Forest vs. Derby preview – anyone actually looking forward to it?

Come on you Reds, shove those cutting words down Billy Davies’ throat and prove him wrong tomorrow.


I can’t say I’m particularly looking forward to the match, which does kind of underline the fickle nature of being a football fan – but well, seeing them for the umpteenth time in a few weeks after such a long break is somewhat overkill.  Also seeing their first win at the City Ground in decades was rather irksome.  Coupled with our diverging recent runs of results and well, I imagine one end of Brian Clough Way is feeling distinctly more confident than the other.

Whilst it was quite shocking to hear Davies laying into the squad, having pondered it on and off for a day or so it’s hard to argue too much with him – and let’s face it, it’s no worse (indeed, a lot more complimentary!) than what many fans come out with either in the stands or on the message boards.  Perhaps it will prove to be a motivating message that spurs them on.  We’re still in makeshift mode, Garner joins Earnshaw on the treatment table leaving Tys as our only fit striker of any vague degree of first team calibre, Moussi and Anderson – whilst back, aren’t fit to start I wouldn’t have thought.

On the oppoent front, I’m sure we’ve all noted who has been on form for them.  Slightly more positive news is that Teale is out, who was complicit in two of their goals in our most recent encounter, as is Addison who we’d probably like less if it weren’t for the sterling work of Stuart Attwell in our earlier league encounter at the Sheep Bowl.

I suppose at least the early kick off gives plenty of time for sorrow drowning, no, sorry, must be more positive – celebrating? Perhaps.  I’m definitely not looking forward to it.

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  1. With this team I expect a draw….I´ll be listening at 8.30 in the morning so I´ll have even more time for a drink and hoping other results go our way, which is just as important as our own result…
    Lets see..Fingers crossed Tys doesn´t get injured!!!

  2. We need a win but looks unlikely with no new players in. Anderson might start as presume he could have kept his fitness up by training with the cast on. Maybe if he plays with it on he can put it to good use!

  3. Heard on the radio that neither Anderson or Moussi will start. Or Garner. Or Earnshaw. Or, oh, sod it let’s go for the draw!

    Incidentally, anyone else read in the papers yesterday how the “New City Ground” (quote) is still in the running to host a world cup game?
    If Mark Arthur is still in charge by then we could go down in history as the only non-league club to host a world cup match!!

  4. if we get anything today i’ll be happy and amazed !

  5. Arthur please resign immediatley – lets go into the game with some positive news !

  6. Devils advocate question……WHY does everyone see Mark Arthur as the root of all our problems????

    Im serious……WHY?

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  8. Doughty is prepared to put his money in if necessary. Arthur ,as chief executive, is ultimately responsible to Forest for decisions regarding incoming players and prices paid.
    Yes we have david pleat supposed to be scouring the country for players according to billy davies,But arthur has the responsibility to US for the performance of this transfer committee.
    It is no coincidence that Forest fans have continually asked for arthur´s head because of his gross incompetence.Hopefully Davies will lose patience with him and we will be rid of arthur at long last…

  9. Alan you are spot on thats why we have all lost faith in MA.

    The sheep are 3 up against us we need to go down and regroup the club is a mess and i feel sorry for BD coming into a mess like this midseason.

    I am starting to feel ashamed to be a forest fan we are frigging shocking.

  10. Arthur is a loser. Public school, didn’t they do jolly well attitude. It just doesn’t go well in a football environment, and particularly in Notinghamshire.

    How much longer has this got to go on before Doughty realises it? Personally, don’t give a monkeys it’s his money he’s throwing down the drain.

    Any twit can come up with a business plan, but it needs a bit more than that to put it into action.

    Davies will fail as well with this plonker, so would Mourinho/Clough/Shankly.

    Put it into another persepctive. Notts has a top class cricket team (since he left), we open the England bowling, we had two Notts golfers (Forest fans) in the Ryder Cup team, we’ve got Olympic gold medalists in water sports (we’re the most remote county from the seaside in the UK) and we have a World Champion boxer (Forest fan). Why stick with a guy who ain’t a winner for 10 bloody years.

    I am in despair. Best of luck Billy Davies. Your interviews come across as being out of frustration. There are luckily tens of thousands of us Forest fans who have the answer for you.

  11. Just got back – stunned. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 30 years and even I’m beginning to wonder what the future holds and whether I can be bothered to stick out for it.

    Derby were by far the better side; stronger, more enthusiastic and easily had the two best players on the pitch – Savage and Commons.

    Love him or hate him, Savage is EXACTLY the sort of player that we need – he completely bosses the midfield area, breaks up play, plays the simple ball and uses all of his experience all of the time. Commons is clearly at the top of his game and is relishing the freedom that he has playing just ‘off’ Hulse.

    Around those two, Derby have a team of stronger, more experienced players who (understandably given their recent form) appear to be enjoying what they are doing.

    By comparison, our ‘Boys’ are excatly that; Kids. Earnshaw, Tyson, Cohen, Perch, Breckin, Morgan and Smith look like they could all hold their own in the Championship, but 7 vs 11 is never going to work. OK, play one or two kids and let their enthusiasm add to the ‘party’, but at the moment, we are at least 4 players short of a full team.

