Just like a new signing!…

I almost instantly regret using the cynical headline, because James Perch signing a new 2 and a half year contract to tie him to the club ’til 2011 is very good news, in my opinion. He’s one of those players that seems to divide option like no other (except perhaps Smithy) at the club, but personally I really rate his contribution very highly – whilst still recognising he has areas of his game to improve (particularly passing), but his role in breaking up play in midfield (and no small amount of covering our sometimes wayward defence with some great late tackling back) has been integral to our recent good form.

Whilst I do believe him to be a good role model, I’m not convinced the captain’s armband sits comfortably on him – with news of failed bids for Hibernian captain Rob Jones, I suspect he is keeping it warm for somebody Billy had in mind.  Now that move hasn’t happened (save for the pointless hoping for a loan style move) it does beg the question of whether Perchy will be retaining the captains duties – it surprised many that he did as Brecks established himself back into the team after Smoulderwood’s reign ended.  For me, he could play that role in the future, but possibly not just yet.

So I’m pleased.  I like Perch, he’s not a glamourous player but he’s one that you can always rely on to give his all in a game – and he’s one who clearly loves playing for Forest – and I’m pleased to have him signed up for a while yet.  So good on yer, Perchy!

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  1. Just like a new signing – as is Moussi when he gets back.

    Hurry up, we need u 4 Man U!!

  2. Good news, but the big issues are that he’s got no new team mates….what’s wrong with Forest? I do feel we’re trying to get players cheap and take too long to make moves. Forest need to understand for the same reason we will not sell players we want or value at a certain level others operate the same. Wake up and consider the basic economics of business…supply and demand…whether that be the demand that you want something or the demand that they don’t want to sell it, then its money that changes minds. I wonder how well the money we save in the transfer window will look on the balance sheet when we are in a lower division for the 2009/2010 season.

    Mr mark Arthur, you have to now start asking yourself whether you have the ability to be the CE of a club like Forest as your strategy over your tenure has been questionable and in our Chairman’s own words “We are in a results driven business” well Mark, where are your results……..

    I feel sorry for Billy because he now has such a huge task to save our club and maybe he may already be understanding why for so long the Managers job at forest has been seen as the poison chalice.

  3. I personally like perchy but must say – nffc you and i are definetally in the minority amongst fellow reds,his as you appreciate – last ditch tackling, have got us out the s*** in recent times, coupled with his new found voice as captain, pembo and now billy could have found a forgotten squad man and tried to turn him into the midfield lynch-pin that i and many others have mentioned we need oh so quickly and desperataly.

  4. Forest fans cannot see what’s right in front of their faces; Perchy is a fantastic combative midfielder whose prepared to sweat blood for the club so its about time he’s given the respect he deserves. NFFC is right as his retention of the ball can be poor at times but I’m prepared to forgive anyone whose a true red!!
    Again dissapointed by that cowboy Arthur’s inability to carry out the role he is, and has been for a number of years, well paid for. However, no need for mass panic as Billy will see us right; both in sorting out the cowboy & in steering the mighty reds away from relegation.

  5. Pleased for Perch but not sure he really has a long term place in the team. McGugan and Cohen look to be guaranteed starting places should they be fit and available. Anderson too. So we have Perch and Moussi vying for the remaining slot in Billy “I’m a 4-4-2 man” Davies’ line up. Gotta back the Mouse really.

    Add to that midfield is an area we’re looking at strengthening then, IMO, Perch will never be more than a squad player at best.

    If I’m brutally honest, I think he’s one player we wouldn’t miss all that much and one who would probably be easiest to replace. I think Thornhill does all that Perch does and more.

  6. Rather than comment on the the lack of any transfer window signings, they give us the news about Perch as if that is going to make amends somehow? Whoever is in charge of PR and relationships with the supporters should be sacked!

    The lack of an additional striker puts us at a huge diadvantage tomorrow night and going forward. Tyson is the only fit, available senior striker and he is always likely to limp off at any given moment. Earnie has to be a huge doubt and Garner is suspended.

    Derby meanwhile can choose from new signing Chris Porter, Rob Hulse, Nathan Ellington & Emmanual Villa and Luke Varney. All very experienced players.

    How can we really expect to win this game with such a lack of firepower? It’s just ridiculous.

  7. I now this has been asked a lot by numerous people, but does anyone know when a first team return is likely for Le Mousse?

  8. I too like Perchy and am glad he’s signed. Very much a hardworking, unsung hero like one John McGovern who equally never caught the fans imagination till he had gone and they realised what they had were missing. I’m not saying he is another McG but they do have similar traits maybe; Captain is one of them and you certainly need such players in any club.

    Equally, very unhappy about lack of new signings especially in the back four area.

  9. Somewhat miffed at the lack of signings – but also agree that we shouldn’t pay over the odds for a load of no-marks (Dele Adebola? FFS).

    However Perchio signing is great news – he plays in a role where if he does well no-one notices, if he plays badly the entire crowd see it; so glad to hear some others appreciate him too.

  10. Absolutely.
    But he has had a couple of poor games recently – we are all entitled to that – so he needs to pick up again if he is going to make that midfield spot his own. Midfield is the the one area where we seem to have plenty of good players, in my opinion.
    Nice to see he is committed to us though.

    Anyone else seen the squad for tonight?
    No offence to the young lads involved, I’m sure they’ll give 100%, but what an occassion to throw them in at!

  11. The Sheep are coming through the snow but we’re ready for them. If it’s the Kids to help us out then why not – I’ve got every confidence in them as well as the reserves too. Bring on the Sheep & we’ll send them back after shaving them tonight!! :lol

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