Charlton vs Forest highlights..

The highlights are up on the Virgin Media website – pretty extensive ones this week, and a pretty fair reflection of the game (although second half highlights are understandably thin on the ground). 

You can revel in the rubbishness of Deon Burton, be confused by Nathan Tyson’s “I’m going to bite the Forest tree” goal celebration, wonder at Matt Holland’s bizarre back header that let Earnie in, and all in all, sit in pleased contemplation at the acquisition of a much needed, if not well-deserved, three points.

For those of you outside the UK, this is outside of Virgin Media’s broadcast rights – I’ve not tested this, but check out this proxy service based from UK servers – it might enable you to make use of the free highlights service, if you can get a free UK-based proxy server connection working.  Let me know if you get it working so we can share the technique with any non-UK viewers.

It’s also great to hear Billy Davies talk so positively about the supporters – I personally take on board his comments about ‘mischief making’ – I think I fell foul of some of it prior to his appointment, but like most of the fans at the game, I happily chanted ‘Billy Davies’ Red n White Army’ which seemed to ‘take’ more easily than a chant ever did for poor old Smoulders.

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  1. In today’s Independent, both Paul Smith and Ian Breckin make the “Championship team of the weekend”.

    Since their return (instigated by ‘Pembo’), no opposition player has scored against the Reds and the best goalkeeper in the world wouldn’t have stopped Breckin’s deflection and Garner’s flying “Own Goal of the Season” at Norwich!

    And, we now have the 8th best record in the Championship over the last 6 games.

    I was always a supporter of CC’s, but often commented that he should pair Breckin with Morgan. It makes you think, doesn’t it ……. ?

    chagano-one could have stopped

  2. Only 17 points from a playoff position – come on you Reds!

  3. I believe putting wilson in for Brecks cost cc his job. Nice to see Brecks back !!!
    Living outside the UK does pose problems to see Forest.
    For premier league live matches I found Go Active Football —-click on live football,which has a few streaming things to download including sopcast and I get live matches in the premiership and cup matches with English commentary !! I know very little about the terms they use but if I can do it anyone can !!.
    I now have a good incentive for Forest to get promoted in the next couple of years and then I can see them every week !!!
    Any other suggestions for chapionship matches would be welcome !! Alan

  4. See, that first goal shows we CAN play route one high balls to Tyson – come back Calderwood, you were right afterall!!

  5. Well done for owning up re. the anti Davies feeling NFFC but yes, you are right and its time to move on now and support him.

    I got the impression in the second half on Saturday it was a solid performance and the team defended well as a unit to retain a 2-0 cushion. Would that be fair??? Radio Nottingham said it was definitely 2 clear lines of 4 behind the ball making it VERY tough for Charlton to break us down.

    If this was the case, it looks like we are learning to win “ugly” and if thats what it takes to stay in this Division, so be it.

  6. Perhaps Tysons badge biting celebration is in honour of his namesake Mike tyson, who was prone to biting wasn’t he?

    Some very interesting and tricky decisions for BD to make in the next 2 weeks. Will Brecks stay? Will he bring in a new left back? If more experienced players are signed, who gets dropped from the team after the recent good form? Will Perch remain as skipper or back to Brecks or Wilson? Decisions, decisions….

    I’m more than a little cautious at the prospect of Billy bringing in ‘experienced’ players, particularly after the disappointment of Lennon and Cole. They have to be hungry for success – we don’t want any old dross coming for a pay day. I look at the Forest team now and am excited by our young talented players. Yet it was only a few seasons ago we were forced to watch dross such as Eaden, Rogers, Powell, Padula, Friio, etc, etc.

    We’re a very different prospect now and let’s hope it stays like that!

  7. I don´t expect to see wilson as skipper again.
    Cohen is certainly more effective in the middle,but who should go where?
    Does chambers now merit a place in the starting lineup? Lets see….

  8. What does everyone make of Paul Smith’s comments about being dropped? personally, I don’t think they are particularly wise words. There’s no doubt that he’s come back into the side better for it – would he be displaying the same new found confidence, especially with his distribution if he hadn’t been left out, particularly for a keeper who’s distribution was first class? I think not. While I agree, he was playing well and making some bloody good saves prior to Camp’s arrival, there were undoubtedly flaws in his ability and it was plainly visible that he and Wilson had little confidence in each other when dealing with balls into the box.

