Tys and Earnie add to woeful Charlton’s troubles..

Charlton Athletic – 0
Nottingham Forest – 2

The dawning of the Billy Davies era was met with three points in a, how can I put this, ‘workmanlike’ performance from the mighty Reds (playing in black, of course) against a very low-on-confidence looking Charlton side who look good value for the relegation they seem to be uncontrollably spiraling towards.

Aside from the stand housing the away fans, The Valley is an impressive arena, aside from the lack of undersoil heating which threatened to see the game called off due to the sub-zero conditions which claimed a number of victims in the football league programme.  A decent sized crowd turned up too, supplemented of course by a cracking following from Nottingham.

We started with a minute’s applause, for recently deceased Charlton players – the compere also included former-Forest goalkeeper Chic Thomson in his list of names, which was a nice touch and very well received by the Forest fans.  Speaking of Chic Thomson, Forest have released details for his funeral and memorial service, which Reds fans are invited to.

Billy Davies decided to stick with the formula that undid Manchester City, including keeping Perch in midfield (who of course was injured during that game, prompting switching Cohen to midfield and putting Wilson in at left back).  Clearly whatever worked so well at City wasn’t on show here, as Forest were largely shapeless and a little devoid in ideas.

If Deon Burton were more confident (and less shite) then he would’ve done better than putting an early chance into the side netting.  Smithy was a little hesitant in coming out to block him when he was put through shortly after, but once there he did well.  After this initial concern, the game descended into a fairly tiresome game of head tennis and hoof ball from both sides.  Neither particularly adept at keeping hold of the ball.

Charlton started to compose themselves and start to assert some authority on the game – both Perchy and Chambers putting in excellent blocks to prevent goalscoring opportunities for the Home side – and, bizarrely, fashioned a counter-attack which also gave us the lead.  Matt Thornhill crossed to Anderson, he cut it back across to find Tyson on hand to stab the ball into the goal to give us a very unexpected lead – and jubilation in the stand for Forest fans!

Charlton hit back on the offensive, but the resulting shot from Shelvey wasn’t enough to beat Smith, who saved with two hands.  No sooner had we breathed a sigh of relief, it seemed that Earnie had doubled our lead!  He burst clear of Hudson and motored through to a one on one with Rob ‘Fatty’ Elliott in the Charlton goal, deftly putting the ball past him and into the net, sending the traveling Reds into raptures.

Again the home side attacked, culminating in a good volleyed chance which Smith did well to tip around the post.  The first half ended basically with us being a bit nonplussed, we hadn’t played particularly well – but had taken chances particularly well, and whilst there were undoubtedly defensive wobbles, we had held firm when necessary – and Smithy had made a few decent saves too.

Tyson was withdrawn at half time for Arron Davies, apparently due to injury – Forest sticking with the 4-5-1 formation that had seemed rather shapeless in the first half.  As with the first half, the second half started with the home side attacking and looking dangerous – although Forest dealt with them with a great deal more composure, and did craft some opportunities going forward too.  

Davies did well on the left and put in a great cross to the far side for Anderson, whose first time hit from six yards out missed the goal (by some margin!!) and found Davies again on the wing, the next cross was less dangerous, and possession was back with the home side.  They had quite a bit of possession, but you could see why they’re struggling – and, indeed, empathise to a degree.

They were bereft of confidence so that even when chances were created they were invariably missed – confounded by a much more assured looking Forest defensive unit putting in a number of blocks and tackles to make the task of breaking down their visitors all the more tricky.  Garner was introduced for the hardworking Earnshaw to give Forest a different dimension up front.

He won a couple of freekicks but struggled to get massive involvement, Charlton continued to press and drew further good work from the Forest defence, and Smithy had another cracking save to make – but ultimately with home fans streaming from the ground, it was increasingly looking – despite the ludicrous five minutes of injury time the referee added – that Charlton were never going to hit the net.

