Be thankful for what you’ve got..

Anyone would think it was me that just arsed up a cross!!

"Anyone would think it was me that just arsed up a cross!!"

Okay, apologies for the quietness. Well, it’s only partially my fault – aside from a great deal of obsessing over Lee Camp from some quarters of the Forest support there has been very little news.  QPR apparently want £1million for him.  Erm, well.  That’ll be the end of that then – considering they don’t seem to want him aside from when injuries kick in, that’s a steep fee – particularly when personally I don’t really see him as much more than a credible competitor to Paul Smith, which we don’t really have right now.  I realise many people seem to see him as some kind of messiah.

Personally I tire a little of the stick our incumbant ‘keeper gets.  A great deal.  I have resisted labouring the point until now – but if I hear one more person say “Well, he’s a good shot-stopper..” as if that’s Smith’s only redeeming feature, then I’ll scream.  Okay, perhaps I won’t, because I WILL hear it again.  Along with people’s dismissing of Perch’s contribution to the side, it’s one of my real bugbears about some Forest fans.  They are either blind, foolish or perhaps Perch and/or Smith did naughty things with their daughters – because people seem incapable of spotting the value both bring to the side.

Anyway, I digress.  Whilst on the subject of being grateful for what we have, the story of Wes Morgan’s son being taken really rather ill provides us all of a timely reminder that whilst we all take football terribly seriously – there really is more to life than it.  Naturally my best wishes go to Rio, and to Wes and family (as expressed via Twitter a few days ago).

Back up to current affairs, the Reds have a romantic Valentine’s Day trip to Birmingham to look forward to.  In looking forward to this, Billy has suggested the future is bright thanks to our young squad.  I suppose it has to be, given the singular lack of loan signings that is a surprise to, well, nobody really – despite early calls for the need to expand our squad Billy does seem to have had rather a change in tack on his media appearances of late.  Perhaps having had more time to evaluate our young and recovering players he has decided he has what’s needed to secure our survival.

Birmingham are a pretty daunting opponent for us, in a list of forthcoming daunting opponents.  Particularly given our injury situation – and unfortunately I won’t be making the trip to St. Andrews tomorrow, so as usual I would be very appreciative of your comments after the game (should you have attended or otherwise).  At present I’m not sure I’ll even get a chance to listen to the game, which to be honest might be an opportunity to have a stress-free saturday afternoon for a change.  I’m sure I’ll be keeping up to date on the scores though!

And finally, thanks to whoever it was who nominated this site for a couple of Football Fans Census awards (although Alan doesn’t write on here, I’m sure he’ll be happy to be nominated!!).  Voting starts on Monday 16th February, and a few other Forest sites are up for awards too – so it’s all rosy for Forest fans on the internet!  Speaking of which, if people fancy sending match updates via Twitter then please do so, if I’m not already following you and you’d like me to, then drop me a reply to remind me and I’ll get it sorted.

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  1. smith is a good shot stopper though !

  2. You know what I mean 😉

  3. Lee Camp is better than Paul Smith, and he’s got cult status already.

    I know who I’d rather have.

  4. how can an unwanted reserve goalkeeper in the championship be worth a million ? the boys still thinking in lira

  5. I must be a fool then, ’cause I struggle to see what Perch brings to the team as a midfielder other than the odd slide tackle.

    We’ve seen two vastly superior holding players visit the CG recently in Savage and Mahon. Both of whom have the knack of always being where the ball is, whereas Perch will invariably be 5 yards behind. They both show for and pass the ball simply as well. something which Perch struggles with.

    Thankfully BD has said he sees that his talents lie elsewhere, so hopefully a return to the defence is forthcoming and a chance for Perch to flourish in his preferred role.

  6. Totally agree Perch is more suited to defence, also accept he has areas for development to be a complete holding midfielder, not once did I suggest he was that – just that some fans overlook his covering, and ‘just’ slide tackling in favour of his passing which I would agree needs work. Similar with Smith and his perceived weaknesses, although personally I prefer a goalie to be calculated and cautious rather than reckless and a gobshite!

    I suppose it’s true that opinions can be like arseholes, everyone has them but we don’t always like hearing someone else’s! 🙂

  7. red- perchy’s role in the side as i see it is as a play stopper rather than a play maker, bit like savage who when younger was one of the best in the business at stopping the oppo getting into their strides !!! maybe in a few years we’ll have a perch resembling savage or even better when he’s learnt not to jump in -or even slide in. as for our No1 what’s he always pointing to in the stands when it looks like he’s about to receive a nervous back pass ???. good shot stopper though ! soz nffc

  8. I’ve heard it’s cash in hand on the turnstiles at Brum tomorrow and no questions asked … courtesy of Brady & Sullivan of course.

