2-0 to the referee..

Improved second half, on balance of play Cardiff dominant but Tyson put what looked a perfectly fair challenge on the keeper to head into the waiting goal. It’s true we created sod all else, but that would have been the equaliser.

Ho hum, on balance of play the Bluebirds just about edged it, neither team were much kop though, and the referee was infuriatingly receptive to both their diving and the home crowd who deigned to make noise occasionally in support of their diving mincers.

Good goal by Bothroyd though, to compound our misery! I’m off for beer in the Welsh capital tonight, so more tomorrow upon my return to civilisation.

Half time at Ninian library..

This is the most ill-deserved place for having an intimidating atmosphere attributed to it. Our team isn’t as depleted as first feared, it’s been a scrappy game considering the form both teams have been in lately.

The Bluebirds are good value for their lead, the referee takes his cue from the home crowd for decisions, except when Wes looked to have conceded a penalty at one point!

Hopefully we improve..