At the final whistle the away end erupted, it was good to see Billy Davies come right over to acknowledge the visiting fans (he had had a few chants during the game, which is also nice), as well as making a point of congratulating each of the players whilst still out on the pitch – and the reception he got from the traveling Reds was a good one.

With the unmentionables game being called off, it at least keeps a certain former player of ours away from the headlines (well, I bet it doesn’t!), and it also puts us within two points of ’em!

This was a good game for Billy Davies to take charge.  Those of our support who simply respond to results will be appeased and his reign starts on a high note – but so many of the problems in our squad were on show today, and will give him a good insight into what he needs to tackle.  Which has to be a good thing.  The remainder of January promises to be very interesting as a result.

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  1. Good reporrt nffc as ever, thanks for you insight. It may not be pretty but how many times have we dominated in good spells this season and not taken our chances – Birmingham, Blackpool etc. Its nice, neah vital that we do take them when they occur and this was an important win given The Saints result. As you say, it gives Billy a good look at the weaknesses and I am encouraged that he has already nb’d the experience and leadership factor; not too sure about Windass though. Either way, whilst not complacent, I am a happier man tonight than I have been on many a Saturday.

  2. Agree with DeepingRed. We have played great football this season with nothing to show for all our possession and chances whereas today we were poor but had two sights on goal and took them. Job done. Love Anderson’s workrate. He is so much more than your usual flaky winger – especially for a loan player. I think Smith was excellent again today. Two games back after weeks on the bench and two clean sheets. Great saves at vital times and a nice little chant for him at the final whistle which was fully deserved. Some of his kicking was dodgy but he is a great shot stopper. Well done nffc, consistently the best Forest website available.

  3. Although Anderson seems flashy, he does have trouble finishing off chances, and especially at home never makes the most of his possession in the final third.
    On another note, I agree with DeepingRed. We have so often dominated. Charlton were simialr but didn’t take advantage. In the commentary, Colin Fray stated, on more than one occasion, that Forest were finally recieving some good fortune… “what goes around, comes around, I guess”.

  4. Even though Anderson seems flashy, he definetly has trouble finishing, especially at home, in the final third.
    On another note, i agree with DeepingRed. There have been so many matches where Forest have dominated, but not won. Today, we took our chances, but Charlton weren’t able to capitalise. In the commentary, Colin Fray, on more than one occasion, stated that Forest were finally recieving some good fotune… “what goes around, comes around, I guess”.

  5. Great article as ever, NFFC. And though I agree with your title, I think “Tys and Ernie add to Forest’s recent run of form” would not be out of place after todays game. Both have been scoring recently which is great news, I don’t remember a time where Forest consistently had strikers scoring (well maybe Agogo but my gran would have done well in League 1) so that is good to see. And though I think Calderwood’s exit was due after Doncaster, the players should have taken the majority of criticism for that game (sadly the only game I will see this season, bummer hey?) the players must have learnt from that and have kicked on from there in style. And I completely agree with DeepingRed and RedFred, we have for the most part been a very competitive team and thinking not just about Birmingham and Blackpool but Reading right at the start and Coventry which still baffles me as to how we didn’t win that one, the boys seem to be now making the most of their chances when they come and holding on when everything including the kitchen sink is being thrown at them. I was worried about Camp leaving but Smudge has done well and as BD says, a slightly better balance in the team, inclusions or not, the boys are heading in the right direction finally. It’s still early as a point about the drop zone and Donny yet to play, it could well go bad so the team cannot sit on their laurels. But since the early part of the season, I for one am feeling much better about where Forest are heading albeit midtable mediocrity which will do for now. Sorry for the long post. Great report. Uuuu rreeeddssss!!!!!!

  6. A good win in troubled times. Be happy with the points and give him a chance to get all his ducks in a row. Lets get out of relegation area before concentrating on the beautiful game. The only way is up from here. Be grateful to be out of Div 1. look at Leeds! u reds.

