The Reds stun Manchester City to go into the fourth round draw!

Feeling decidedly grumpy

Hughes: Feeling decidedly grumpy

SB kindly wrote some words about the match, and since I couldn’t make it it makes more sense to pilfer these wholesale rather than try to cobble together my own.  Forest certainly make the headlines today for all the right reasons, and give Billy Davies plenty to think about when he officially takes charge tomorrow.  The new man watched from the stands as the boys annihilated Manchester City under the command of John Pemberton.  Also thanks to Vassilis who found a video of the goals – and what goals!


So without further ado, I hand you over to SB, and you can scroll to the bottom to see the goals!

The players looked like they knew what they were doing, why they were doing it and who had responsibility for marking, breaking up play etc …! Perch was captain and looked really proud and involved to be so. Unfortunately, he got flattened early on and the resultant injury forced him to leave the game after about 17minutes to be replaced by Wilson, who took-up Cohen’s starting position at left-back as Cohen moved into midfield.

I thought the first 15-20 minutes were a bit nervy. Both McGugan and Thornhill spurned good headed opportunities, but Forest were steadily growing in confidence.

Then, Tyson!! And to be honest, I’m not really sure how to describe such a clean and fantastic strike other than make sure you watch and/or record ITV “FA Cup Highlights” this evening! I can’t remember the build-up other than the ball was crossed over from the right wing evading everyone (because the cross was too high) until Tys, seeing the ball coming over, steadied himself and fired an unbelieveable shot from the edge of the penalty area, across Hart and into the far corner. He looked as shocked as all of us, but believe me, it was a very deliberate strike of the ball and he then ran the entire length of the pitch to celebrate in front of the ‘going barmy’ Forest fans.

A few minutes later, Cohen won the ball of an inept Man City defender, crossed low for Thornhill whose scuffed shot was ’skillfully deflected’ into the far corner by Earnshaw; 0-2!!! The remaining few minutes of the half were a bit of a dream, made even better by lots of singing at the confused looking Man City fans and Forest not looking in any real trouble.

The 2nd half was, as expected a bit nervy, with Man City coming into the game more and more, but to be honest, without any real threat. That said, Smith made a couple of excellent saves to follow-up a couple of really strong saves in the 1st half and looked like a completely different keeper from a few months ago – he was confident, commanded his box well and provided excellent distribution, short and long, quick and slow throughout the game.

Both Earnshaw and first, Tyson took knocks in the 2nd half and were substituted by Garner and Davies respectively, with Garner’s first real action taking advantage of more inept defending by the Man City defence to win the ball, take on a defender and fire a low shot in at the near post beyond Hart’s dive!

Game over and the City fans started leaving! So bring on the 4th round!

Great credit must go to Pemberton who has guided the players to show them how to play as a team and that they are good players (even Wilson (after a shaky start) and Chambers looked pretty solid) who can complement each other. My man of the match; Breckin who always looked in control, never missed a header and acted like the captain we know him to be once he had received the armband from Perch.

So, 2 games, 8 goals scored and no opposition players has scored against ‘Pembo’s Army’. The baton now passes to BD who will have quite an act to follow and will be under a little bit more pressure than he probably expected. Pembo has shown what clarity of though and execution canm deliver and great credit to him for that. CC must be even more disappointed and whilst I did and do feel a bit sorry for him, today’s performance shows the real potential of the players we have when they play as a unit.

I can’t wait for the Charlton game next Saturday. U Reds!!

What can you say to those?!  What a finish by Tys, what great tenacity by Cohen to pick out Thornhill – a decent finish by the youngster, but well done to Earnie for staying onside and putting the killer touch on it.  And whilst Garner’s goal was a giveaway, he showed great composure to slot it in the near post – must’ve been a great afternoon!

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  1. Happy Days… 4th Round draw at 3:25, who do we fancy drawing?

  2. arsenal at the emirates for me or even derby at home !!!