    Smith at 6’7″ has the stature but is he more than a …..

    Agree with Perch comment in the CC era not sure about the BD era though, but at times against QPR our midfield got pulled out of position, perhaps this is Perch’s strength?

  9. I agree with most comments made about perchio & smithy but i would like to see both of them have some geniune competition for there respective roles.

    I think wee billy given time will have others snapping at there heels and also if we survive we will see a more physical and dominant forest side next season.

    You heard it here first

    U reds

  10. It’s all about opinions but for me Smith is very weak with crosses and does not command his area at all. His kicking is very poor and the defenders seem to be more edgy when he is in goal. As this position is the only one with a specialist coach I would think these things are strongly worked on in training. Or perhaps like NFFC the coaching and management don’t see these as weaknesses in Smith.
    As long as we stay up I don’t mind who is in goal but given a choice I would choose Camp in preference to Smith.

  11. Camp is a better keeper and I´m sure privately the Forest players would agree.
    It seems we had already agreed on the fee before his loan spell so arthur is now dithering.
    If Smith gets injured now and we go down because of inadequate cover,a million will seem like chickenfeed.
    Get him in now !!. We should have competition in ALL areas. Alan

  12. I thought Perch had done well recently. Unfussy, simple. He also did well at right back when asked to play there.
    Problem for him is Moloney is a better full back, and when on form/fit Forest probably have the best central midfield options in the division. Moussi, Lewis, Cohen, Perch and Thornhill. Take your pick!

    And I’ve said this hundreds of times about Smith, he’s a confidence player. I don’t think he has any confidence in Kelvin Wilson (neither do I, actually) and one poor decision usually results in certain sections of our crowd berating him, which hardly helps.

    Still, get a result today then do the sheep next week and all is rosy!

  13. What other “redeeming features” does Smith have/bring to the side nffc?

  14. I sense you’re being a little defensive of our number one here nffc. I think he’s a good keeper at League One level but is struggling in the Chmpnshp.

    I really do like him, think he has a good attitude etc (plus he looks amusingly like Max Headroom) and he is capable of playing well, but in the games I’ve seen him play in this season his lack of confidence has put the defence under pressure… Breckin aside maybe we need more maturity in the defence and that would allow Smith to play better – I’m trying to see it your way but struggling…

    …and I have to say he’s a fine stopper of the old you know whats…

  15. While we played under CC I was not a big fan of perch. However BD has seen something we have not & since he was made team captain he has taken a big step forward. It’s a matter of time before he is refered to as the skipper instead of perchy.

  16. I’m critical of Smith for not improving the specific area of his game that I perceive as a weakness and that is his starting position when we are not in possession of the ball – He too often appears glued to his line which frequently turns aimless punts forward or even clearances into dangerous through balls.

    This lack of positional sense leads to reasonable attacking situations for the opposition the result of which is that we are often, not to labour a point, treated to his undoubted ability as a maker of good and fantastic saves.

    I’m not in the Camp as messiah group either as his come for everything approach will also lead to goals on occasion (for which see our second against QPR) but I do feel he stops far more attacking opportunities before they get chance to develop.

  17. I might have said this elsewhere, but if you look at last Saturday’s evidence, there was only one keeper who was at the races, only one keeper who made good saves, successfully came for crosses and was yelling at his defence. That was the same keeper who was wearing a tree on his shirt, rather than hankering for a move by appealing to the opposing fans before the match and afterwards on local radio.

    Camp is a good keeper, but not worth £1m (did the club really agree that as a tranfer fee for a reserve keeper?), and bearing in mind he has a track record of mardy behaviour (including that Radio Nottm interview which has hardly endeared him to his current employer or its fans), I am not convinced that he would be a good addition to the dressing room.

  18. billy says the same old shit and shows no respect for the opposition below are the words out of his mouth after the game, the birmingham game, could habe any game, billy davies is a fool;

    Scrappy goal , Fluke goal , Should be two nil up, Missed too many chances , Work in progress club, Age, 19 year kid, Throw a boy on, Work in progress club, Work in progress, Ruthless, Scrappy and fluke, Naive in our play, Ruthlessness

  19. He has a point though, doesn’t he, Ash?

    To the earlier points, I am not suggesting I wouldn’t welcome serious competition for Smith – I think we should have credible alternatives for all positions. As for what ‘else’ he brings to the side other than shot stopping, seriously, do people think that’s all he does?

    However, before I worry about backups for existing positions I would much rather we had credible FIRST choices for all our positions!

  20. redash – stop moaning. What do u want to do? After a great start under BD u’re on his back because we’ve not won for a while – I’ve got more than enough confidence in the Manager & the players than under CC. & Smithy is a damn good keeper who’s kept us in many a game including the epic clashes vs the Sheep!!

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