We drew who in the cup?

A lip-lickingly good cup draw...

A lip-lickingly good cup draw...

T’was inevitable really, wasn’t it?  As soon as Derby’s number came out I was wondering whether we’d be next – and sure enough, we were.  Given our starvation of games against our dearest neighbours, they are a mouth-watering enough prospect at the best of times – but well, given that we’ve had one humdinger of a league encounter already, and since then have installed Billy Davies in charge, the tension is set to reach fever pitch.

Particularly given the rumours that they are courting Nigel Clough for their managerial vacancy since the fat porn star decided he wasn’t capable of lifting the gloom that seems to have engulfed Prideless Park of late.  Depending on the next couple of weeks it could be an incredibly fortuitous time to be visiting in an FA Cup tie.  Of course, as they say, the form book does go out of the window – but well, needless to say everybody is rather excited by the fixture.

Other interesting news is that the Sun are reporting that Nathan Tyson has agreed a new contract – which is good news.  He seems to have an unhealthy number of detractors in the stands and on the message boards, but I’m very pleased indeed.  Few players have worked harder for us or caused defenses so many headaches as Tys – it’s true I’d like him to be more prolific, but if Billy has talked him in to staying, then I for one am very chuffed indeed.

On the same page it is interesting to read that former Sheep loanee Lupoli is unhappy being sidelined on loan at Norwich – that could be an interesting move for Billy Davies to make, who I believe had him at Derby with some success.  The other name that caught my eye was Wes Hoolahan supposedly being available for around £300k.  Given that we’re almost a week into January, the transfer speculation has been refreshingly sensible so far!

And finally, should the post-Christmas blues be filling your life with boredom – see below for a top quality tip from Garath McCleary on how to entertain yourself with nowt so much as a piece of chewing gum! (Thanks Radgie for spotting the clip!)

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  1. Brilliant, brilliant news about Tyson.

  2. forgot about that one radgie (soccer am fortnight ago) – quality clip m8. great news about Tyson, must say though after his almighty strike against citeh my thoughts were of dejavu-premiership team in fa cup, january transfer shop window, charlton couple of years back ? but hey he’s done me proud and not done a “fatty”- “i’ll see who’ll pay me most next season boss ” W@*K*R !!! – WELL DONE NATHAN.

  3. I stumbled across it by accident yesterday. Don’t get to watch Soccer AM anymore due to kids activities on a Sat morning. Plus I don’t have Sky Sports anymore 😉

  4. Great news about Tys! Has anyone wathced his post-MCFC Interview on Forest World – good stuff!

  5. Nice one nffc the clips a cracker.Great news about tys you know lots has been said about BD but i am confident he can instill a bit of steel and belief into this young squad.We all need to get right behind him and team onwards and upwards.

    U reds

  6. Reading between the lines of what Tyson has said you do get the impression that the new gaffer has made a difference to whether he re-signed for the Club. There is definitely a more confident and positive feel about the Reds since CC went which seems to be reflected in the fact that Nathan is now prepared to put “pen to paper”.

    For a number of years I feel as though we as supporters have been going through the motions & continued to watch the Reds out of a sense of loyalty, habit and sheer blooded-mindedness. Well lets hope the times they are a changing.

  7. Game has been moved to FRIDAY 23rd; 7:45pm kick off. It will be shown live on Setanta Sports.

    Crap time for the game IMO but it does mean the game comes a day sooner for the Sheep following their 2nd leg Carling Cup game against ManU. Lets actually hope they do half decent tomorrow so their is something to play for in the 2nd leg for them. Na, fk em. Hope they get trounced 🙂

  8. I am surprised the police allowed a game like this to take place at night. gives both sets of fans the chance to drink all day.

  9. Me too. I was totally expecting the lunchtime(ish) kickoff on either Sat or Sun for TV coverage. Still, I’m quite happy to beat the buggers whatever time of day it may be 🙂

  10. just seen interview with young cloughie outside prideless park explaining that the reason he’s having talks with Derby rather than put himself forward for the then vacant Forest managers job last week was because ” the expectation at forest is far greater than it is at Derby, and he’d sooner keep learning his trade at a smaller club then move onto bigger things like Forest in a few years” – like father – like son !!!! LoL …………… (only avin a laugh – but makes you think we cud av got him eh !!)

  11. seanyboy it is killing me inside !!!! i cannot bring myself to jump on the BD bandwagon. Nigel Clough will do very well at Derby over a long period of time, they will play very simple, passing football. Win lose or draw they will be a pleasure to watch. They will also be more sucessful than us. Nigel Clough is a very clever talented man, that will have learnt the good ……..and the bad from his dad. We as a club did not even pick up the phone and ask to speak to him !!! I am 100% sure we will regret this even more so than letting Martin and Robbo slip away.

  12. redash – know where you’re coming from m8 – just a pun to lighten up my day and to p*** my derby mates off ( the thick ones- cos the clever ones have all replied back to me with basically your assesment of nigel clough). incideantally my closest derby mate who happens to be very tuned in when it comes to football in general, would sooner have had BD back at derby !!!! there’s one to ponder,

  13. Gutted about the news… don’t want Nigel to do badly, don’t want D@rby to do well. The sheep must laughing into their dip as we’re left with their cast offs – harumph. Pissed off. Will back BD but can’t get excited now. it’s like commons going there… nigel nigel nigel anywhere but there.

  14. gutted – certainly going to be interesting come the forthcoming game between the two clubs. Can’t believe it!

  15. All we can do is puff out chests and give Nigel a really good welcome when he walks out on the 23rd. No booing lads because that will show that we’re bothered!

    The thing with Nigel at Derby is that they will have to give him time. It has taken him ten years (and cash from the Man Utd cup tie) to turn Burton around. Will Derby be that patient? The Forest supporters certainly wouldn’t have been if he had come here.

    It is a shame that we did not try and bring him to Forest when we appointed CC. I personally feel the gap between Burton and the Championship may prove too great in the short term. Long term it is a tremendous appointment if they stick with him.

    Frankly us appointing Billy last week (who is still hugely popular over there) left the Derby board with nowhere else to turn after Jewell did a runner. Nigel was the only appointment that he Derby fans would have accepted.

    I too am gutted to see the Clough name back at Derby for all sorts of reasons. It does give them a greater claim to the Clough legacy and although no one can take away the great times with Forest, it does stick in the craw as no doubt it will reignite the Derby claim that Cloughie young and old preferred Derby to us.

    Nigel never really forgave us for the shoddy treatment of his Dad in his final season. Once again we pay the price for the mistakes of cretins in the boardroom.

  16. The appointment of Nigel Clough to Derby, along with Billy Davies coming to us, also linked with the little Earnshaw and Commons swap down the A52…

    What a match the FA Cup clash could potentially be, and it’s all live on TV on a Friday night!

  17. I agree with you Barrow Red – give him a great welcome, sing his name then thrash Direby by three goals!

  18. YES!! Just got tickets for the FA Cup game for me and my lad! BRING IT ON NIGEL!!

  19. You just got in mate – there’s none left since early ths morning!!

  20. Just watched the vid – a classic!! Just read all the commnets (bored @ work!!) – 1 thing you missed, Nigel never wore the colours of the Rams as a player, he spent many years here at the club under the eye of his Father and beyond but just never clicked at Liverpool (who got chucked out of the Womens FA Cup for fielding an illegible player against us!!).

    Funny old game football is!!

  21. They only went on sale to ST holders this morning at 8am. All gone within half an hour.

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