  9. What comments Radgie? I like Smithy, you’re right about his distribution though. But he looked nervous behind Wilson, then one bad kick and to have half the trent End calling you a useless **** must be unnerving to a player who clearly suffers anyway.

    I don’t think not having Camp back is the be-all-and-end-all that many fans think.

    Steadying the ship at the back (well done Breckin) and starting to score is key. And just wait til we get the moose back in midfield…happy days!

  10. Off amtch subject but Forest relevent: in the times online I found this (via another website) which says Clough was turned down twice.

    Doesn’t sound so good but there again Davies did something CC never could – keep the same team….

  11. Aylesbury Red – Breckin is not far off from those 2 but was dropped under CC’s regime. Cole & Lennon didn’t survive either under him either. 3 30+ players all losing/pushed out their way under CC. Maybe he couldn’t handle 30+ players but made signings to please people.

    It doesn’t mater now, Brecks is where he should be & the team hasn’t connceded a goal from the opponents in 3 games. So glad CC’s gone.

    Finaly radgie – your link I can’t get too those comments.

  12. Figured out what I did wrong. It should work properly if you click here

  13. I’m in Montreal and would love to see the Virgin highlights – there was not a link to the proxy server service however (unless I’m snowblind at the moment!!). Could you please send it..?

  14. The latest item on the Forest website is called “Who’s In & Who’s Out” which is a way of encouraging everyone to sign-up to the mobile text services of news, etc …

    The last time there was a similar ‘encouragement’ was the day before BD was announced. Does this suggest transfer announcements are imminent??

  15. I can’t believe I missed out the proxy service link. My brain is turning to mush – I’ve edited it so it’s there now.

    The service I found is

    Let me know how you get on.

  16. 1stly thanks Redg for sorting out that link.

    Next, cup news…

    It looks as if the Mens Cup success is rubbing off on the rest of the club – 1st news filters in Liverpool admited fielding an illegible player vs Forest Ladies (1-0 to Liverpool) so Forest Ladies get reinstated & now about 1/2 an hour ago the Kids are into the next round with a 90min winner vs Middlesborough.

    Bring on the Cup matches I say!! 😆 :p

  17. I understand what your saying Radgie (soz 4 b4 – realised I spelt it wrong) but I can’t agree with you. Even when we had Camp in goal we were still conceding – not taking anything away from Camp that is – but the return of Smith & Breckin sees 3 wins & 2 clean sheets & only 2 goals against us by us!!

    What Smith said is his opinion & expressing his frustration & relief at the same time. Good for him to speak out even though some feel he was wrong to do so. Stats don’t lie…

    Another thing – we had so many keepers at the club & CC sent them all out on loan then brings 1 in on loan. Where’s the sense in that? I know Smith could do with competition but at the same time sending all the keepers out doesn’t always help the players. There will be a time that they will leave the club if they are not allowed to grow at the club, just like Roberts has done in going to Rushden & Diamonds.

    If the outfield players are good enough, then surely the young GK can be too.

  18. I think there was a problem (lack of confidence) between Smith and Wilson. I offer that in order to resolve that fundemental problem, something had to be done in terms of personnel. Breckin wasn’t an option for whatever reason so you’re left with two choices – bring in either a GK or CB on loan. Clearly, getting a decent quality GK is a damn site easier than finding a good central defender. And I honestly think that had Smith stayed in the side, along with Wilson, we’d be in a worse position than Charlton are in now. Yes, we conceeded goals with Camp in the team – but I think we’d have conceeded more with Smith in given his state of mind. If you’re very happy with your form and you’re conceeding goals, that speaks volumes for what you think of the defence in front of you. Dropping him has, in my opinion, done him the world of good and he’s a much stronger person for it and a better goalie too.

  19. Point taken and a very strong point too. Anybody wanting to disagree with how you put it would need to have a very strong point. The end result is some damn fine performances & also a damn lot more effort in keeping clean sheets – long may it last!!

  20. Nah, you don’t need to have a strong point, I’m a Forest fan so as fickle as they come and easily swayed 😉

  21. No go on the proxy front – but I did find this site which seems to have all the goals and is accessible overseas.

  22. I guess the actual site would be useful!

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