New manager, same old transfer window..

Mark common denominator Arthur - is he the bringer of January disappointments for Forest fans? 

Mark 'common denominator' Arthur - is he the bringer of January disappointments for Forest fans?

Past January transfer deadline days have seen me literally glued to news feeds, mobile phone always present should I be away from my screen for a while – awaiting the inevitable strengthening we surely need to do.  To compound this, talk of needing to strengthen from the manager, four targets being pursued, the clear and blatant fact that we need to strengthen our squad to give us any tangibly realistic hope of retaining our status in the Championship should have made this window all the more exciting.

Frankly, I didn’t bother tuning in to anything – and I’m glad.  Because I would’ve gotten all wound up and upset – as such, I feel vindicated as Forest clearly once again failed in attempting their ‘let’s wait until the last minute and secure our targets for a bargain price’ strategy.  The same strategy that has failed in the last two January transfer windows.  With a bit of luck, they will actually make use of the opportunity to go for a bit of ‘loan with a view to permanent’ type moves – but well, once again our transfer acquisition committee have let us down big time.

Rob Jones of Hibernian was almost certainly one target, a commanding centre-half who Colchester who had been courting – and reports suggest he was very keen to make the move, unfortunately Hibs decided that we hadn’t matched their valuation.  Something that, well, perhaps could’ve been determined some time before the fucking deadline day so we could switch to a plan B?  (Ha!  Like we have a plan B!).  The other confirmed target seems to be Dele Adebola from Bristol City, again, the club turned us down.

It’s disheartening, because despite my claims of indifference I did harbour a hope that a new manager would bring about perhaps more of a sense of urgency in the acquisition of some players – it would seem that our acquisition panel is impervious to the need expressed by their new manager for adding both depth, strength and – indeed – quality to the squad.  Never let the blatant need for something stop us in a quest for not meeting a valuation for a player, huh?

Watch some series of crazy snow-related delays mean that we end up with delightful signings tomorrow, now, and I end up looking like a moaning minnie.  Or something.  I doubt it.