New manager, same old transfer window..

Mark common denominator Arthur - is he the bringer of January disappointments for Forest fans? 

Mark 'common denominator' Arthur - is he the bringer of January disappointments for Forest fans?

Past January transfer deadline days have seen me literally glued to news feeds, mobile phone always present should I be away from my screen for a while – awaiting the inevitable strengthening we surely need to do.  To compound this, talk of needing to strengthen from the manager, four targets being pursued, the clear and blatant fact that we need to strengthen our squad to give us any tangibly realistic hope of retaining our status in the Championship should have made this window all the more exciting.

Frankly, I didn’t bother tuning in to anything – and I’m glad.  Because I would’ve gotten all wound up and upset – as such, I feel vindicated as Forest clearly once again failed in attempting their ‘let’s wait until the last minute and secure our targets for a bargain price’ strategy.  The same strategy that has failed in the last two January transfer windows.  With a bit of luck, they will actually make use of the opportunity to go for a bit of ‘loan with a view to permanent’ type moves – but well, once again our transfer acquisition committee have let us down big time.

Rob Jones of Hibernian was almost certainly one target, a commanding centre-half who Colchester who had been courting – and reports suggest he was very keen to make the move, unfortunately Hibs decided that we hadn’t matched their valuation.  Something that, well, perhaps could’ve been determined some time before the fucking deadline day so we could switch to a plan B?  (Ha!  Like we have a plan B!).  The other confirmed target seems to be Dele Adebola from Bristol City, again, the club turned us down.

It’s disheartening, because despite my claims of indifference I did harbour a hope that a new manager would bring about perhaps more of a sense of urgency in the acquisition of some players – it would seem that our acquisition panel is impervious to the need expressed by their new manager for adding both depth, strength and – indeed – quality to the squad.  Never let the blatant need for something stop us in a quest for not meeting a valuation for a player, huh?

Watch some series of crazy snow-related delays mean that we end up with delightful signings tomorrow, now, and I end up looking like a moaning minnie.  Or something.  I doubt it.

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  1. Nailed it in one. I too am bitterly disapointed as it was clear where we need to strengthen. This could cost us big time and for this I do blame MFA, Pleaty et al on the poorly named transfer committee – probably better named same old shit commttee!

  2. The “delays due to weather” only apply to the Premier League according to the BBC. We now have to wait 7 days for a loan move. Its a bloody disgrace. I am not sticking up for CC here, but it appears his hands were probably tied again. They should have just met the valuation of Jones and got him although I think a striker is needed as well let alone a left back – the list goes on!!! Arthur – you are a waste of time

  3. lets throw Arthur through the bloody transfer window
    Its all he needs to do and he fails us year after year —- (he did organise the new orange coloured Pukka Pie girls tee shirts of course! ) ….

  4. Yep, once again Mark Arthur proves himself to be an inept, clueless fuckwit that we all know him to be. Why is he still chief exec? What has he got on Doughty? A naked photo of him in a comprimising position with a transexual thai hooker? 600k for Hibs captain (who are chasing europe) and 400k for Lee Croft (Norwich’s best player), its a joke. We are seriously short with our injury list, I do hope things improve with the loan option next week!

  5. A very poor day for Forest, and an embarassment for the board. I agree, panic buys aren’t needed, but surely an experienced player could have been brought in, and done more than Arron Davies, McLeary, Bryne, Lynch etc. It’s not like we have a strong squad. I’m looking at some of the deals today – Gow, Mifsud, Charlie Adam, Andranik – all could have done a job. Where were we getting the likes of Murty, Kandol, Trundle etc. I’m not saying they are great, but surely worth beefing up the squad on loan? It comes down to that our targets aren’t realistic. Are Hibs going to flog their captain with no replacement for 600k? No, just like we wouldn’t flog Morgan or Tyson. In January you have to scrap over crumbs, and paper over the cracks and injuries. Arthur has a aimable ideal, but it’s not how the window works. We couldn’t even get Adebola.

  6. What a twatt Mark Arthur is but really did you expect anything else havent you got used to being let down by now every year year in year out.DOESNT IT REALLY SHOW THE TRUE AMBITION OF THE BOARD. a bunch of wankers,this is why i cant bring myself to set foot back in to the city ground that i have been visiting over the last 40 years

  7. Mark Arthur should rename himself to /incompetent execs .Its very disheartening again they are way off the pace with bringing bodies in.Billy wont accept 2nd raters and we as fans also have to accept this.However i feel as we both feel nffc and most posters arthur is an issue at forest until he goes i think we will always flounder.

    I also think davies will clash with arthur billys a straight talking glaswegian like my mrs they are also fair but woe betide you if you piss them off the hairdryer treatment rises its head.

