Reds drop to 19th with Brum defeat..

Forest were unable to maintain the silence at St. Andrews Library

Forest were unable to maintain the silence at St. Andrews Library

Birmingham City – 2
Nottingham Forest – 0

Forest’s tricky run continues with defeat at St. Andrews.  I can only go from reports of friends and the media as I conspired to miss this game and the majority of the commentary.  In front of perhaps one of the few crowds who are harsher critics than our own on their own soil, Forest started well in the first half before fading into a defeat which perhaps most of us expected before a ball was kicked despite City’s poor run of form at home lately.

Early chances were created by Cohen for Tyson, but unfortunately the uneven pitch surface caused the ball to bobble and him to miss the target.  Minutes later Cohen again found Tyson who got to the line and cut the ball back with pace, unfortunately not quite finding either Joe Garner or James Perch, both of whom were on standby in the six yard box awaiting the ball.  Tyson’s pace was causing problems, but so was the appalling playing surface (for them as well as us).

Smith did well with ten minutes of the half remaining to save from a Ridgewell header – diving to his left to parry to Joe Heath who made the clearance.  He wasn’t on the end of a good header by Bent from a Sinclair cross, but mercifully for Forest the effort rebounded from the crossbar.  As Birmingham came to life somewhat and awakened their rather dormant crowd until that point, Ridgewell had another headed effort which Smith was able to save at the far post.  Smith’s final action was to save a Larsson freekick right on the stroke of half time.

Early in the second half Ridgewell should have scored, Smith was rooted to his line (a critism oft unfairly chucked his way – this time it sounded pretty damning) – allowed a free header from four yards out but fortunately for us he put it wide.  Forest seemed largely restricted to counter attacks, on one of these Chambers did well getting forward but into a narrow angled position which wasn’t conducive for the shot he attempted – although it did win us a corner.

Smith was under scrutiny again after punching weakly at a cross, fortunately the Birmingham player to whom it headed wasn’t able to direct his volley on target.  Shortly after the home side took the lead, Forest’s defence playing statues as he was able to find some space and turn smartly at close range to score the opening goal of the game.  Forest reacted by withdrawing Moloney and Garner for McCleary and Newbold, and for a moment looked like they might still be at the races.

Maik Taylor found himself horribly out of position and as Perch got the ball to Chambers, the defender went for goal which the ‘keeper them fumbled almost straight to Tyson, but not quite – the panicking home defence were eventually relieved to be able to clear.  Shortly after this though, the suckerpunch was to come – Fahey did well to get into the penalty area and effectively toe-poked the ball which looped up and over Paul Smith and into the goal at the far post.  Part cracking goal, part flukey so and so.

Birmingham continued to pressurise, buoyed by rare vocal support from the St. Andrews crowd, and Jerome should really have done better – heading over a Sinclair cross from just five yards.  Tyson had another chance to score, but his shot was pushed around the post by Maik Taylor.  Billy’s last throw of the dice was to take of Heath for Breckin and push Wes up front – frankly, it was a desperate plan that had not real impact as Forest limped through the rest of the match with Birmingham in control.

Once again our horrendous frailty in numbers is exposed – I imagine that Billy Davies has probably spoken of this post-match, that we have injuries, a young squad and that Birmingham have a bigger, more experienced squad.  There’s a simple solution to these problems, and if Forest are not scouring the loan market for players who can improve our lot, then we should be pretty worried.  Other results didn’t go to badly for us, and in all honesty I didn’t expect much from this, I’m glad I didn’t go!

I hope you’ve had suitably good Valentines Days, all – and thanks for the Twitter updates, it was much appreciated as I was running numerous errands during the first half away from any form of match updates.  Down to 19th, still four points from the drop zone – but well, we could really use a few more points over our next few games.  Certainly starting on saturday would be nice.

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  1. did’nt bothrer making the trip either partly due to the £30 price tag and did’nt expect much of a return at st andrews, sounded as though if we’d have snatched the lead the home crowd would have played a major role in the outcome as you’ve said nffc very harsh critics on home soil ! neh mind lets get these few weeks out the way and push again hopefully – anyone that was there was the second goal a fluke or was smith off his line for once thus being chipped inside the penalty box as they said on radio nottm ?

  2. We havent won in the last 4 games now i hope we can arrest the slump.I still blame the board for putting billy in this position i think its gonna be touch and go with a bunch of kids.

    As long as we beat the sheep

    U reds

  3. If Colin was still in charge, we would all be having a go at him for playing the 5/3/2 formation and leaving Breckinbauer out of the team!


  4. I made the trip and your summary is about right .
    their fans pathetic – our very good as usual .
    we held them for about an hour but once we conceded that was it . The pitch was a disgrace and menat they have a very pronounced hoof ball approach – we on the other hand struggled to get our passing and movement going as the ball stuck in the sand ….overall however not many of our team played better then average and in the end we didnt really compete ….
    we cant criticise the players as once agian they are doing there level best – we need to focus on Arthur whose poor performance in January is directly leading to this latest slump – Arhtur please please please resign …. the next three games will I fear see us fall back into the departure lounge for league 1 zone

  5. redrob – I hope u eat those words come Saturday!! (last line) Can’t wait for our players to get back & if the Moose is let loose on Saturday we can expect some Sheep shearing!! Even if he’s not, we got enough to do them out of some points if not all come Sat. We’ll be ready for them..

  6. My mate’s just called – he went to watch the reserves this afternoon. Moussi played for about 40 mins of the second half. Lynch made a comeback too – unfortunately, some might say!. Said he (Moussi) looked OK. Looked quite leggy but his passing was simple and accurate. Great news.

  7. Great news that. Be a while before he’s up to speed, though.

    Have we still got division 3 Brightons second-choice left back on the pay-roll??? I’ll get me boots out of the shed!

  8. matty – if your boots are in the shed,you’ve probably had too long out of the game like myself.40 now and bin packed up three years,only reason ive still got a pair is for when it’s too muddy for trainers on the touchline’s of mansfield’s s*** council estate pitches !! great news bout the moose cheers radgie, would have gone if it was’nt closed doors ???? had a lazy forced day off.

  9. Wasn’t a closed doors friendly, it was a reserve league game. All reserves games are FREE entry. Used to be free to Season Ticket holders only but they changed the rule so as to be able to play triallists in these games.

  10. […] was only back in February 2009 that Forest last played Birmingham – this time at St. Andrews.  A wasteful-infront-of-goal Forest side went down 2-0 with […]

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