Feeling twittery about the game?

Tweeting will now be taking place at the City Ground!

Tweeting will now be taking place at the City Ground!

I was reading about Stephen Fry having an ordeal (well, an incident) in a broken down lift.  He passed the time by using a social networking site called ‘Twitter‘ – which basically, is like a public text message repository as far as I can tell.  I hadn’t really heard of it before, indeed the sinister undertones of Facebook are something I’m only dimly aware of – but looking at how Fry was able to commentate upon his predicament as well as receive comments back from concerned ‘followers’ (a sinister term!) got me thinking about matchdays, with a little help from the chap who sent me the link to the story, admittedly.

It could be quite a good thing to be doing at a football match – followers in this case are much less sinister, they’re people who can’t make it to the actual game due to geography/time/cash or whatever.  Given the ability to reply or ‘tag’ posts even people at the game (via the use of mobile devices) could make use of it too, to offer a real 360 experience.  Of course, the chances are we’ll all get bored and not be bothered!  I tried to make my ‘Tweets’ (Twitter updates) appear on the right hand side in a box – but my technical incompetence let me down on that front, I have somebody lined up to fix it for me, but probably not today.

For those of you that use Twitter, then feel free to follow me and if I remember I’ll try to send a few updates during the game this evening.  I am, predictably, going under the name of nffcblog, for a bit more immediate feedback after/during a game it could be a real boon – and of course, folks going to the game could utilise the system to send their own thoughts.  Or we might just all forget and get tied up in the intense atmosphere of the game, which brings me on to the game.

Looking at Billy Davies’ squad, it’s a rather young looking one – it looks very much like Earnie will be unavailable, a sensible move – whilst it’s a local derby and everything, it’s a cup game – a luxury, not a priority – we don’t want to be risking him if his hamstring is still a bit ropey.  With Garner getting his inevitable suspension, that leaves the ever-hard-working Tyson as our only senior striker – Newbold and Rodney are likely to be the backup firepower on the bench – a bench which will have an average age of about 12 as far as I can tell!

It was quite amusing listening to the radio this morning, Luke Chambers was trying to be diplomatic about the Commons-factor, before basically saying the fans were going to lay into him and he deserved it!  Certainly the appetite seems to be there, and Billy will want to get a result too, but I do worry that we’re somewhat down to the bare bones – and whilst league results last night went broadly according to plan, I do still worry about league matters given the fragility of our small squad right now.  I’m not sure whether we have quite enough in our locker tonight, which is pretty negative, but honest.

Needless to say, as the afternoon wears on the parochialness will kick in and sense and logic will go out the window, but for now I’m cautiously pessimistic – and frankly, would be prepared to forgoe a home shoeing by Manchester United for three points on 21st of February.  I anticipate this outlook will shift by about 4pm, after which point I will be contemplating emigrating if the result doesn’t go our way, such is life, huh?