Misery after another away failure..

Misery: Plenty of it on offer for Reds fans.

Misery: Plenty of it on offer for Reds fans.

Ipswich Town – 2
Nottingham Forest – 1

I’ve been trying really hard not to succumb to many of the prophecies of doom pervading the online world of Forest fan-dom at the moment. It’s nice to at least attempt to be a little bit rational, and maybe even a smidge optimistic – but well, it’s not easy. Our injury crisis was ‘eased’ this evening by the recall of Emile Sinclair and the return from injury of Joel Lynch. If I didn’t really worry about relegation before, I’m afraid news like that I do now, and the noises coming from Forest of late aren’t offering much reassurance.

To compound matters, our next opponents – a team you might be familiar with – completed their preparations for the weekend’s game with a 4-1 spannering of Blackpool. Tonight’s results combined with those played earlier in the week leave us just two points ahead of Norwich, who occupy the topmost relegation place in the table currently. It’s really not a particularly rosy picture to be painting, and no amount of ‘Moussi managed forty minutes in a friendly’ type news is really going to paper over the fact that we’re still way short of the required depth and quality of squad to sustain at this level.

So, yeah, the match. I couldn’t make the rescheduled time for this one, and decided not to listen to it as I’d convinced myself after the weekend that it was unlucky. It didn’t seem to help, but spared my poor finger nails. The official match report is available here, which I suggest you read for a match summary – I can’t really offer much in the way of that. Perch lobbed Smith with a header to give Ipswich the lead, unfortunate! Breckin looked to have equalised, the referee deemed Wes to have fouled the ‘keeper with an alert from the linesman.

The remainder of the half was scrappy with few chances. Sinclair was put on for the second half for Garner – a sad indictment in itself of the barrel-scraping going on at the moment (sorry Emile, but it’s true). That said, Sinclair did start well laying off a chance for Thornhill who forced a good save. Despite some positive play, Forest weren’t able to force a goal – and, perhaps even predictably, were hit on the counter attack after Wright was able to beat Smith at the near post following a cross from McAuley.

Again Forest toiled, McGugan had a chance saved, a corner through the box didn’t have anyone on the end of it, McGugan shot straight at the keeper – eventually substitute McCleary did get the ball over to Tyson who was able to convert the chance from six yards. Thirteen minutes left on the clock, Ipswich had chances, Forest pressed – McGugan hit the post, Tys nearly got on the rebound – and then Ipswich were able to wind the clock down to secure the win.

Depressing times, and optimism in the NFFCBlog camp is at a pretty major low in the run up to the showdown with Derby at the weekend. If folks who were at the game have a less bleak view to share, then I’m sure readers would value them as much as I would!

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  1. I switched the commentary off twice and each time curiousity go the better of me and I listened again it got worse…

    Happy days eh?

  2. Rather tragically, that ludicrous non-performance at the CG against 10-man Norwich is now looking all the more pivotal to our season.

    It’s going to be tight but I think our last three games will be against teams with nothing left to play for, so as long as we’re still in touch by the time we get to that point we’ll be fine. At the same time, I can’t see us picking up many points at home before then, so the ability to get results at Watford and Barnsley will most likely decide our season.

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been a Championship side go in to administration yet this season, one of those 10-point penalties would go down a treat.

  3. I am already sick of listening to Billy Davies broken record, talking about ‘babies on the bench’ and how some of the young lads just aren’t ready to play at this level. Whatever happened to if your good enough, your old enough? How does it effect the players confidence hearing the manager talking about them like that. It’s so annoying I can’t listen to it. It’s excuse after excuse and I can’t imagine this man ever taking any blame for anything.

    The excuses about over priced players in the transfer are not good enough for us fans. We clearly are desperate for a new striker. A fresh face. Anyone! It doesn’t have to be a world beater, just a preferably experienced striker to save Wes from having to keep going up there! There must be someone available who could come in and do a job – even if it is just until Earnie is fit.

