Vote for Nathan Tyson!

Go on, do it!  

Click this link to help him get player of the round for his performance against Manchester City in the FA Cup.

He’s already winning by a healthy margin (or is as I type), but let’s use our cumulative powers to make sure he gets the award he richly deserves for his performance both in that game, and in general recently.

Der, der, der, der!  Na-than Ty-son!…

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  1. Don’t worry – he can’t be caught!!

  2. I’ve voted. Nathan gets 2 tickets to go to the FA Cup final if he wins but of course he won’t be needing them as he’ll be playing!

  3. OH, we got till the 20th to get the votes in…

  4. your wish is my command o great one

  5. I voted, 71.1%

    Somehow I think he’s won. 😀

  6. a well earned vote… still he should get a reward for still being fit da da da glass legs tyson lol

  7. Done – and although you can only vote once from the same computer, perhaps it is possible to access the site from other computers??? !!!!

  8. It most certainly is, I’ve voted for him from my home computers, work computer and my phone 😀

  9. Got mine in as well !!!

  10. How could I not after that goal and his selfless workrate.

  11. 75% after my vote this morning – bit disturbed after reading some of the daily dross on the internet last night, earnie to portsmouth, lewis to the sheep dip and all because forest struggling financally !!!!! lord help us.

  12. Yes seanboy, is the rubbish on McGug – to the sheep he’s linked – so laughable that is. That was running around from last night. Our players are for sale at £175m & 1p!! 😆 & that’s if they want to go…. 😉

  13. 75.3% after my 2nd vote!!! Still a way to go but not possible to lose it is it…

    Oh I know, FB groups & other Forest sites to gain more votes!! He deserves it on the sweet volley alone. What a strike! Esp a 1st time volley coming off a defender. Beau-ti-ful!! 😀

  14. Super, super Nath, super, super Nath, super Nathan Tyson, COME ON YOU REDS

  15. Off topic – the draw for the FA Youth cup 5th round (last 16) goes like this:

    Fifth Round Proper
    No Date KO Home Away
    1 tbc Ipswich Town /Crystal Palace v Watford
    2 tbc Bristol Rovers /Liverpool v Chelsea
    3 tbc Sunderland AFC v Arsenal
    4 tbc Plymouth Argyle v Tottenham Hotspur
    5 tbc Everton v Norwich City
    6 tbc Manchester City v Queens Park Rangers /Newcastle United
    7 tbc Nottingham Forest v Bolton Wanderers
    8 tbc Cardiff City v Birmingham City

    with all ties to be played by 31st Jan.

    9 Premiership teams left in the draw, with only 2 definatly left in after the 5th round – I fancy Man City in the QF!! 😉

  16. looks like the sheep dip regulars are voting for the Forest Green player Jonathon Smith

  17. ty’s now down to 66% – come on get voting, get him a day out in may.

  18. Tys by a country mile .Der der der der der der der der der

  19. I’m surprised the Southend goalie hasn’t got more votes, he had an absolute blinder at Stamford Bridge.

  20. Tyson down to 55% tonight. I cast mine, but haven’t got another pc to vote from. Come on u reds all over the planet, vote for our Tys!


    6th tab across, search for, delete that, set allowance to 0kb
    then visit and for some reason you can keep voting 😮

  22. Wow! It works!

  23. tab? allowance?
    Nah, too technical for me, I’ll let you lot win him his tickets!

  24. i’m with matty far too technical for the son of a coal miner like myself ! anyway tyson 54%, smith 36%

  25. Just voted about 50 times. Not sure the votes are actually registering if you click on the “deny” option when requested to allow to store info on your computer.

  26. You guys disappointed me… Tys should be elected without cheating…

  27. He should but Derby fans are cheating as well (voting for the forest green player)

  28. Get on your FB,mySpace & anyother social websites you have. Whack u’re e-mail addresses & get people to vote. I’ve already got 2 votes in & I’m sure I can get 2 or 3 more in…

  29. It’s 48.08% to our man vs Smith @ 45.87%. Get those msgs out out out so Tyson can go go go!!! 😆

  30. radgie, it works fine. I ‘ve checked the stats. If the Rams can cheat, we can do it better – we had Robin Hood don’t forget 😀

  31. mssg to Anon – had another look at your link to the fa and it works ! just had 10 minutes voting ang got ty’s 1/2% up – must urge everyone to get voting – mssg to nffc – can anyone read these comments and access the links like the one above ? do you see where i’m coming from ?

  32. 48.77% vs 45.25% vs 5.95% the rest – (well adding them up gives that but theres .03% missing!!) as of writing

  33. OH so u who’s pushing the no’s up too!! 😆 more more more – yes NFFC we could be accuse of sending Johnathon Smith to the finals 😉

  34. it’s me Yiannaki – he’s over 49% now !

  35. tyson 50.01% v smith 44.1% – me fingers are aching though !

  36. smith is in the lead now, tyson needs more votes!!

  37. It’s changing & fast – Tyson still 2nd Forest official site has caught up very very late. Come on guys, hit your networks, hit your emails hit evrywhere & push him to the finals….

  38. yiannaki – i e-mailed the official website editor yesterday to get some link on the site and hey presto 9am this morning she e- mailed back saying she’d done it, !!!!! makes you wonder my friend – would they have bothered ? think ive voted about 1000 times – you ?

  39. not that many but shouldn’t we be talking in codes or riddles just in case we don’t get found out!!! 😆 Stiil working those votes – down to less that 2% the diff but Ts still behind. Hit FB, emails, Blogs trying to get e’one except Sheep to vote…

    Even votes for others help as long as it’s not that Goalie of the other Forest!!

  40. Hope others gonna help out tonight/tommorow – I got a 2 hr adv so I can a few more votes in it the morning too!!!!! 😀

  41. nudge nudge wink wink yiannaki – ive emailed every one i know to put there votes in for tyson !!!!!

  42. it 4.38 cy time- Nathan’s back in front by .81% and growing. Keep up the work everyone. Things are gonna turn nasty!!! PS 10min ago itwas .12%!!

  43. he’s lost it in the last 5 minutes – gutted!!!!!

  44. Has he? let’s say have a look now & tell me what u see? let’s say I couldn’t vote via my mobile but was elsehow….

    I’m curious 2 find out what other PC’s come up with….

  45. it’s still letting you vote, tyson ahead – but from 6-30 this morning the votes were flying in for the forest green lad and with me and mine pushing the buttons to no avail ! tyson was overtook at 8-52am and by 9-00 he was nearly 1.5% behind. we’ll let the sheep shaggers have that one, but we’ll take friday’s spoils – suits me just fine. nobody can say we did’nt try eh yiannaki !!!

  46. Exactly what I thought!!! We won’t know until it announces the results though. I’m gonna get back 2 action!!! We’ll see & nothing 2 lose eh!!! 😉

  47. Matty & Vas, if u’re reading this in the next couple of mins & you voted properlyy let us know what u see on the poll page….

    I got a feeling….

  48. I have Tys the winner….is it all over?

  49.,,10308~1529472,00.html From our Official website – He’s off to Wembley :D.

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