Exclusive: Agent Clough revealed..

After some ingenious snooping by one of our network of spies, a memo from the City Ground addressed to Derby County manager Nigel Clough was intercepted.  It congratulated him on his excellent progress in dropping the Rams into the relegation zone of The Championship pretty much as quickly as it was possible for him to do so.

The accompanying dossier identifies Clough as the perfect candidate to carry out this operation, with his proximity to the club and of course the magic surname that affords him patience.  As the transfer window draws to a close, Rams fans will be anxiously checking the news to see if their non-league management and coaching team have managed to bring in any new faces to change their fortunes.

The memo finished simply with “Phase one is a success, now onward to phase two, Agent Clough.”

Naturally we await phase two with great interest!

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  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Spot on nffc and you know what, isn’t it nice to have our moment of smugness this season at last? Enjoy in it.

  2. very interesting !!!!lol

  3. Brilliant -on targety to match the historical reign of his late father. Oh well, we can gloat a little can’t we…

    Seriously though, I feel for Nigel who must be eating his own words – phase two surely is to lose in the Cup replay – surely?

  4. LOL You reds!

  5. You are a wag NFFC 🙂

  6. I fear he’s going to be found out as its becoming blatently obvious what he’s up to although talking Fergie into letting them score a couple of late goals to make it look like they were trying was a stroke of genius. Just a shame the replay plan didn’t fully come to fruition because of the police.

  7. SING “nigel is a forest fan a forest fan he’s taking derby down” lol YOU REDS!!!!!

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