    I am very worried – just look at the up coming fixtures and you will be too. After D*rby its Reading,Preston,Swansea,Watford,Burnley,Wolves.

    We’re in a real relegation fight theres no doubt about that.


  4. I was lucky here as we had a power cut after 5 minutes commentary,so when we were back it was halftime and 1 0 down.
    I´m sure they will be up for it on saturday if Earnie is back .I will be glad to get a point on current form,but I still remain optimistic of JUST staying up !!!

  5. billy’s comments after the game were a little different to normal. he was very critical of garner
    and some others. classic on sinclair “never seen him play before tonight and he is a million miles away from this standard”

  6. I’ve been a Reds supporter for over 40 years but the continuing situation just grinds me down. Clearly, the support for this club is not being matched by a meaningful commitment by the club. Having struggled to extract themselves from League One they fail to adequately strengthen and now walk the tightrope of another relegation.

    I agree with BD if he keeps this club up it will be his greatest career achievement.

    Enough is enough Forest, get it sorted.
    I for one and I suspect I’m not alone, have picked up the towel and it’s close to going in.

  7. We cant criticise BD lads he can only work with what he has reserve team players and 3 or 4 way out there depth.

    We are paying the penalty for mismanagement by the board again .Holding on to CC for too long ? trying to survive in a competitive leage with a small squad and 2nd rate players NOT GOOD ENOUGH MARK ARTHUR.

    If you watch BD interview after the game he is spot on having a go at the 2nd raters there will be major changes in the summer if we survive and about bloody time too.

    We are in trouble big time

  8. Moussi is not our saviour. He looked good for the first 3 games then distinctly average – just like almost every other current Forest player.

    There are plenty of decent players available for loan, just look at the standard other clubs are picking up of late. And despite him being an ex Blunt, Tonge from Stoke is just what we need. He is available – GO GET HIM.

    I think both Watford and Norwich will survive. Southampton no, Charlton iffy, us iffy. Plymouth appear to be in freefall and Blackpool are also dropping like a stone at the moment. Most of these have to play each other so its not all doom and gloom if we only pick up 5-7 points during our tough spell .

  9. I have to say it but it’s starting to sound like excuse making. Why’s Garner gone from where he was to where he is? Why is a team managed by someone reputed to be an organiser suddenly conceding at least 2 goals a game? Why does Billy think that knocking the stuffing out of players in sort match interviews is going to help anyone?

    He didn’t inherit a team in the bottom three, if that’s where we finish then he can’t point the finger at anyone else. And if we don’t he can’t claim it’s a great achievement, it’s no greater than what the previous guy did, and he was sacked for it.

  10. Mr White, spot on. Davies is a charlatan. Forest is a strange club run by strange people !! and us fans can be very strange at times. That’s why Forest needs to be run by a forest person that knows how to play football the forest way. Only then will we have a foundations that we can build on the fans we give that person the right amount of time ( 4-5 years ). Billy boy is not daft cos he always mentions the fans in a good way to try and score points as well as keep them off his back. CC to his credit was never that shallow

  11. Quote from Davies on NEP website,

    ‘We just need to finish fourth from bottom, that is all we need to do. Then we can shape this club in the summer.’

    That’s just not good enough Billy. If you aim to finish 4th from bottom there is every chance you’ll finish 3rd from bottom. And then where will we be?!!!!!

  12. The jury is still out on Davies for me, particularly after his open criticism of players to the media which is an approach I’ve never liked and never will.

    However the quote used by AR in the post above makes no mention of an “aim” to finish 4th from bottom it refers to a “need” – It seems to me to be a fairly reasonable, if not blindingly obvious, statement for BD to make.

  13. Thanks redash, John Michael White and Steve G. I thought BDs comments on Radio Nottingham after the game were despicable. In January he was full of praise for his young players but stressed the need for some experience in the team. When no new players were signed he changed to saying how impressed he was with the club’s stated aim of building a team from the Academy. Last night he turned on the players with a very public criticism naming Garner and, even worse, Sinclair. Then he started talking about a “massive clearout” in the summer. Is this meant to inspire confidence?

