Sheepish highlights..

Are here.

Courtesy of  Pretty poor commentary, but still!  I guess this a game that most of you have actually had a chance to see, anyway!  Our goal was very similar, but better as Earnie had a turn to make.

Just before our goal goes in, you can hear the bizarre ‘going down’ chant the Derby fans were coming out with – it goes to the ‘Brian Rice song’ tune (which, I suppose, is actually ‘Yellow Submarine’ by the Beatles.

Commons’ miss with his first touch was actually pretty shocking, although his second attempt at goal was a terrific effort which Smith did the right thing with.  The save from Hulse’s header was even better than I remembered!

Anyway, enjoy them!

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  1. i sat in the derby end as this was the only way I could get a ticket….when our
    goal went in I could hardly stay on my seat —so jumped up and down in mock horror
    and disgust cursing the poor derby defending to those around me …they had no idea ! inside I was elated …..ureds undercover !

  2. Friday night’s first half display showed us the hard work Billy has to do when he resumes his duties after his son is hopefully back on the mend. Our use of the ball defensively was awful & the fact that we had four centre-backs across the back four is a legacy of CC’s management. Indeed, anyone who still laments his departure should be grateful that he has landed a job that is more suited to his capabilities- managing the Faroes; or did I just dream that!
    Smith again showed what an outstanding shop-stopper he is but first half probably added to our defensive woes by not commanding his box & being poor with his distribution. I’m amazed that CC’s left hand man, who was a goalkeeping coach, was unable to improve that side of his game. That is perhaps why people get on his back a little & Campo was seen as such a success. As for Lynch, unfortunately I came very early to the conclusion that he’s a bloody liability. Maloney back in at right back & a new left back please.
    Derby supporters really are stupid & do all appear to catch a bus from Royston Vasey to the sheep dip. If I was them I’d be more concerned at their future plight than attempting to ridicule a team above them in the league. Poor as we were first half, if they’d been half decent the game would have been dead and buried. Unfortunately, in so far as Nigel was a real hero of mine, I think the size of the task of managing the inbreds is one too big for him and his carpenter side-kick. “When Storey Moore scores a goal…we’ll all go made when Derby go down again!!”

  3. As i am exiled in manchester i have enjoyed gloating to the blue half of the office over the last couple of weeks, it would be great if i could gloat to the red half as well (yes there are some in Manchester!).

    Does anyone know if the replay will be on tv (setanta?)? i see ITV have plumped for the Liverpool Everton game.

  4. I think Setanta are televising a tuesday game rather than wednesday, so probably not.

  5. The game is not on TV. At one stage yesterday, it was moved to Tuesday for coverage by Setanta but the Police scuppered it.

    It will probably be “shown” on the net via PPMate, etc.

  6. Thank Radg – I posted it else where the question but u got us overseas fans an answer. 😦

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