Argyle victory puts the Reds over Derby..

Youll never beat him!

Wes: You'll never beat him!

Nottingham Forest – 2
Plymouth Argyle – 0

I don’t have masses of time, so this might be short but sweet – and sweet it certainly is to have picked up our third straight league win, lift ourselves to 18th in the league table and – game in hand not withstanding – elevate ourselves above the Sheep who were felled by QPR today in that non-league bloke’s first game in charge.  Certainly sets the stage for friday, I am struggling to contain my excitement.

Forest bigged up Billy Davies who arrived on the pitch to a great ovation from the crowd, who had restored Cohen to midfield at the expense of the injured Thornhill, bringing in Kelvin Wilson to play at left back who had recovered from the illness which apparently kept him out of contention to face Charlton in the last league game.

Cohen rapidly stood out in a brilliant midfield showing – putting in challenges and making up his customary several miles per game.  He sent Lewis on his way who teed up Nathan Tyson, but unfortunately the delivery was a shade late and he had strayed offside.  Certainly the slightly late delivery of a final ball was something we’d see quite often over the course of the game.

The lead game from a freekick, Earnshaw had been fouled but continued his run – when no advantage transpired the referee brought play back and gave a freekick right on the touchline about 10-15 yards from the corner.  Lewis put a dangerous delivery into the box and Earnie was in the right place to stick out a foot to put it into the net and give the Reds the lead.

It could’ve been two when Perch cushioned a header forward to Tyson, but he hit the ball just over.  Another chance fell to McGugan from a freekick, from 25 yards he put it narrowly over into the leering yokels from Plymouth (who did provide much amusement during the game).  As the half drew on Forest looked increasingly comfortable and it was nice to hear minimal negativity from the home fans (of course, there’s always one or two!).

Plymouth did look to have scored after a ball was lofted into the box from the right, Smith came and missed the ball – but fortunately for us (and it was difficult for me to tell), the referee gave a foul on him which allowed us to clear the pressure.  It was probably the only meaningful danger that the visitors had posed so far in the game.

Earnie was unlucky not to get his second after Lewis McGugan had done really well to keep the ball in play on the right, passing well to Earnie’s six-yard box run.  Earnshaw looked to have exploited Larrieu’s guess – but the keeper did excellently to block it considering he was heading in the wrong direction.  Which brought us to half time in a cautiously optimistic frame of mind, immeasurably improved by news of Derby being two down against QPR.

Early in the second half there was some danger when former-Reds loanee Yoann Folly crossed to the diving-bastard Fallon, whose diving header merely hit the sidenetting – which was a shame for those fans unfortunately angled who celebrated a goal for a chunk of time.  Unlucky, lads.

Forest had weathered this early pressure and hit the visitors on the counter, Tyson and Cohen had a spell of interplay which saw the ball rather fortunately ricochet to Paul Anderson who struck the ball, blatantly off target I thought, but it deflected rather cruelly and into the net to give Forest a 2-0 lead which I don’t think was unbefitting their performance.

The referee was adding to his growing unpopularity, every time a Plymouth player fell over (and it happened a lot, particularly Fallon) he gave a foul, and oddly elected to ignore Wes’s ability to run through three or four Plymouth challenges down the left and gave a foul instead.  A pretty incompetent referee showing I thought.

Mackie made Chambers look uncomfortable, but fortunately when Plymouth did manage to get crosses in they weren’t able to make best use of them.  Forest still looked dangerous on the counter and McGugan found Earnie who put the ball just over with Larrieu totally unmoved.  Wes Morgan again was brought down on one of his crazy runs, earning Mpenza a deserved booking.

The visitors did start to push forward, but lacked cohesion and Forest worked hard to break them down and hit them on the counter.  Cohen sent Anderson clear during one of these, and the loanee winger brought a fantastic save from Larrieu, the rebound falling awkwardly for Tyson who couldn’t quite make the best of it and in no time a defender was back to tidy up.

Earnie was withdrawn for Garner, he didn’t look happy about it – and interesting there was no interaction between him and Davies as Earnie headed straight to the bench to get some layers on.  Plymouth somehow didn’t score when Seip was unmarked and headed the ball against the underside of the crossbar, with it somehow ending up out for a goalkick much to the relief of the home supporters!

McGugan and Cohen combined to tee up a chance for Tyson, but unfortunately the offside flag was up to prevent the chance.  The game ended on a low when Duguid completely took out Tyson down by the corner flag – it looked all ends up a professional foul to me, but it only yielded a booking – and one for Tyson for dissent too.  A poor and gutless performance by referee Stroud all round.

But a great and deserved result, a well deserved man of the match award for Wes Morgan, and I think I might just pop down the pub now and have a beer or two!  You Reds!

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  1. Un. Be. Lievable.

    That’s why I love football – what a day. Billy’s post match interview was very down-to-earth, I thought, and realistic. He certainly said a lot of things that I saw on the pitch, anyway.

    I always said he was a better choice than our Nige (please don’t check back through teh comments).

    You REDS!!!

  2. Great result – we needed to win at home again to benefit from all the great away form.

    The lads worked their socks off and whilst it wasnt always pretty, the determination was there for all to see. Hope its not just a case of the “new broom sweeping clean” and we can see this commitment week in, week out.

    For me, probably Anderson’s best game in a Red shirt. Wes was a Goliath at the back against Fallon who pushed him to the limit. But to see our No5 sweeping down the left wing after beating 4 men…..PRICELESS!

    More please…! U Reds

  3. Just a shame those pesky rams are going to ruin the confidence of a top guy, Mr Clough may have been turned down twice by the Forest board,,,but cruel to be kind maybe?