  14. red sandy, let me answer your question, no….

  15. The most telling thing for me last night was just how bloody awful Ipswich were – yet we still couldn’t take them down. I sat in one of the home stands (a mate’s a Tractor Boy and he had a spare ticket) and their fans were hardly ecstatic with the performance.

    The amount of unforced schoolboy errors on the edge of their own box was sending the locals berserk – and the thing was that – wherever Forest had the opportunity to display good basic skills, they did it.

    They could pass the ball around quite nicely and put a few moves together. But they were completely lacking in physical presence, in a desire to get stuck in and fight their way into a place in front of goal.

    It’s a young, fairly talented team, but there’s not much bottle or desire there, not much muscle, and not much of an understanding of what’s needed to keep the pace at this level.

    Davies has got his work cut out alright.

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  17. Easily one of the most damning interviews I’ve heard from a Forest manager in 20yrs, this verbal assault on some players was just too much, and I am disgusted with him. Just continue to be bewildered by the club as a whole..

  18. Well, all this does not surprise me as it never has.
    I predicted here that BD would not be given any breathing space, oh well maybe a little more than CC who is now next to Kinnear at Newcastle and probably letting go sighs of relief because he doesnt have to deal with fickle Forest fans anymore (instead, he deals with fickle Geordie fans!).
    I think I have picked the right time to come back and try to inspire some of my favourite feature: optimism!
    Who knows, it might work this season also as it did in the last one…
    What I see from my part (and as most of you know I dont “see” almost anything because Im too far away for that but I read a lot and follow all games in the internet) is a team that fights even at 2-0 down away from home, despite of all injury problems and its lack of depth which was obvious even before we lost Earnie and Anderson.
    I dont know if BD is going for a massive clearout in the summer, but hey, every manager has his opinions. Most of us didnt want the one we had, so the board appointed Davies. There are 11 Championship games left, our survival opponents don’t look their best at all, so for the time being I see no reason for that kind of pessimism.
    But then again, I almost never see it anyway…
    Cheers all.

  19. I think Billy’s tirade against the shower that he has been left to operate with is long overdo: Garner also drives me to distraction with his constant attempts to win free-kicks. Player’s like him are unfortunately a legacy of CC’s reign, as is the fact we lost 2 of our better players last year (ie Clingan/Judas) & signed defenders who cannot defend/distribute like Lynch/Chambers. How can criticism be levelled @ Billy unfortunately he’s got to do all he can to get the best out of what is a poor squad and a legacy of CC/Arthur! If Billy does get us out of this mess, which I think he will, I really hope some of you will give him respect. Lets be honest after cowboys like Kinnear/Platt/Calderwood @ least Billy can boast of a decent pedigree. Come on you so called supporters give him a bit of backing because if any of you think he’s inherited a championship team you are sadly deluded. Local Derby saturday; come on get behind Billy & the boys otherwise just lay down and accept relegation!!! YOU REDS

  20. In response to Graham – I am one of those sad deluded people that thinks BD inherited a half decent promising young championship team. In fact, he inherited a team that had just gone to a premiership club and won! And beat 5 other championship teams in Dec/Jan.

    We’ve had a situation for several weeks now whereby up front we have nothing but the walking wounded, a couple of youngsters and Wes Morgan!

    BD knows this but all we get are excuses like a broken record. There were plenty of them moving in the transfer window but the only one we know that we went for was Adebola – hardly realistic given that he is currently in the Bristol City starting line up!

    Surely someone like Lee Trundle would have come in and done a job for us for a month or two rather than drop down a division to Leeds?

    I just’t can believe that the club (BD,MA or whoever the decision maker actually is) is prepared to leave us so ill equipped for survival.

  21. I think Billy’s messed this one up. In any profession, in any walk of life if you are stuck with a set of underperforming employees you have one choice. Instill some self belief in them. Berating them in public is NOT going to give them the self confidence they require. FFS, Cloughie won 2 European Cups like this!