  3. Derby would be fun

  4. I’d go for arsenal at theres too Seanyboy as I only live 200yds away from the emirates. Failing that chelsea at stamford bridge as a rematch for 2 yrs ago with their shaky home form or the sheep at home of course esp with BD at the helm.

  5. What a strike by tys COME ON YOU REDUNS !

  6. Thanks nffc – happy to oblige, although having now seen the highlights, it shows what a great job you do of providing a more regular ‘report’. Clearly my joy of the match removed my ability to remember it accurately – still, who cares!!

    Just come across the following article which makes interesting reading;

    Can’t wait for the draw – a televised home tie would suit me and I wouldn’t mind a lower league side which would then give us the opportunity to have a 5th round tie and more income to support the club’s development. But on 2nd thoughts as my son is an Arsenal fan (yes, I know, he only just gets back into the house – even at age 12!) a trip to the Emirates would be very enjoyable!!

  7. I fancy an easier tie against one of the 4 remaining “minnows” ….

    Kettering, Torquay, Hartlepool or Derby

  8. It’s funny, because if you look at the replays, it looks like all 3 goals were from defensive msitakes by man City, and yet, in truth, we were much more of a threat in other parts of the game, and more in control. I didn’t see the game on ITV last night – did you get that impression from the telly?

    Any of the big 4 away would do me (too much pressure at home!)


  9. well said steve – very funny !!!

  10. just read the article SB posted in and it’s a cracking read – give it a whizz a must see !also the picture Dave Jackal posted in – very clear should be easy to spot yourself if you were in that section of the crowd- well done to both

  11. bring on the sheep!

  12. Yeah its official! Bring on the Sheep!
    What a chance for Billy Davies to avenge himself at Pride Park and for our club to record one more great victory!

  13. Derby County v Notts Forest it is in the next round! We wanted it, we got it! 😆
    S. Atwell in the middle!! :p

  14. Let’s not forget the Brian Clough trophy will also be at stake. 😉

  15. Great goals. CC obviously bought well for us. Bright red future ahead! BD, do not dissapoint! Let them play football. They can.

  16. There we go then D@rby away. Perfect, with our seemingly unbeatable away form and the Davies factor…. ahhhh the poetry of football.

  17. managed to get tickets yesterday for my boy and myself. drove all the way down from scotland but I will not get tickets for the derby game as priority will go to season ticket holders. season ticket holders who did not take full allocation for the city game but will for the the derby game. may be just me but i think there is a fair shout that allocation should be given to the fans who went to city. it wont happen though…gutted

  18. There’s a chance Sky/ITV will show it though redash

  19. redash – there must be enough people on here who can squeeze an extra ticket or two for you! I won’t take either of my kids to Pride Park, so might be able to get one for your boy!

    Anyway, I’m sure it will be on TV – BD seems to be a mate of the Sky team and they couldn’t stop talking about it once the draw had been made.

  20. By the way, perhaps it’s me, but I hope someone at the club soon takes a picture of BD wearing something other than a black and white or black/grey tie!

  21. thanks SB, will pay whatever it takes for two tickets ( in the forest end ) !!

  22. Internet conection has been down which has prevented me from posting sooner. Grrr. Great match report so I won’t attempt to step into that arena but instead a few other observations from yesterday’s game…

    The mascots, especially Bradley Martin – his two fisted geeing up of the crowd prior to kick off was superb. Get in son.

    The stadium – I desperately wanted us to draw Arsenal away to see the other “next generation” stadium coz if the CoMS is the way of the future then its not bloody orange, I know that. What a god awful place. Looks fantastic from the outside but once you get in and especially the seating arrangement, er, no thanks. Its pants. With a capital P for Poo.

    The fans – as always on away trips, bloomin brilliant but especially so today. Sang for 90 minutes non stop. Citeh fans? Not a murmour. Best chant of the day: “You might be rich, but you’re fking sh!t”. Genius.

