Billy planning on rocking the boat?

Forests transfer policy for potential managers...

Forest's transfer policy for potential managers...

If The Sun is believed (which let’s face it, it largely isn’t), then Billy Davies appears to be quickly reaching an accord with a chunk of supporters who seem to tend toward Mark Arthur and/or the much-maligned transfer-committee as the cause of our woes.  And in fairness, I think he has a point – he should have control of player acquisitions – including negotiating the financials.  Certainly it would be fair that he has to work to a budget, that upper limits on wages be placed – but he should be able to out and buy people, shouldn’t he?

Of course, the flipside of this is that we have a manager who’s been here barely a month and he’s already publically slamming the constraints within which he works – constraints which presumably must have been discussed in the (what I suspect was a fairly lengthy) courtship between him and the board before being appointed.  Being interested in football and contemplating taking the Forest job, he must have researched what a damp squib all of our transfer windows seem to be – he must have been expecting these things.

In many ways disharmony isn’t good, but clearly the system that our club operates for transfers doesn’t work in our interests at the moment, with burgeoning rumours that our club is increasingly seen as a bunch of chancers by our peers, offering derisory amounts for players – this is damaging, and could affect future deals with these people.  So perhaps Billy kicking off about this might just prove to be a good thing.  There has to be some good news somewhere, right?  (Thanks to Alan Wood for pointing me at the story).

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  2. There are massive problems at Forest. Yet again the supporters are the ones to suffer the consequences of systematic incompetence from the Chairman and Chief Executive(in title only).
    Is Billy Davies an appropriate choice as manager it seems not!!
    It hurts that we seem to go from shambles to disaster- surely there is a solution- please Nigel Doughty recognize your mistakes and leave us or employ a forest die hard who knows the game and can take us forward, unlike Billy-its not my fault- Davies.

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  4. Arthur out now!

  5. i know i trot this out every time but the real person to blame for the running of this club is the CEO
    No leadership, totally inept
    I thought we were in for a bad day when the’dagenham girl pipers’ were ushered onto the pitch to perform mull of kintyre- why we have this crap i do not know but if we had to don’t you think someone (Management??????)could have stuck a microphone in the middle so at least we could hear them against two sets of supporters being rather vocal, planning non existant
    Any way the CEO and The chairman were not at the match-read anything into that??

  6. If Billy’s already diagnosed the problem i.e. inefficient/poor management structure then may be he is not as daft as many of you would have us believe. If he does little else; to get Arthur out would be a colossal achievement. I’m backing the angry little Scotsman!

  7. @beeston red – maybe they were negotiating a loan? 😉

    Okay, I’ll get me coat!

  8. nah. nobody would want any of our lot!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, I’ll get me coat! –as well

  9. I’m not the biggest Billy Davies fan let this be said, but you can hardly blame him for what he’s had to use. The board should be taking some of this slack too.

    We should have got Camp back on loan in goal, at least another defender, midfielder and a striker. I know we put bids in, but right at the end of the transfer window, well that’s just cracking, leaves you loads of time to go after target B.

    I was there at the game when we played the sheep in the Cup replay. 2-0 up, and we didn’t even think to put some effort into shutting them down when they had the ball.

    It is evident that this team is not good enough for this division, the table doesn’t lie, and I fear that another relegation is on the cards.

    Yes the fans are right to get on the players back, but all they are asking is for a good performance and to fight for the team – not asking much.

    The question is, does Billy have the motivation to get the team moving in the right direction, rather than allocating blame elsewhere?

  10. This has been coming for a while nffc i back BD 100% mark arthur is a liability and hes not a football man by a counrty mile.

    Fans should aust him before we are tboyond help.

  11. The Mail ran with the same story but with a twist saying both Pleat and Arthur were unavailable or away during the transfer window resulting in the lack of activity. Now IF this is true, its a fucking total disgrace and Doughty ought be sacking them both.

    Can anyone shed anymore light on this???

  12. Doughty out, Arthur out, Pleat out!!!!

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