  22. You might have to tell it how is…… we have heard from managers in the past giving praise for near losses. This is total crap if we play like crap who are we kidding? Be honest we are struggling to get a decent team on the park and massive changes need to occur. NFFC need to take a long hard look at themselves. I think the board needs to assess what they really want. We at the moment are a floating team that goes from league 1 to the championship. Good enough to make the play off every year League 1 but a struggle to stay in the championship.

  23. God help Billy if we get beat tommorow,which is looking very likely given their form of late compared to ours,his interview the other night is in my mind an indication to how serious our troubles are and quite frankly the honeymoon is well and truly over for him.We were told on this blog by a scarf twirling neighbour superarrdvarks not that long ago (“patchwork reds cant hold of rivals”)qoute – Blly may turn out to be a great manager but he will make sure that he,at least in his own eyes ,comes up smelling of roses regardless of results.So for your own sakes dont buy into all his post match cobblers about the squad etc,he’s just making sure you dont blame him if things get tough.- At the time of reading that on 6th Feb i thought it was just a bit of banter from a gloating sheep sha***** – but no,not even two weeks later those comments are ringing very loudly in my rather large ears !!!!

  24. My point is that if you can bring in replacements, yeah, go tell one or two they’re crap and are being dropped. It might make them fight for their place, improve their game, work rate or whatever other attribute their lacking. But when you have no other option than to keep playing said incumbant then you need to get the best out of them.

    I’m all for giving people a rollicking when its required but publicly stating they’re not good enough to do the job is just wrong in these circumstances.

  25. Bazza is absolutely spot on; there is no quick fix and it is very difficult to secure “impact players” @ this stage of the season either on loan/permanently in the transfer window. Unfortunately the present manager appears to the focal point for the clubs failings over a number of years. Although we have several “promising” young players none of them are/will be in the class of Harty’s boys. Whether people think he’s putting a spin on it/not, Davis is right he’s got a very difficult job. Yes we did win fixtures once CC’s coffin was nailed, but this just papered over the cracks. Again we could all give up and accept relegation or get behind the team tomorrow as I believe that there are @ least three worse teams than us in this division. If we all keep moaning/doom-mongering creating a difficult environment to play in relegation may be a self-fulfilling prophecy!

  26. I don’t agree with Radgie ….(for once).

    If you’re stuck with underperforming players you instill some belief in them. Not for me. You give em a kick up the arse, some more than most. Jar of wasps … needs a whack now and again to see what falls out.

  27. I dont get some of you lot winnjin on already at the manager.Heres some hard facts.

    1.We get promoted club fail to strenghthen with numbers and quality.
    2.CC sticks with 2nd rate players in this leage we end up in drop zone.
    3.BD inherits a young side and then suffers 4 or 5 big injuries.
    4.Board fail to buy any players in window BIG ERROR

    How can you blame the manager hes working with a skeleton team and reserve players.There are imposters who wear red on a regular basis he knows who they are.Im an x player and BD is spot on you guys dont know how footaball teams are run at this level.

    Judge him when he has his own men in forest have been a laughing stock for years and our fans are very quick to judge and criticise.

    Cloughie used to punch people if they didint perform ask Roy keane.

    U reds

  28. Sense at last; whilst Billy being very vocal in letting everybody know what the deficiencies are @ the club may not be to everybodys liking, I think it’s necessary listening to the ill informed comments of some Forest supporters. He’s no shrinking violet & will definitely not be anyone’s fall guy.
    What did CC’s cozy, friendly management achieve: A second-rate & very poor side. Billy has got one thing wrong though about our lack of investment, CC had the money he just didn’t spend it wisely.

  29. Spot on Graham,you can only play the cards you are delt,the backing from the board or lack of it,is to blame for the situation we are in,the years this board have been in charge,they have told us time and time again we fully back the manager,have they,has this team really improved over the years,i think not good luck for Satdy lads i think we might need it.

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