    Whats weather like in nottingham tonight im travelling to game on wednesday not sure of roads from edinburgh will be ok ?

  8. The roads down here are okay so long as you stick to main roads. What time are you setting off?

    Our under-soil heating should ensure the playing surface is okay, but if the surrounding area is deemed unsafe for 30,000 people to enter/exit then the game could yet be postponed 😦

  9. I think were gonna set off at 9 on wednesday morning however i have a gut feeling that police will call it off as you say for safety.

    I will keep abreast with you mate as you are my eyes on the ground.Cheers again

    U reds

  10. Redric & Kenpin – Surley you two have come up with Fan Quotes of the season!!

    I’m sure if the snow falls the game will be called off not in the name of saftey but in the name of fair play!! How can the Ref & the Linesmen distinguish the Sheep from the snow?? Maybe they’ll make ’em play in luminous shirts instead!! 😆

    As for our transfers (or lack of them) oh dear is all I can come up with.

  11. I can’t understand for some fans why the penny has just dropped. I mean after all these years of failures in the transfer window finally people are starting to wake up to the grim reality that Marthur, is to put it in the nicest possible, way a complete waste of space.

    It’s been long overdue for him to resign, but personally I’d like to see Pleat go, the complete disband of this daft transfer committee and Davies to run the club top to bottom as Clough did in the past.

    We will never move forward if this doesn’t happen.

    I bet Davies is furious tonight!

  12. Let him b 😆

  13. Arthur is total Barclays Banker. You can’t blame Davies for this mess as it was the same last year. However Doughty continues to let this plank be the custodian of club affairs beggars belief. If we beat Derby tomorrow we get a good payday against Utd. This would have helped fund a new player. I am a fan of Doughty because he has always put his money where his mouth is but Arthur is just a waste of time and talking of time, its time he pissed off!!!!

  14. Arthur….when you were negotiating hard holding onto the last 2 or 300k or whatever it would have needed …did you have the fixture list of our next few games on your mind ?….QPR, BMGHM,
    DERBY, READING , PNE , SWANSEA – mmmm think not
    you are an absolute liability to this football club and the fans have had enough …are you serious about resigning ?..because we are !

  15. What are the odds that Chris Porter, the striker Calderwood wanted to sign, scores against us on Weds night?! Am disappointed not to see a new face or two arrive today but I’m sure it’ll be exactly the same spiel as last year, ‘We’ve still got the loan market, blah blah!’

    Actually, that didn’t work out too badly for us last year as Brett Ormerod was excellent for us. He’s another player who has moved in this window that we could’ve gone for!

  16. Absolute disgrace, no idea what the thinking is. By the look of it, Jones seems a great pick by BD, and like kenpin said earlier there was no way Hibs were going to sell him for that price. You have to pay for quality, now and always, and this was one we should have followed through. We need some players, that is a gimme, especially after BD’s confidence breaking ‘Nappies’ comment, but ultimately we needed experience anyway. Big moment for BD’s Forest career even at this early stage, I sincerely hope he hasn’t been talkin the talk but was always aware that the likelihood was we were going to do nothing! Just don’t know what the fuck to think anymore…..

    On a separate note, I have heard and read alot about major clubs going under due to the current financial turmoil, with Southampton being the first of many to go into administration in March. Can anyone give me a constructive opinion as to the possibilities of this?

  17. NOTTINGHAM FOREST <<< look at that name…. mark authr do you no who your working for? where struggling to get arbola? having a laugh!!! hes shit and authr ur shit!!!! billy davies i really like buttttt you would think why he was out the game he would have an eye on a few players with potential or players with experience he has worked with before!!! i tell u something 500 a season ticket we all pay to watch what we love and you fail us all by this! where down to bones in our squad and u keep sayin "nappys" well why havnt u brought some players in? absolute disgrace!!!! and every time u get interview STOP mentioniin derbyyyy even as a last resort u keep saying they got 39 players in there squad u brought half in there clough said he wants to trim id rather have abit of experience from on of there squad than no one at alll!!!!! ill always love forest and am loyal to only the tree but 500 is not coming out of my pocket next season

  18. Another low point to add to all the other low points !!
    Billy fell out with D**by because they did not match his ambition for their club!
    What did Forest promise him?
    I would reckon one of the reasons he was pursuaded to come was the promise of money to spend.
    Now he knows our board lies and he doesn’t suffer fools gladly (see D**by above).
    What future now?……

  19. I agree with the Mark Arthur comments BUT what the F**k is the kerb crawler doing? Just seems to be a pundit to me. I sit in main stand in the middle and i have never seen the Cloughy wannabe?

