Reading between the whines..

Sometimes you just think of a headline you just can’t resist, it’s apt too.  Woe is the world of a Forest fan as ever – there was an excellent empassioned piece on LTLF about falling out of love with Forest.  To be honest, I can relate strongly to that – my frequency of updates has gone right down, and whilst one could churn out repetitive moans, it seems a bit overly negative.  The other interesting piece over there was an account of that fateful day at Hillsborough – with the 20th anniversary of the disaster coming up it’s bound to become a topic of conversation.  Generally a conversation that is best avoided, in my experience.

And then, of course, in between the grumbles and moans we have a trip to the Madejski Stadium to contend with.  Rumours around there being freezes on signings, Billy falling out with everyone in sight, compounded by residual pain of the Derby game (for those of you with a strong constitution, this video/song created by a Derby fan actually did make me chuckle a bit – also gutted as that’s one of my favourite songs that will now be mentally associated with the pie muncher).  Well done Kev Moore, whoever you are. 

So, Reading.  Remember the first game of the season?  We played Reading and it was difficult to tell which side had come up from League One and which side had come down from the Premiership.  Well, our seasons have somewhat diverged in perhaps a predictable manner since then.  Having said that, whilst our recent run is all too familiar too us, Reading are potentially in the midst of a slight wobble themselves – two wins, two draws and two defeats in their last six – no win in their last three means the Royals will be keen to make up ground on Wolves and Birmingham.  Victory in their two games in hand will put them top of the league.

Coppell has already suggested the game is ‘huge’ – whereas Billy is still very much using defeatest language in his latest charm offensive on the official Forest website.  Not that I’m as down on Billy as some fans seem to be – I get the distinct feeling he has been sold a lemon given our appalling showing in the January transfer window.  I’m not sure why the powers-that-be seem to have held back on cash available, but the whisperings I hear suggest that is what has happened – leaving Davies in the unenviable position of not really being able to add the much needed bodies to the squad that we need.

Given his reputation for fractious relationships with boards, it could be an interesting time of it.  Certainly the silence from the Forest board is deafening – I don’t think it is unreasonable for us to expect to hear from Mark Arthur or Nigel Doughty, to expect an explanation for another bungled transfer window – to understand whether there are funds in place to secure loan signings or whether Billy is just being trotted out to toe the party line on this score too.  I can understand why he comes across as defensive about his culpability, to be honest.

But anyway, Reading.  I shall be amongst the unfortunates in the away end at the Madejski Stadium, rather than go for mobile blog posts – which I don’t think have really been much kop in the times I’ve tried them – I think I’ll stick with Twitter for updates, so get following me on there and I’ll endeavour to update with something cheerful.  Or more bleak moaning, more likely!