Billy set to take on the charts..

As well as taking on Forest’s ineffective transfer committee, it seems that Billy is set to battle on another front too – the music charts!  A new single – the proceeds of which will go to the ‘Billy Davies Second to None Foundation‘ – is available from all good record stores and iTunes.  It is a cover of a song by Shaggy, and is sure to help clarify matters on exactly where things are going wrong at the City Ground these days, and whose fault it is (or rather, whose fault it isn’t!).   Look out for it from Monday 23rd February 2009.


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  1. As Wor Billy is starting to sound like a broken record, he might as well release one! A perfect choice NFFC…

    Weve got a team of babies
    It wasnt me
    The babies arent quite ready
    It wasnt me
    We didnt sign any players
    It wasn’t me
    It was the transfer committee
    It wasnt me
    We’ve lost again to Derby
    It wasnt me

    Stress and Pie, my second favourite Forest site (after this one of course!) give a fair summary of the team from saturday

  2. I’m not the biggest Billy Davies fan let this be said, but you can hardly blame him for what he’s had to use. The board should be taking some of this slack too.

    We should have got Camp back on loan in goal, at least another defender, midfielder and a striker. I know we put bids in, but right at the end of the transfer window, well that’s just cracking, leaves you loads of time to go after target B.

    I was there at the game when we played the sheep in the Cup replay. 2-0 up, and we didn’t even think to put some effort into shutting them down when they had the ball.

    It is evident that this team is not good enough for this division, the table doesn’t lie, and I fear that another relegation is on the cards.

    Yes the fans are right to get on the players back, but all they are asking is for a good performance and to fight for the team – not asking much.

    The question is, does Billy have the motivation to get the team moving in the right direction, rather than allocating blame elsewhere?

  3. You make some good points John – hopefully it’s obvious that the above post is merely a bit of poking-fun rather than a serious suggestion that things actually are solely down to Davies.

    I do think he bears a chunk of responsibility though, although by laying into the hindrances in us signing players, he is showing signs that he takes that responsibility very seriously – which is good!

  4. […] February – It’s easy to forget that the Davies revolution took a while to be fully prepared.  He had a tricky start, and in this month we lost to Derby at the City Ground.  Twice.  Now whilst our respective fortunes have diverged in a favourable direction for us, make no mistake, at the time this made me absolutely and utterly gutted.  I had still clearly not warmed to the manager. […]

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