Don’t mention the draw!

Can you remember not that long ago a cup win against Luton Town would’ve landed us a draw against Liverpool?  Can you remember what happened?  People talked as if it were going to happen, we went to Kenilworth Road (never the most fun of trips) and we lost in a rather shameful performance.

Well, today the winner of the replay between ourselves and the Sheep will have the opportunity to welcome Manchester United for a fifth round encounter.  That would give us the opportunity of a Manchester double this season (they can’t be that good if Derby can beat them over 90 minutes), or it would give Derby the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with Sir Alex Ferguson’s side.

Right, so remember, don’t mention the draw – I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it…

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  1. Superstitions aside NFFC, I think it is a cracking draw and should only enhance the teams motivation to go out and beat the scum. A home crowd behind them and the fact that Derby have now failed to beat us twice at their place should bode well for the Lads. Personally, apart from Smiths goalkeeping and their attempts straight at him in the game on friday (a yard either side and we would be out of this competition), we are a little lucky to still be in it. I hope they go on and get to the fifth round. Man Utd is ideal, just as long as we don’t get hammered 7-0 like the last time they came to the City Ground (or one of the last times). Uuu rreeeddsss!

  2. Bring on Man Utd!! Surely we can’t fluff the game vs the Sheep on the 4th…

  3. Oh yes, I thought as much, a Valentines weekend Cup game – the romance of the cup is definately there

  4. Think Nigel and Chris are going to feel quite ‘sheepish’ coming back to the City Ground.
    We should ‘ram’ a few into the back of their net. Can’t wait for UTD!

  5. NFFC – absolutely inspired Title and Picture. 10/10!

  6. Yes we SHOULD get through to the next round and we now have a manager who wouldn´t let a luton type performance happen. See I haven´t mentioned the next round opponents……….

  7. Okay, own up. Who threw the sheeps heads through those pub windows??!!!!!
    (I don’t condone violent acts, but that made me laugh when I saw it on the news!)

  8. Just read the comments on the NEP, (long url guys!!) – my gosh, totaly off thier heads (err Soz Minds!! :lol:).

    Both ridiculous & funny at the same time…

    Bring on the replay!!

  9. Great picture to go with the story. Genius!

  10. Will someone clear s/thing up for me – will or will it not be live? I’m a little miffed :S

  11. Last I heard Yiannaki – its a NO

  12. cos of the rozzer’s – apparently they can’t/wont police the game on the tuesday evening even after county agreed to have their game re-scheduled, all was rosy till they came back and said no to all concerned parties, bet derby fans get into home sections of the crowd somehow.

  13. on another point – any season ticket holders trying to reserve their seats for “the game” should avoid the ticket office alltogether and go direct through ticketmaster-take the £1.50 hit per ticket and be done in under five minutes – unlike the hour queues at the ground or on the 60p per minute ticket office number, had 15 minutes this morning – moved from number 48 in the queue to number 44 and paid £9 for the wasted phone call. rant over – now lets do the wendies and keep our points tally going up

  14. 2-1 win tonight. Derby in the drop zone – Nigel must be wondering what on earth is happening!! :Llol: Oh, & Man Utd rampaging against West Brom 5-0 the last I saw…

    Bring on the Sheep…

  15. Oh & the Man Utd game (should we not mess up) will be on Sunday 4.30pm UK time (as on some website I saw so we await offical confirmation…)

  16. man u game on itv on sun. ticketmaster deffo worth it although ticket office rate is not 60p/min, its national rate which even from a mobile should be around 18p/min tops

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