Be thankful for what you’ve got..

Anyone would think it was me that just arsed up a cross!!

"Anyone would think it was me that just arsed up a cross!!"

Okay, apologies for the quietness. Well, it’s only partially my fault – aside from a great deal of obsessing over Lee Camp from some quarters of the Forest support there has been very little news.  QPR apparently want £1million for him.  Erm, well.  That’ll be the end of that then – considering they don’t seem to want him aside from when injuries kick in, that’s a steep fee – particularly when personally I don’t really see him as much more than a credible competitor to Paul Smith, which we don’t really have right now.  I realise many people seem to see him as some kind of messiah.

Personally I tire a little of the stick our incumbant ‘keeper gets.  A great deal.  I have resisted labouring the point until now – but if I hear one more person say “Well, he’s a good shot-stopper..” as if that’s Smith’s only redeeming feature, then I’ll scream.  Okay, perhaps I won’t, because I WILL hear it again.  Along with people’s dismissing of Perch’s contribution to the side, it’s one of my real bugbears about some Forest fans.  They are either blind, foolish or perhaps Perch and/or Smith did naughty things with their daughters – because people seem incapable of spotting the value both bring to the side.

Anyway, I digress.  Whilst on the subject of being grateful for what we have, the story of Wes Morgan’s son being taken really rather ill provides us all of a timely reminder that whilst we all take football terribly seriously – there really is more to life than it.  Naturally my best wishes go to Rio, and to Wes and family (as expressed via Twitter a few days ago).

Back up to current affairs, the Reds have a romantic Valentine’s Day trip to Birmingham to look forward to.  In looking forward to this, Billy has suggested the future is bright thanks to our young squad.  I suppose it has to be, given the singular lack of loan signings that is a surprise to, well, nobody really – despite early calls for the need to expand our squad Billy does seem to have had rather a change in tack on his media appearances of late.  Perhaps having had more time to evaluate our young and recovering players he has decided he has what’s needed to secure our survival.

Birmingham are a pretty daunting opponent for us, in a list of forthcoming daunting opponents.  Particularly given our injury situation – and unfortunately I won’t be making the trip to St. Andrews tomorrow, so as usual I would be very appreciative of your comments after the game (should you have attended or otherwise).  At present I’m not sure I’ll even get a chance to listen to the game, which to be honest might be an opportunity to have a stress-free saturday afternoon for a change.  I’m sure I’ll be keeping up to date on the scores though!

And finally, thanks to whoever it was who nominated this site for a couple of Football Fans Census awards (although Alan doesn’t write on here, I’m sure he’ll be happy to be nominated!!).  Voting starts on Monday 16th February, and a few other Forest sites are up for awards too – so it’s all rosy for Forest fans on the internet!  Speaking of which, if people fancy sending match updates via Twitter then please do so, if I’m not already following you and you’d like me to, then drop me a reply to remind me and I’ll get it sorted.