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Poor game, fussy ref, fair result. Bring on the replay, and perhaps more importantly than anything my best wishes go to Billy Davies on the news his son has been taken ill.

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  1. we got lucky, hoof football in the first half, two great saves from smith at the end.
    good effort in the first half, i thought the ref did ok to be honest……better game than atwell thats for sure. missed morgan, anderson is a blow, mcgugan did not play well. i like him a lot but he needs to be more consistant

  2. good effort in the second half……..too many vodka red bulls

  3. Quicky from me & I’m crashing to bed club – Thank God for Smithy, more that 2 saves, more like 4. We defended poorly for the 1st goal, if Fatty boy hated the club he’d have scored and not missed 3 times (OK Smith saved 1).

    I feel as we need a defender. Great Earnie goal.

    All the best for Davies son, what was Morgans family problem anyone?

    Oh, also nasty tackle on Anderson, (or was it – off. website says else wise, where I was watching it froze at the wrong moment…) and also Cohen (or was her late or a bit of both?).

    Ref in the 1st half missed the push on our player which savaged Savages’ nuts!! :p , a corner kick after we broke the offside trap after the free kick & at least 1 other foul on our players.

    Fair result if not a good one. We’ll beat them here no doubt….

    We should have 2night but anyway 5 unbeaten since CC left (sorry but had to mention it…)


  4. Fair reult in the end. Lucky not to be 2 down by half time, but shaded the second overall. Great saves by Smiffy but looked shaky at the back – definitely missed Wes. Hope his family issue isn’t serious. Also spare a thought for BD; I hope his son is okay as I’ve been through that my boys and I would spare anyone that agony.

  5. Firstly, all the best to BD and his family, also to Wes whose baby is very ill (according to the radio).

    We were poor in the 1st half; Lynch was shocking and deserved to be substituted – surely he can’t play for us again and I hope we give Heath a chance. I think we also missed Wes – he and Brecks look strong. Wilson and Brecks act like strangers.

    2nd half was better; we looked fired-up, Tys was creating problems and Savage (who I thought was probably man of the match) was beginning to get annoyed (always a good sign). Well taken goal from Robbie and then Smithy again showed what a great shot stopper he is.

    Surely, we will be better at home, but I’ll miss that as I’m away – I’ll look forward to the match report – thanks nffc.

  6. Can’t be arsed to write anything tonight, too tired and too drunk!

    Agree that I was reluctantly impressed by Savage this evening. Smithy had a cracking game.

  7. Sounds like wilson and lynch not good enough. I´m glad we are still unbeaten.
    3 points on tuesday.!!!!!!!!!! Davies on the wing will do o.k. as replacement for Ando.
    We should win the replay. Hope Des is back.
    Best wishes to Wes, Davies and Ando…..

  8. Gotta feel that the sheep will be more dissapointed they didn’t win than us.

    I think the ref did OK but was let down by weak linesmen. Only once did the lino flag for a foul when there were numerous occasions when the dirty Derby defenders hacked Tyson, McCleary, Cohen and McGugan.

    McGugan again just didn’t turn up. This is becoming quite an alarming and regular occurance. But what concerns me is how we can show the fight, spirit and dare I say it skill that we did in the 2nd half when it was so completely missing in the 1st period. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t solely down to the totally and utterly crap Lynch going off.

    Great night, pretty good game 2nd half, plenty to be happy about for both sides really.

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