    I just hope he doesn’t get tarnished with the inevitable dourness that pervades derby. The club and town.

    Top win for Forest though. Looking to be a better half of this season ey!

    You Reds!

  4. am i right in thinking that is tysons fifth booking? does he miss the sheep?

  5. Glad that was just a short report, nffc! Good quality as ever and am delighted, the boys are starting to learn that magic trick of ‘how to win’ pretty or ugly. Still too tight at the bottom to be comfortable but good to see other teams being dragged in. Gonna have a well earned pint!

  6. wes morgan an absolute rock today, chris cohen – magnificent, cant wait till friday – keep voting tyson please for his big day in may.

  7. And to cap it all – “Brecks” has been taken off the transfer list – an excellent day. Can’t wait for Friday!!

  8. Good to see Billy up on the touchline barking orders,the players responding,if you dont pull your weight in this team now you wont last long,the players looked like they wanted it for the full 90 mins,well done Wes on your man of the match………Bring on the sheep………..

  9. Great result for us and good to see fans getting behind BD i think it was criminal the way he was demonised before taking the job i think a few are eating there words.

    Looking forward to friday we are in good form have an astute manager and we will need to battle against the sheep they will be up for it aswell.


  10. At the Gym in Derby early this evening and a number of the Sheep fans coming out of Sheep stadium. What were they talking about …….. missed chances ?? the Manager will get it right everntually ?? keep the faith, he’s new ?? they were unlucky ?? NO CHANCE …

    Exclusively the talk was that Forest had won !!! Just loved it !!!

    SAYS IT ALL ….. just keep looking upwards (in more ways than one).

  11. Morning all. Cracking little peice from the The Sunday Mail in Scotland here: speaks for itself…. uredssss

  12. Great win but showed there is still an awful lot of work to do. The final ball was still poor, especially from Anderson. McGugan only seemed to really start playing once we’d gone 2 up. Wes magnificent. Brecks Magnificent. Tyson was rightly booked for his reaction but it should definately have been a red for Duguid – he kicked out and made contact with Tyson in a more malicous manner than Dunne was sent off for this weekend.

    My overriding thought of the game though is that I thought it absolutely typified what Paul Smith is all about as a goalkeeper. A great save, poor kicking and absolutely no command of his area whatsoever.

    Great win, decent performance, confidence sky high. Bring on the Sheep!!

    And no, that wasn’t Tyson’s 5th booking. He’s already served his 1 match ban for reaching that tally. He did take a couple of really hefty knocks in the 2nd half though and with his glass legs, I hope he’s OK for Fri…

  13. Last time we were due to play the sheep, i was dreading it, at palace away, with 6 straight defeats, i verball agreed to see my ticket, luckily, after our first win, i came to my senses and decided to go, wasnt looking forward to it.

    This time round i wouldnt sell the ticket for a grand, derbyshite fans must be bricking themselves, come on Forest, first win at prideless park, and we get to see them torn apart on tuesday night at the theatre of wet dreams.

    U Reds!

  14. Glad to see that you only wrote a short report NFFC!! 🙂

  15. follow the link dave jackal posted, it’s an insight into the mind of billy boy

  16. Tys is no longer ahead in the FA ‘Player of the Round’ – let’s get voting!!

  17. Great to see a positive reaction from the CG towards BD. And bloody marvellous to see him bellowing orders from the dugout.
    Smithy did well, but shanked a couple of kicks and didn’t release it early enough once too. The reaction from our fans to these errors was disappointing. Maybe we forget he aint Shilts?
    For what its worth, I think Tys was incredibly restrained following that tackle. From where I sit it was clear from the Argyle players facial expression that he meant to hurt Tys. And he wasn’t alone, they were among the dirtiest team here this season, and the ref was shite, too.

    So, another win, fans happy and the sheep next up. Ureds!!

  18. The official website has just announced that some tickets for this Friday’s ‘Derby’ game have become available – see this link;,,10308~1524852,00.html

    Good luck!

  19. Great to see Breckinbauer off the transfer list but I think Billy should go 1 step further and give him the captaincy back. He wasnt officially the skipper yesterday but for me he is a natural leader and he was still leading the side, shouting instructions to the rest of the team. Brecks and Wes were immense and although we had 2 centre backs in the full back positions, which is not ideal, it doesnt half give us a big strong back 4. I don’t remember Plymouth winning anything in the air.

  20. Off topic but Cup related –
    The Sixth Round Proper Youth Cup draw:
    1 Cardiff City/Birmingham City v Ipswich Town/Crystal Palace/Watford

    2 Manchester City/Newcastle United v Everton/Norwich City

    3 Plymouth Argyle/Tottenham Hotspur v Sunderland/Arsenal

    4 Liverpool/Chelsea v Nottingham Forest/Bolton Wanderers

    Semis see Match 2 vs Match 3 and Match 1 vs Match 4 over two legs.

    Full details found on the FA site via:

    28th Jan 19.00 get yourselves down to the City Ground and push the future stars into the next round and a meeting vs Liverpool or Chelsea.

  21. Looks like Bunn might be coming. Smithy still has his weaknesses commanding his area and Camp would have been signed by now if he was coming—Pity about him !!
    I can now get Setanta live free and HOPE that I will be able to see Forest live on friday with English commentary !!It sure is going to be a cracking game !!
    I hope that bloody savage isn´t playing as I could see Our Tys..being felled (professionally) and we don´t want to lose him now !! I pray we are allowed to play and we have a strong referee !! Come on you REDS !!!!!!!!

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