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McSheffrey: Serious target or wishful thinking?

McSheffrey: Serious target or wishful thinking?

That there McSheffrey rumour is doing the rounds again, the winger/striker is recovering from a knee injury and therefore it is thought that Birmingham City would be amenable for him to go out on loan.  Which makes sense.  Indeed, they might even be keen to get him with us in time for him to perhaps positively benefit Forest against their automatic promotion rivals Reading this weekend.  Or, of course, our transfer committee might get themselves involved and kebab the whole deal.

Burnsy has laid into the players in the aftermath of Saturday’s embarrassing result – he makes some good points, whilst perhaps missing the bigger picture.  However, perhaps my lenience on the players was a little over-kind – after all, there was only one player’s difference between the team that lost on saturday and the one that beat Manchester City.  Meanwhile, at the other end of the A52 it seems that young Nigel is still quite fond of us, and needed reminding whose side he was on at the weekend.

In a departure from past contributions, I actually wrote something specifically for Left Lion rather than just rehashing a summary of content from the blog – so if you really want to endure more comment about that game, then click here.  The other thing I meant to mention is that the blog has been nominated for a couple of awards – best blog, and best writer – as have a number of other Forest sites, which is great – so feel free to pop along and vote for your preference (although the voting process does appear to be a bit of a ballache).

And finally, if anybody has any advice on suitable (clean) responses to a number of emails sitting in my work email from Sheep-bothering colleagues, then it would be much appreciated!

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  1. Re; sheep – e-mails. Just delete them!

  2. At first glance your headline had me thinking we’d signed King Kenny!

    Not a lot you can respond with, regarding the e-mails. Just have to take it on the chin, I’m afraid!

  3. Re; emails. Congratulate them and remind them what a fine manager they’re training up for us.

  4. Ooh, that was a good one Dave, I already deleted them, though.

  5. Good luck on the awards!

  6. Just heard from a mate who is in the know that we are supposed to be getting a player in on loan from Coventry or Spurs. He doesn’t know which, he’s not a football fan. Very cryptic I know but can’t go into any more details because that may land him in the proverbial.

  7. Don’t tell me….. Leon Best.

  8. How about Dawson or Jenas????

  9. i heard the leon best loan rumour saturday night from a coventry season ticket holder,they want shut and he wants out apparently.he said his(best) head aint been at coventry since his failed move to us !!!

  10. just seen young winger david hutton has returned to spurs after a trial spell with exeter city,could he be the tottenham rumour ? rather wish it was dawson,jenas as steve said but my pick would be ex sheep tom huddlestone ?????

  11. Sheep shaggers emails? How about “get back to me when you won 2 European Cups” Small town club with a small town mentality!

  12. in the best writer nominations there are two nffc blogs are you the alan one or the other ?

    derby mails, i would suggest the follow reply

    “f*@k off you sheep sha@*ing b*”tards”

    firm but fair

  13. If you want to vote for me, vote for nffc. Alan writes for LTLF and is very amused to have been nominated!

  14. nffc – delighted to have voted for you in both categories. Good luck!

    Guys – get voting – nffc and this site deserves all the support we can provide.

  15. Much obliged, there are a few other Forest sites up for some of the categories too, as well as those I’ve been nominated for – so obviously vote for the ones you actually think merit the award.

    I’ve no idea whether there’s an actual prize or anything!

  16. Re gloating sheep…

    Only us & them will remember this seasons results between us. But the worst premiership team in history will be remembered by the whole country for a very long time! Baaaa!

  17. NFFC you got 2 big votes from me. The prize better not be a holiday anywhere during the season, as we will lose you for a few weeks!

    Good Luck

    Ps. All these people saying that last Saturdays defeat was their lowest ebb, or worst performance they have seen this year need to get a grip. There have even been calls that the team performed better under CC. What a load of rubbish. Doncaster anyone. Personally I feel that centre midfield has been week for a number of weeks now, and that Perch (suspension) and the teenager by the way Mcgugan needs a rest. Hopefully Moussi and Cohen move inside soon to freshen things up.

  18. I think we will look a more solid side if Thornhill plays. He likes to get stuck in but also plays the simple ball.
    Not that I’d want to put too much pressure on such a young inexperienced not good enough for this division player, you understand!

  19. Can Anyone Help?
    Recently everytime my mouse goes over one of the links on the main blog the blog disappears.
    I must have downloaded something but does anyone know how to overcome the problem? Many Thanks, Alan

  20. Davies says he only wants to bring loanees in if they are fully committed to Forest long term.. What a load of crap !!. Would any decent player come in now and probably be playing in div. 1 next season? Of course not !!
    We want 2 or 3 experienced tough players to come in and fight for the cause for 12 games !!! They should want to play well just to get a deal from someone for next year,but at least there would be competition for places!!!! Come on Billy and get real for the last 12 games… I don´t want to be praying we have no more injuries or suspensions. If tyson,cohen and earnie get injured at the same time its adios to the championship !!! I couldn´t face that again. Arthur pleat and co Have to go now !!!!

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