Just like a new signing!…

I almost instantly regret using the cynical headline, because James Perch signing a new 2 and a half year contract to tie him to the club ’til 2011 is very good news, in my opinion. He’s one of those players that seems to divide option like no other (except perhaps Smithy) at the club, but personally I really rate his contribution very highly – whilst still recognising he has areas of his game to improve (particularly passing), but his role in breaking up play in midfield (and no small amount of covering our sometimes wayward defence with some great late tackling back) has been integral to our recent good form.

Whilst I do believe him to be a good role model, I’m not convinced the captain’s armband sits comfortably on him – with news of failed bids for Hibernian captain Rob Jones, I suspect he is keeping it warm for somebody Billy had in mind.  Now that move hasn’t happened (save for the pointless hoping for a loan style move) it does beg the question of whether Perchy will be retaining the captains duties – it surprised many that he did as Brecks established himself back into the team after Smoulderwood’s reign ended.  For me, he could play that role in the future, but possibly not just yet.

So I’m pleased.  I like Perch, he’s not a glamourous player but he’s one that you can always rely on to give his all in a game – and he’s one who clearly loves playing for Forest – and I’m pleased to have him signed up for a while yet.  So good on yer, Perchy!