suspended next Saturday. It’s a good job we’ve got a strong squad of experienced players, figthing a fair fight …..

    ooohhhh bollox. to that …… YYYOOOUUU REEEDDDDSSS

  2. So does that mean Mark Arthur can stay ?

  3. That has always been beyond my jurisdiction, probably with good reason!

    It would be nice to hear from a representative of the board though, given the mixed media messages we have been bombarded with over recent weeks.

    And the lack of signings when they’re clearly needed.

    But today is a day to enjoy.

  4. I ignored football today… on account of being on such a mardy one after recent debacles. Figured I would pay no attention to the reds til they’d earned my interest. When I checked my phone at 5pm, there were the inevitable victorious text messages. So all I need to do is forget football from 3-5pm every Saturday and we’ll stay up – easy!

    Good to have the Moose back – our saviour per chance?

    More surprised to hear casual K and Lynch (mob) had good games. More of that please.

    Finally, good to hear Smith stopped a couple… which we all know he does with great aplomb.

    Yooooooo Reds

  5. Lynch was outstanding in the first half. Forest were struggling but his commitment and effort kept us in the game.
    In the second half, Moussi began to run the midfield, which released McGugen and Cohen, and created space on the wings for Ando and Gaz. Reading fans were astonsished that our “front five” ripped them apart. So were we. Long may it continue

  6. Good win, shame about the other results leaving us still too close for comfort but would have been far worse without today’s result. Let’s hope this signals the start of another positive run. Good to see the Moose back. still need at least another 13 points IMHO.

  7. After going to the Derby and Ipswich matches last week I was all set to ignore Forest yesterday afternoon. However, at 2.55 I had a change of heart and listened to the commentry on the internet.
    Wow what a result. Excellant report as always.

  8. this division is quite simply bonkers. Every team has had relegation and promotion runs.
    53 Pts has to be the target. BD needs to stop pretending that this side can play direct and long ball style. The nucleus of this side can keep the Forest up, a centre back is a must and a ball holding midfielder.
    All board tuesday nights rollercoaster!!

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  10. I think the change in game was related to mccleary. Him and moussi were brilliant

  11. Result of the sesason for me.Well done to the lads they showed guts and some good play in second half.

    If billy keeps us up with these young lads he will be a hero as far as im concerned although i have been a red for 30 yrs SORRY FOREST YOU ARE A JOKE I CALL US FLOUNDERING FOREST 10 YRS OF HURT.


  12. Piss poor game in terms of quality, but I can’t remember the last time my nerves took such a battering.

    Moussi was simply brilliant in the 2nd half. Looked leggy in the opening 15 mins or so and was then getting pulled out of position all the time but in the 2nd half, he turned into Patrick Viera in his prime.

    Lynch looked like Lynch for the opening 10 minutes but after that, he turned into Stuart Pearce! Sliding tackles, willing to die to make a block, maurading runs down the left!

    McCleary made a big difference for me. With Tyson, they knew what was coming – push the ball and chase after it like a hare. With McCleary, they didn’t know whether he was going down the outside, cutting inside, give’n’go – the variety made their left back sit back more and it pushed Stephen Hunt further and further back.

    A few other comments… The absolute lambasting of Smith by his own players for failing to come for crosses was very telling. Wilson had a right old go at him on 3 seperate occasions, once having to be pulled away by Cohen. Chambers absolutely lost the plot with him once. Wilson was exceptionally vocal today (more so than Captain Wes), rollocking Cohen, Anderson, McGugan, anyone who made the slightest cockup.

    First time I’ve everheard the fans chant Lewis’ name. Nice to see/hear and nicely acknowledged by the player.

    Finally, Billy. Decent comments pre and post match and followed up with more SENSIBLE statements since. One thing though – he said in one interview “We showed we can compete”. Er, Billy, what did you condemn the squad for only a few days ago? Make your mind up son.

    Favourite song of the day was on the bus back into town:
    “Billy, wherever you may be
    You are the boss of the NFFC
    You can sh*g my wife
    On the City Ground pitch
    If you keep the Reds in the Championship”

    To which some smartarse replied “Might aswell, every bugger else has had her”.

  13. It appears we have signed Osborne from Villa on loan does anybody know anything about him?

  14. You beat me to it!


    That’s all I know, for now!

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