    Regarding the match itself – Bloody marvelous performance from the whole team. Gawd knows what formation we were playing for the first 15-20 minutes but once Perch went off injured to be replaced by Wilson who slotted in a LB, we looked absolutely solid. Cohen was brilliant. In yer face all game. Annoying, irritating, chasing down, closing down, tackling!! Smith was superb – as we knew we would be. Breckin was magnificent, leading like a leader should. Please take note Kelvin. McGugan ran the show in the middle. Tyson was Tyson, I do not need to elaborate, you all know how he performs every game.

    Final thought – this was exactly the sort of performance Forest have been producing for most of the season, its just those minute little things that can swing games went in our favour. How many times would Tys’ effort have gone out for a throw in? Thornhill’s off-target effort would have gone harmlessly wide or Earnie would have been at the near post, not far. This was the result to stick two fingers up at all those who have been bemoaning and lambasting others who have said the the performance has been there and the play has been good, we’ve just been unlucky. This was not a lot different to that. Great performance but with a result to show for it at the end.

    The little fella can’t wait to play the sheep. Thinks we’re gonna win 100-0. Or maybe only 10 if Tyson isn’t playing. Maybe Davies in the Red Power Ranger in disguise?

    Final comment (yes, another!), not a single song/chant/word/anything from the fans yesterday towards BD. That surprised me. I expected something. Not sure what but something nonetheless.

    U REDS!!

  23. mmm, got trouble to in Cyprus on the net – my post got lost… for another view of the goals (this time each edited out individualy).

    Bring on the Rams in the next round.

    PS Thanks to all 4 the links, also has photos of the game.

  24. made myself an away member- £ 30 well spent as i always thought it would be- mssg to redash – welcome to the real world – speculate to acumalate – was always going to be like this wen forest moved the goalposts !!!!!!

  25. Yiannaki, it’s Nott’s County, the abbreviation of Nottingham Forest is Nott’m Forest, it’s important to know the difference. I recently went to an away fixture at Crystal Palace, they’d deliberately written Palace v Notts Forest on the tickets, the tossers. Nott’s stands for Nottinghamshire, Nott’m short for Nottingham.

  26. This is a quote from Tys after yesterday’s match (sourced from the Daily Mail):

    He said: ‘Our fans have been fantastic for the last couple of games. It is very hard for them with the credit crunch and everything but they have found the pennies to come and watch us and we really appreciate that and are glad we gave them some kind of reward today.

    ‘It is fantastic as a footballer when people go out of their way to come and support you. They are always there. Instead of going to the pub they are there for us, and finally we have done them proud.’

    Anyone who has met Tys will hear him saying this and a more genuine bloke, it is difficult to imagine. Hope BD can sort out his new contract QUICKLY!!

  27. Nice to see a lot of good comments from everyone.
    I´m sure Tyson´s contract will get sorted out. He really is playing well now and no one seems to be able to handle him.
    I´m glad we have Anderson for the rest of the season as he seems to be improving now the confidence is returning to the team.
    Each win now will give more confidence and like everyone else I don´t fear anyone now !!! Come on YOU Reds..!!!!!! P.S. give Pembo a pay rise to keep him !!!

  28. It’s brilliant walking in a Forest wonderland!!!

    Rubbish tv coverage from ITV. Forest near the bottom of the CCC thrash the richest club in the world and all we get is the goals!!!
    Then all they want to talk about is how crap Man City were!!Man City were crap because Forest out played them!!

    YOU REDZ!!!

  29. Well done you REDS, fantastic result . I like Davis attitude that we still have a massive load of work to do this year.

    I also heard a whisper that Nigel Clough might be the next Derby boss, could be interesting.

  30. YOUUUUUU REDS.. Fantastic result, i recommend looking at the youtube videos, great to relive the goals going in one by one, and the people who happened to film us all going mental.. c’mon the reds

  31. […] January – after initial grizzling on my part, Billy Davies took the helm of Nottingham Forest.  A big slice of humble pie has long since been eaten and enjoyed by me, as my initial fears at his appointment have been swept aside by his construction of a team I once again look forward to watching.  A big honourable mention should also go to the Reds trip to Manchester City where we stunned our hosts with a 3-0 win! […]

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