Forest vs Plymouth Argyle highlights..

Thanks to the good folks at Virgin Media, you can watch the goals and a few other chances – including the ‘how didn’t that go in?‘ effort by Plymouth didn’t go in towards the end of the game.  Click here to watch.

You can also see other Championship highlights, and play ‘count the Clough references’ whilst watching our next opponents slump to a 2-0 home defeat against QPR, just to whet the appetite a little!  I am getting rather excited about the fixture on friday now, and feel okay about that since it is our next match!

Those of you not in the UK, keep an eye on this site.  Still only up to the Charlton game as I write, but with a bit of luck it will update soon.

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  1. Not sure the video sums up quite how much possession we had, but never mind, good to see the goals again!
    By the way, that picture of Earnie doesn’t exactly flatter him nffc…!

  2. On a similar note, for those of you, like me, who live in the US, Setanta will be airing the Forest -v- Derby match LIVE on Friday.

    It’s not a common thing to get Forest live, so take advantage if you can.

    Cheers from Oregon.

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