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After a surprisingly last minute panic that a team that has spent a chunk of time in the Premier League recently can’t handle a bit of cold, a referee has been to The Valley today and passed the pitch fit to play. This is good news for Reds eager to see the dawning of the Davies era, and of course, whilst one must never counts ones chickens, on paper now is a very good time to be facing troubled Charlton.

So, those of us planning a sojourn to South London tomorrow can continue those plans without fear.  Hopefully.

I’m looking forward to the trip, having secured tickets for the Derby cup game as well today it makes for an interesting month or two coming up.  Of course, somebody as cautious as me wouldn’t profess to feeling optimistic at many stages – but well, I would go as far to say that I am feeling a weakening of my cynicism with regard to all things Forest.

Whilst theyhaven’t escaped mention even in this brief missive, I am getting terribly bored of reading about nothing but the Sheep Botherers whereever I go to check out Forest gossip.  Sheesh, folks, be defined by who you are and what you love, not what you hate!

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  1. Xlnt news! I was beginning to worry that the investment of train and match tickets to take my son to his first Forest away game might go to waste!!

    Let’s hope that tomorrow marks a new era – not just because it is BD’s first game, but the day when Forest fans everywhere start looking to the future and stop commenting about the past, what might have been, who might have been and various opinions about one person or another.

    The facts are that BD has signed a 3 1/2 year contract (remember that CC was only on a rolling 12-month contract), so to me that suggests Championship survival this year, growth within the Championship next year and then a couple of very ‘interesting’ years. I’ve just listened to BD’s comments about his 1st week in charge and I enjoy what I am hearing; clarity, commitment and real passion for the game.

    U Reds!!

  2. I agree 100% NFFC. Our focus should be on Forest and our new man at the helm.

    Maybe all the Derby hullabaloo should suit. Less fuss for BD allowing him to get on with the job.

    Im pleased Tys has signed and my deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Chic Thomson.

  3. You are spot on about all the chat about Direby in various Forest sites etc. Seems a lot of people are rather paranoid and preoccupied about our Sheepy friends now that they have a new manager (who was it that they appointed again?). Mind you it does make a change from people constantly bitching and sniping at our own players and manager I suppose. 🙂

    Glad the game is on tomorrow so the Davies era can finally get underway. It seems so long since he was appointed even though it’s only been a matter of days. Hope the momentum of the last two games is carried over into our performance at The Valley. UREDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Absolutely spot on NFFC; critical period I feel in the club’s history. Us supporters can either help the club get to where the club keep telling us they want to be, or we can carry on undermining the team we all love with continued back-biting! Don’t worry too much about the Rams they may have grabbed all the headlines but we know the dangers of living in the past… Avoid defeat tomorrow and then kick on- You Reds!!

  5. Don’t wish to go on a about the sheep and that but this article is priceless, in particular Kris Commons’ ideas about the layout of the city ground:

    “I used to stand in the Trent End, which is now the Brian Clough Stand. I’ve still got all my old programmes with the Clough name on them.

  6. Spot on nffc, lets worry about our game and our team and leave the Mutton Meddlers to their depraved ways. Looking forward to tomorrows post match report. Come on BD’s Red & White Army!!)

  7. Avoid defeat Graham? I want the damn win! 😆

    And yes, remiss of me to to have mentioned Chic Thomson’s passing – RIP 😦

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