The Reds stun Manchester City to go into the fourth round draw!

Feeling decidedly grumpy

Hughes: Feeling decidedly grumpy

SB kindly wrote some words about the match, and since I couldn’t make it it makes more sense to pilfer these wholesale rather than try to cobble together my own.  Forest certainly make the headlines today for all the right reasons, and give Billy Davies plenty to think about when he officially takes charge tomorrow.  The new man watched from the stands as the boys annihilated Manchester City under the command of John Pemberton.  Also thanks to Vassilis who found a video of the goals – and what goals!


So without further ado, I hand you over to SB, and you can scroll to the bottom to see the goals!

The players looked like they knew what they were doing, why they were doing it and who had responsibility for marking, breaking up play etc …! Perch was captain and looked really proud and involved to be so. Unfortunately, he got flattened early on and the resultant injury forced him to leave the game after about 17minutes to be replaced by Wilson, who took-up Cohen’s starting position at left-back as Cohen moved into midfield.

I thought the first 15-20 minutes were a bit nervy. Both McGugan and Thornhill spurned good headed opportunities, but Forest were steadily growing in confidence.

Then, Tyson!! And to be honest, I’m not really sure how to describe such a clean and fantastic strike other than make sure you watch and/or record ITV “FA Cup Highlights” this evening! I can’t remember the build-up other than the ball was crossed over from the right wing evading everyone (because the cross was too high) until Tys, seeing the ball coming over, steadied himself and fired an unbelieveable shot from the edge of the penalty area, across Hart and into the far corner. He looked as shocked as all of us, but believe me, it was a very deliberate strike of the ball and he then ran the entire length of the pitch to celebrate in front of the ‘going barmy’ Forest fans.

A few minutes later, Cohen won the ball of an inept Man City defender, crossed low for Thornhill whose scuffed shot was ’skillfully deflected’ into the far corner by Earnshaw; 0-2!!! The remaining few minutes of the half were a bit of a dream, made even better by lots of singing at the confused looking Man City fans and Forest not looking in any real trouble.

The 2nd half was, as expected a bit nervy, with Man City coming into the game more and more, but to be honest, without any real threat. That said, Smith made a couple of excellent saves to follow-up a couple of really strong saves in the 1st half and looked like a completely different keeper from a few months ago – he was confident, commanded his box well and provided excellent distribution, short and long, quick and slow throughout the game.

Both Earnshaw and first, Tyson took knocks in the 2nd half and were substituted by Garner and Davies respectively, with Garner’s first real action taking advantage of more inept defending by the Man City defence to win the ball, take on a defender and fire a low shot in at the near post beyond Hart’s dive!

Game over and the City fans started leaving! So bring on the 4th round!

Great credit must go to Pemberton who has guided the players to show them how to play as a team and that they are good players (even Wilson (after a shaky start) and Chambers looked pretty solid) who can complement each other. My man of the match; Breckin who always looked in control, never missed a header and acted like the captain we know him to be once he had received the armband from Perch.

So, 2 games, 8 goals scored and no opposition players has scored against ‘Pembo’s Army’. The baton now passes to BD who will have quite an act to follow and will be under a little bit more pressure than he probably expected. Pembo has shown what clarity of though and execution canm deliver and great credit to him for that. CC must be even more disappointed and whilst I did and do feel a bit sorry for him, today’s performance shows the real potential of the players we have when they play as a unit.

I can’t wait for the Charlton game next Saturday. U Reds!!

What can you say to those?!  What a finish by Tys, what great tenacity by Cohen to pick out Thornhill – a decent finish by the youngster, but well done to Earnie for staying onside and putting the killer touch on it.  And whilst Garner’s goal was a giveaway, he showed great composure to slot it in the near post – must’ve been a great afternoon!