McSheffrey, Kenny Burns and stuff..

McSheffrey: Serious target or wishful thinking?

McSheffrey: Serious target or wishful thinking?

That there McSheffrey rumour is doing the rounds again, the winger/striker is recovering from a knee injury and therefore it is thought that Birmingham City would be amenable for him to go out on loan.  Which makes sense.  Indeed, they might even be keen to get him with us in time for him to perhaps positively benefit Forest against their automatic promotion rivals Reading this weekend.  Or, of course, our transfer committee might get themselves involved and kebab the whole deal.

Burnsy has laid into the players in the aftermath of Saturday’s embarrassing result – he makes some good points, whilst perhaps missing the bigger picture.  However, perhaps my lenience on the players was a little over-kind – after all, there was only one player’s difference between the team that lost on saturday and the one that beat Manchester City.  Meanwhile, at the other end of the A52 it seems that young Nigel is still quite fond of us, and needed reminding whose side he was on at the weekend.

In a departure from past contributions, I actually wrote something specifically for Left Lion rather than just rehashing a summary of content from the blog – so if you really want to endure more comment about that game, then click here.  The other thing I meant to mention is that the blog has been nominated for a couple of awards – best blog, and best writer – as have a number of other Forest sites, which is great – so feel free to pop along and vote for your preference (although the voting process does appear to be a bit of a ballache).

And finally, if anybody has any advice on suitable (clean) responses to a number of emails sitting in my work email from Sheep-bothering colleagues, then it would be much appreciated!