  20. This is a real shock I expected at least 3 new signings of some quality and we got nothing. CC and BD have been hamstrung by Arthur and I see now that a club exec. that doesnt trust its manager has problems. Im only hoping that BD role is not to get relegated and that in the off season we can get in some more players.

  21. Slightly amazed, but not at all surprised, ultimately deeply underwhelmed by this. Look at the games coming up that we have to face with our threadbare squad – we’re going to need some loan signings, hard work and fat slice of luck to get out of this one. Also seem to remember BD saying he didn’t want loan signings as they tend to be players who can’t get a game at other clubs…. hmmmm.

  22. Dave,

    Thats true unless they are from the EPL clubs like Liverpool, Man U, Chelsea etc.


  24. I’m a Leeds fan and have spent much of January worrying about sales not purchases. With a chairman like Ken Bates, forked tongue is nothing to do with food. I was pleased to see Forest get off the Championship floor and hopefully we’ll be seeing you again next season.

  25. I read with equal measure of amusement and frustration the many posts lambasting Mark Arthur for our failure to sign anyone yesterday. But do any one of the angry posters actually know what role MA plays in any potential transfer dealings? It seems there are many who know far more about this process than I and I would love to be one of the enlightened insiders…

  26. Is Jones really worth more than 600k? Really? Colchester were after him ffs. Thats hardly a glowing recommendation and the fact they made a couple of bids culminating on one of “more than 100k” if you believe the various press reports speaks volumes to me. Forget they probably couldn’t afford 600k, they thought 100k was a damn good bid. So get off the clubs back on that one. I think not paying 700-900k or whatever it would have taken is the right move.

    I would probably have gone a little higher for Croft, even though he is out of contract in the summer.

    And I couldn’t give a rats ass we didn’t pick up 33yo Adebola.

    We have Moussi back in the not too distant future to “shore up” the midfield and the rest of the squad have shown they have the talent, desire and ability to gain us enough points to scrape to safety which is the aim this season.

    So quit whinging and back the boys.

    U REDS!!

  27. I understand where you’re coming from Radgie (esp re- Adebola).
    But I think the point is BD has stated on numerous occassions how we need more players. It’s fair to say he has given a list of potential players to our Board. None have been signed. Whether we have made bids or not is immaterial, none have completed a deal.

    Davies has gone on record telling us that a number of our players are playing through injury (Breckin being a major worry). We also only have 3 first choice strikers at the club, one of whom has run his socks off every game we’ve played recently. Another whose liable to get sent off any moment.
    I’m not panicking, I believe we have a good enough squad to save the season (so long as Heath and Moloney play full back, Billy)
    And I also believe Lewis will only really start to show his class when the Moose gets back.

    But I truly believe BD has been let down in the short term by some seriously inept transfer negotiations. And who does them?

  28. I agree that noone coming in is a worry, especially given Billy’s rather scathing comments on the merits (or not as the case was!) of loan players.

    I guess the flip side to not paying the extra 300-400k or whatever the asking price may have been is what cost survival? What is the monetry value of remaining in the Championship? Surely paying 900k for a player whose really only worth around 200k is 700 grand well spent if it keeps you up?

  29. Will you get facts right – Bristol didn’t want to sell Adebola to ANY Championship club. So, strike him off as a loss anyway.

    As for Scot player – if the others offered only 100,000 which wasn’t enought & we offered 6 times as much, how much would they want? 1m? Look at Robbie Keane – gone straight back to Spurs at a 6m (I think) loss.

    Yes, they may have money to waste but do we? Stop in your tracks. Should we pay over the top money for the sake of new players? NO. Blame CC for pushing out the experienced players from the City Ground. A little longer & Breckin wouldn’t have been here. Remember or have most of you already forgoten? As for Mr Cole – when you’re promised games & get a hole in the bucket what do you expect? When he was getting games he was getting better, he got injured, came back & was dropped.

    Anyway, enough from me & the transfers. We got a decent squad when all fit but we’re stretched @ the moment & that’s what’s nagging most of us.

  30. Like us all I’m dissapointed that weve failed to stregnthen at a time when its needed, that said I totally agree with Forest’s transfer policy, in terms of not paying over the odd’s. I bet some fans wish their clubs had been run on a business front rather than a free for all and come what may (Leeds, Luton, (Derby maybe)etc).

    I can understand some fans feeling towards to money men at CG but to slag off Auther when we know little of the facts is lynch mob mania. We know so little of the detail and efforts to bring the players in.

    Looking at what I do know: We are one of the current form teams in the CCC and we have a manager that knows his job at this level. Yes I’m worried about the size of the squad and the injuries but I live in hope that at worst we finish 4th from bottom.

    Even the cats looking more relaxed in recent weeks, that said I do believe he hoped that Marther would bring in new player so as to keep his ass from another boot after a poor day at the CG.

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