Damned if you do, damned if you don’t..

Michael Sheen as Brian Clough

Michael Sheen as Brian Clough

I’ve been keeping half an eye on the developments of the film version of The Damned United, in which Michael Sheen will take the role of Brian Clough (or rather, David Peace’s caricature of Brian Clough).  Whilst upon reading Peace’s book I did review my overly negative prejudices towards it, it was a terribly one-dimensional portrayal of somebody I regard as a bit of a hero – but naturally, the film is of great interest too.  The cast list looks very well considered, the trailer looks good (see below), and I must admit I’m looking forward to it.

Rather than watch Derby play United, I’ve been randomly browsing around the internet and found the trailer to the film, which had somehow passed me by until now, which rather inspired this blog post somewhat!  Check out the trailer below, football is generally something that doesn’t translate to the big screen (aside from maybe in the context of live footy in the pub!) – this does promise to do a bit of a better job.

I’m glad I resisted the urge to go along to their casting sessions for extras, as obviously the drawback from a Forest fans point of view is that the story of The Damned United is essentially a fanciful documentary of his pre-Forest days – and any role as an extra would more than likely have been as a Derby fan, well no thanks to that, not even in make-believe and with the promise of an appearance on the big screen!

The film, much like the book, looks interesting.  From clips of the trailer it looks to have at least some moments of light-heartedness which are almost wholly absent on the pages of the book – having seen Sheen take on other roles, he’s a talented actor, as is the strangely prolific Spall in taking on Peter Taylor.  Colm Meaney as Don Revie could prove to be an inspired choice as well.  27th March is the release date, I doubt I’ll resist the urge to pop along to the cinema to check it out, caricature or no caricature, overly-negative or not, it does look like it will make a cracking film.

Oh, and I just had a text message to say that Manchester United have just scored – rarely does that make me smile, it does today!