Out amongst the walking wounded..

The game against Cardiff City tomorrow promises to be rather experimental one. With oodles of injuries, and no incomings in the transfer market we really will have a makeshift look about us when we take the field. Cohen, Lynch, Benno and Moussi are unavailable, with doubts over Earnie, Tys, Brecks and Davies. It seems almost certain that a few the academy lads will be stepping into the breach against the very much in-form Bluebirds.  In better news, Wes Morgan might be able to return to defence.

Of course, we’re in good form too – but we’re looking rather lightweight upfront now, and indeed in defence – and, um, well, midfield looks a bit thin on the ground when you think about it!  This would be a tricky fixture with a full strength squad, which makes this trip all the more difficult.  However, a great opportunity for Davies and Kelly to test their managerial nous in trying circumstances – whilst I am very much heartened by their regime so far, I still can’t quite see how they’re going to deliver a result out of this.  I’m looking forward to the trip, though!

If nothing else, it underlines the fact that Forest must strengthen before the transfer window closes on the 2nd February at 5:00pm.  There don’t seem to be any cast iron rumours, quite usual when a new management team takes over, and my natural mistrust of January transfer windows in general means that I remain fairly pessimistic.  However, the weekend threatens to upset our momentum quite severely – so will hopefully add to the sense of urgency from the Forest end to secure whatever players they’re after.

Ho hum!  Watching Derby become a selling club (well, a loaning club) is at least keeping us smiling for now – a tough trip awaits, although I could probably smile through any level of a beating if the rumours of Newcastle wanting to sign Commons from them!

Oh yes, and content from this site is now being syndicated on Lost That Loving Feeling (or LTLF for short), which historically has always been one of the most popular Forest websites and message boards, so posts on this site will appear on there intermingled with their (excellent) in house writing team, as well as updates from my fellow Forest bloggers eighteensixtyfive.  A good idea I think.

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  1. Good move putting the content on LTLF – you must be pretty good friends with the mods and admin over there, or in fact be one?! Winnits?

  2. We should have some sympathy for our wooly friends. In line with the theme of current events, it’s a club owned by a bunch of foreigners who are there to merely get a return on their investment. Being owned by a bunch of yanks is only going to end in tears. Derby should be owned and run by Derby people just like us.

    Of course, seeing them relegated out of the football league whilst in the hands of Derby people would be one better than this, but you can only dream.

  3. whaw u should have said steve is “hopefully end in tears” ive no sympathy whatsoever, our recent times in football obscurity(no offence league 1) were a big laughing matter to that lot, should the boot end up on the other foot i’ll kevin keegan it !!!

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