  7. Yesterday we started slow and the opposition had some very good chances to score- we then scored twice from virtually our first 2 attacks of the game. Charlton were like Forest earlier in the season- well on top at the start of the game, failed to score and then go behind and never recover.
    Credit to Forest they battled and fought for a great 3 points. Also must mention Smith-some very good saves- Chambers- who made a great interception/tackle while it was 0-0, Anderson-although missed a good chance to make it 3-0, his work rate was fist class, and finally Breckin- like him or not (and i think he should always be picked) he does make a difference and his experience at the back is exactly what is needed.

  8. Here’s a poser: Is the defence looking more solid because Breckin is in the side or because Wilson is out of it? Discuss 🙂

  9. I was at the game and must also mention Wes Morgan. He was superb and defended the 18 yard box with real authority. I think he was MOTM by a long way, even ahead of Smith. I noticed Breckin talking to him early on, and he looks a better player with experience along side him. I have always been a fan of Breckin. He’s a strong header of the ball and doesn’t take chances like Wilson. We look more secure with him in there. Wilson insists on dribbling the ball out and he isn’t good enough to do that at this level. Breckin was turned a couple of times and it was a bit embarssing, but in general his job is to be an old fashioned stopper, which he has done well over the past few seasons – we have other players to play pretty passes.

  10. A vital 3points you used the word workmanlike and thats exactly what we need to be.If we are to survive we need to dig in in every game and let the strikers work there magic.

    Come the end of the month we will have a good idea how we panning out relegation wise .

    U reds

  11. Good poser radgie – my view this season is its Wilson being out. Taking up Forest7’s point, Wes is a great defender if he has someone to tell him what to do; he is stong and athletic but he is not a leader. I wasn’t a great fan of Breckin over the last 2 seasons but fairs fair & he has been the better choice this season. That is why it baffled me that CC then kept him out when it was clear he bought a better balance to the back four. Never understood the transfer listing but that is not to say we still don’t need something better cause its still not as strong as I would like week in week out.

  12. Not sure why he was left out of the side pre transfer listing but why he was put on the list was,alledgedly, that he took the players on a Christmas trip to the North East i think, against CC’s wishes

  13. About time we ended this January transfer window fiasco.

    There’s been a lot of “free” movement in hiring and firing Managers. We can also hire and fire, or be hired and fired at will wth our jobs so why the bloddy hell should footballers be different?

    There’s a lot of good players queuing up to play at the shrine of East Midlands football so why not give em a chance? and, also give the lads who are a bit miffed to entertain the fickle footballing flock elsewhere.

  14. Game Statistics
    22 Goal Attempts 4
    11 On Target 4
    12 Corners 1
    13 Fouls 12
    1 Yellow Cards 0
    0 Red Cards 0
    55 % 45

    looks like we rode our luck yesterday, 22 shots with 11 on target !! and we win 2-0, that will not happen very often

  15. Sounds like we have played better this season with no result so it good to get the 3 points. and I would take a clean sheet any day.
    Its amazing what confidence and momentum can give you.

    I wouldnt mind betting that the lads tried the arses off where are 2 months ago would not have been bothered.

    Having a look at the fixtures I think we are needing about 8 more wins or 24 points to see us clear this year. If we can sneak a few draws against some of the top teams would also give us a huge lift. But its an absolute must that we beat every body below and around us on the table and we then can afford a loss or a draw to the top teams.

  16. Good points. I always was asking Where is Brecks? No one knew.
    CC s insistence on making wilson captain instead of Brecks,I believe ,ultimately cost cc his job.
    If you remember how many points we lost through wilson and chambers mistakes.
    Thankfully we seem to be on track again .
    Good support at home and no groans on misplaced passes!!
    The Lads will then be happy to play at home again and Everyone will be happy and our gates will increase !! Keep it going !!!!!! Alan

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