    The other thing that derby did was talk to each other – they were constantly encouraging each other, telling each other where to be, where to play it, etc …

    Oh, and Derby played the ball on the ground! When will we learn that Tyson and Earnshaw will run all day, but they can’t compete with tall, bulky defenders all day AND be expected to have blistering speed when needed, because by then they will both be knackered!!

    So, BD is preparing us for a really tough March and then he will rescue everything in April and May (against so called lesser teams) and by winning the last match and sealing our place in the Championship we will forget all the rest of the season.

    I understand the logic, but I’m not convinced! Of course, as an optimist I will believe that Reading will again be vulnerable next Saturday (having lost today) and that we will be safe and looking forward in April!!

    Answers on a postcard to ………….. ??

  12. Both Steve and SB, bang on lads.
    If Arthur was Chief Exec of the multi million pound business that I work in, consistantly failing to improve the product/turnover/profit and continually upsetting the customers he’d have been sacked long ago.

    Yeah, Savage and Commons were easily the best 2 players on the pitch. But then I’d have looked as good as Commons if I’d got that much time on the ball. Christ, we made exactly the same mistakes last f**king week!!!!
    In fact, we only looked dangerous in the last 10 minutes. And I hadn’t realised until I put the radio on that they were playing with 10 men for the last 10 minutes.

    Bloody embarrassing.

  13. Absolutely right, if our whinging supporters wished to vent their spleen then look @ Arthur who has ruled over the malaise for way too long. Although Nigel Doughty appears to pick managers with a pin at least he brings money to the table.

    Morgan, Maloney, Anderson, Cohen, Tyson, Earnshaw, Mcgugan & Perch provide us with a core of a team but after that your struggling throughout the squad. The back four/five moulded by CC is appalling as is the lack of creativity in the middle of the pitch. CC was given way too much rope & money & his legacy is in danger of hanging the reds. One million for an injured, “wet-behind” the ears striker when we’ve been desperate for a “Hulse-like” experienced figure; Commons discarded & underused when he was @ the club; Clingan not replaced; poor players like Lynch/Chambers/Davies brought in; I could go on… Is there any wonder we’re struggling?

    Already our fantastic supporters-half of who’d left the ground by seventy minutes today-have started to hound the manager who has been stitched up by what he’s been left with. No wonder Billy’s frustrated; I’d be suicidal having to manage that. Tough-love is what’s required & he’s the boy. You’d think that as a supposedly knowledgeable fan-base we’d understand & support the new man @ the helm in very difficult circumstances, or then again we could just get on his back & then bring in another manager, and another, and another… “Worse support in history” sang the sheep & maybe their right as I cast my mind back to the criticism the skipper used to get from Red’s supporters who held two European Cups aloft… If he couldn’t be appreciated by the massess what chance has anyone-else got! Still it’s not the end of the world, we are still NOT in the bottom three & we CAN still say up; so up the Reds!!!!

  14. I was really impressed by Anderson today. He was clearly not fit, but he never gave up, he added 10% each time and then another 10% and then another. Earnshaw for me is a class above, as well he’s not match fit. Hulse, was my player of the match for them, he was constantly a dirty big centre forward that we haven’t got, blatant dive for the penalty when he needed to be 10 foot tall to reach it. Their first goal was a blatant foul as well. Another day our bunch of cripples would give em a game.

    And finally a word of apology to all and the FA for the idiot who through that bottle at the ref and Savage from the lower Trent End. We are the home of the mighty Notts Cricket side (or is it England in disguise), you bloody well missed stumps by 5 foot from 20 yards !!! we’re far better than that …..

  15. I went today, just got back!!! I was not that disappointed by the effort the team gave today. We really cannot defend crosses but that has been the same for many years. Ernie should have equalised in the first half, in fact he had 3-4 good chances today. At half time I felt we had come back into the game pretty well and finished strongly. Then another cross and another goal, then another cross which ends up with a penalty. We played more hoof football than them today we was also disappointing.
    Commons looked really good and as previous posts suggest MA must be as responsible as anybody for him wearing white not red today.
    BD makes me laugh about all these high spending clubs; we spent a lot compared to most in the summer. He says we cannot compete against the big teams but CC got draws against reading and brum, Pemberton got a win against the richest club in the world. That’s 4 games against the sheep now, two away from home without BD = 2 draws. Two games at home with BD = two losses and 6 goals conceded.
    Billy Davies is full of shit and a total charlatan, bin him now and give the job to Pemberton.

  16. Redash – Any of our past reserve managers have done better that any of the other full time managers. Unfortunatly some people can’t see that. (I’m not saying fans here but I’m sure some will think that.

    Anyway, that’s not my point I wanted to make. I’m suprised no-one has vented their anger at our defence for being asleep at the start of both halves or at Perch for the 2nd game in a row has been the bad boy.

    IMO it was a risk playing Anderson and Earnshaw from the start. You could say that’s what cost us today. Look at the facts – 4 mins Goal. 2 mins (2nd half) Goal. Oops! What’s wrong with the team which played last week? Very unfair on those players who did well under difficult circumstances & also why didn’t the Moouse even make the bench & Earnie & Anderson both started but didn’t get a reserve match in at all over the week?

    Billy Davies needs the full team but hasn’t had it yet. I’m not going to attack him for now but today’s line-up has made me wonder. No offence to Earnie or Anderson who played well despite being out for a while but still….

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