Misery after another away failure..

Misery: Plenty of it on offer for Reds fans.

Misery: Plenty of it on offer for Reds fans.

Ipswich Town – 2
Nottingham Forest – 1

I’ve been trying really hard not to succumb to many of the prophecies of doom pervading the online world of Forest fan-dom at the moment. It’s nice to at least attempt to be a little bit rational, and maybe even a smidge optimistic – but well, it’s not easy. Our injury crisis was ‘eased’ this evening by the recall of Emile Sinclair and the return from injury of Joel Lynch. If I didn’t really worry about relegation before, I’m afraid news like that I do now, and the noises coming from Forest of late aren’t offering much reassurance.

To compound matters, our next opponents – a team you might be familiar with – completed their preparations for the weekend’s game with a 4-1 spannering of Blackpool. Tonight’s results combined with those played earlier in the week leave us just two points ahead of Norwich, who occupy the topmost relegation place in the table currently. It’s really not a particularly rosy picture to be painting, and no amount of ‘Moussi managed forty minutes in a friendly’ type news is really going to paper over the fact that we’re still way short of the required depth and quality of squad to sustain at this level.

So, yeah, the match. I couldn’t make the rescheduled time for this one, and decided not to listen to it as I’d convinced myself after the weekend that it was unlucky. It didn’t seem to help, but spared my poor finger nails. The official match report is available here, which I suggest you read for a match summary – I can’t really offer much in the way of that. Perch lobbed Smith with a header to give Ipswich the lead, unfortunate! Breckin looked to have equalised, the referee deemed Wes to have fouled the ‘keeper with an alert from the linesman.

The remainder of the half was scrappy with few chances. Sinclair was put on for the second half for Garner – a sad indictment in itself of the barrel-scraping going on at the moment (sorry Emile, but it’s true). That said, Sinclair did start well laying off a chance for Thornhill who forced a good save. Despite some positive play, Forest weren’t able to force a goal – and, perhaps even predictably, were hit on the counter attack after Wright was able to beat Smith at the near post following a cross from McAuley.

Again Forest toiled, McGugan had a chance saved, a corner through the box didn’t have anyone on the end of it, McGugan shot straight at the keeper – eventually substitute McCleary did get the ball over to Tyson who was able to convert the chance from six yards. Thirteen minutes left on the clock, Ipswich had chances, Forest pressed – McGugan hit the post, Tys nearly got on the rebound – and then Ipswich were able to wind the clock down to secure the win.

Depressing times, and optimism in the NFFCBlog camp is at a pretty major low in the run up to the showdown with Derby at the weekend. If folks who were at the game have a less bleak view to share, then I’m sure readers would value them as much as I would!