Billy: I’m a pain in the arse, get used to it!

Whilst he may only be watching from the stands tomorrow at Eastlands, many – if not all – eyes will stray to Billy Davies as he takes in his new charges before taking charge on Monday.  And we’ve actually heard a bit more from him in the press since his appointment was made official – and do you know what?  I think I am, in the inimitable way a football fan can, starting to warm to our new gaffer.

It will be interesting to see how things transpire over coming weeks – obviously the transfer window is open now, and Davies will be keen to start recruiting, I’m sure.  How will somebody who states themselves they are difficult to work with cope with our transfers-by-committee policy?  Will he really want to wait for a green light from David Pleat and Mark Arthur before targeting players?  I doubt it!

I won’t have a chance to keep tabs on the game tomorrow unfortunately, as I have an unforeseeable clash of commitments – plus I wanted to prioritise league games in my budgeting for away travel.  So any of you folks heading up to the City of Manchester Stadium tomorrow do feel free to post your thoughts via the comments – it’s always good to have a first-person (or several!) account of how things went.

Of course we should at this point extend our very best wishes to John Pemberton who takes charge of his final game in his short stint as caretaker manager.  I suppose the future for him is uncertain, but all being well he will be continuing the sterling work he’s been doing with our reserves over the last few years – good luck, John!

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  1. I certainly hope Pembo stays as his record is second to none. I see the dreaded arthur admitted that davies was the one and only candidate,which we already knew so all the crap about shortlist of five was arthur hot air again.
    It will certainly be a good experience for the lads tomorrow. Lets hope they give it a good go and then decide who gets Robinho´s shirt…
    Sock it to them !!!!!!!

  2. I feel a simialr way about Davies nffc…
    He seemed confident, knew what he wanted to achieve… and looked much, much more confident than Calderwood ever did.
    I didn’t like Mark Arthur though… it was the first time that I’ve seen what he looks like and how he talks… I didn’t like it… however Davies showed good signs.

  3. This site and Evenin Po’ have some serious rants from fans about protests. Sounds like the mob mentality is the rule at Forest. BD is the manager – fans HAve to give him a ( long) break if they want NFFC to get any success. the PTSD continutes mr. NFFC blogger… ( keep up the good work for us “foreigners”/exiled tricky trees)

  4. I must admit I too like the confident swagger of Billy’s introduction Trentside & perhaps he is just what we need to replace the malaise that seems to surround the club and the fans. Let’s face it under CC it was all too cosy & anyone who witnessed the Red’s boxing day stroll @ the City Ground will testify that his “touchy, feely approach” was seriously being taken advantage of by his “group”. The players @ the club are being paid a considerable amount of money so the very least we deserve is effort; Billy will ensure that this is a given.
    The reaction from our support has been almost ludicrous; I’ve even heard supporters seriously talking about the return of Martin O’Neil. Now I like to dream but really!! Does anyone really care if Davies falls out with Arthur; I fell out with the bloke years ago- Remember are you serious about promotion. This is the best thing that could have happened to the club so please everyone @ least afford our new manager respect & courtesy unless you want him and the club to fail before he’s even started. P.s. the reason nobody sang “Colin Calderwood’s Red & White Army” was because it never scanned very well; Billy Davies does!! Everybody enjoy today & Up the Reds!!

  5. Good Morning!! All I can say is it’s not who wants Robinhos shirt, it’s who’ll of Man City want our shirts when we knock them today!! (re coments in the NEP).

    & why not? A cup tie, new manager, players will want to push themselves into the managers face so… & not to forget Man City r @ the wrong end of the table too.

    It’s got upset written all over it in true cup style. The only thing is, but I doubt it as Pembo won’t let it happen nor did it happen last season, is a completely usless display.

    Forest ’till we die!! Long live the magic of the Cup.

  6. nffc – if i dont have too many sherbuts b4 i get into eastlands i’ll take a few notes bout key points in game and get them to you later on – as i wont be the only one you’ll have some good views i’m sure. was out with two derby fans last night along with another forest fan and the two sheep botherers were pretty downbeat that billy had chose to come to us and not give them another chance !!!!! strange this football eh ??

  7. Leaving for Manchester(ish) in 5 mins. See you there and COME ON YOU REDS!!

  8. alan margarita – the link i told you about yesterday has been updated this morning – city, city v forest live tv feed. theres a few links to follow now also a few forest fans on there keeping tabs on situation promising to upload any links found before kick off – best of luck mate – oh and best wishes to john pemberton !

  9. NFFC – I agree with the ‘warming to him’ approach and having watched his press conference on Forest World, liked the bit of ‘swagger’ and confidence that came across along with a much quieter and humorous side from ‘Ned’ Kelly.

    Now there is absolutely no comparison, but the last time I saw a double-act with ‘swagger and humour’ was about 30 years ago and they did ‘OK’ once they were given time, so let’s give him (them) a chance and see what happens in the next 10 games!

    I’m off to the City of Manchester stadium later and as I live in south manchester, the journey will almost be like a home game, so I’ll try to post a few thoughts later about the match.

    By the way, anyone driving, don’t be tempted to take the shortcut through Mcr City Centre, but stay on the M60 around to J23 and then follow the A662 (signposted to ‘Sportcity’) down to the ground. Also, there is no need to park as soon as you see cars on the kerbside as there are a number of ‘accredited’ car parks very close to the ground.

    U Reds!!

  10. Thanks Seanyboy for that.
    If davies upsets mark arthur,,Great !!Come on Billy !!!

  11. 2 up to The Reds and a few more minutes to half time! Pembo is doing well so far with the boys!

  12. Goal! Tyson!!!

  13. Goal! Earnshaw!!! Hahahaha!

  14. 0-2 & Pembo is a fool not to take the team full time. Don’t mess up Davies….

  15. nffc – what a game to miss! Perch captain, injured early-on & replaced by Wilson. Wonder goal from Tys, ‘great’ deflection by Earnie for 2-0!!

    2nd half about to start – cld be nervy!

  16. wow can sum1 explain this 2 nil lead… seriously… pemberton manager of the season!

  17. Still 2-0….

  18. Forest Green v D***y 3-2! They shit on themselves just by hearing the name! hahahahaha

  19. Sheep after going 2 down got it level but r now 3-2 down!! vs Forest Green, Away

  20. 30 Garner upon entrance!! Can it get any better than this?

  21. I told you we would beat them nffc we are 3 up im in dreamland.Come on you reds ,come on you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddddddssssssssssss.

  22. 3-0 and unless City springs the comeback of the season, we’re certainly to go through … hope the board rewards Pembo for the job he’s done for the reserves and now the senior team.

    Wonder what Davies must be thinking about now? If he doesn’t win in the next game the fans will turn on him and the board!

  23. 3-0

  24. Pembo for OBE 😆

  25. 3.0 to the boys in Red

  26. We all need to get behind the current regime no negative crap .Come on you reduns.

  27. PS City fans r going home & some guy is off 2 propose to his girl. Courtesy of Sky Sports the news….

  28. @ 9.15am I said it. I also said it about CC. For now BD has my backing as he’s said the “Slate is clean.”

  29. Sorry, another point – sort Tysons contract out tommorow!!

  30. Sheep escape, win 3-4 in the end. Any1 fancy them in the next round with Atwell in the middle again? 😉

  31. Looks like we could have saved ourselves some money – Pemberton in !!!

  32. i wud love arsenal at home next round
    who do u guys want in the nxt round?

  33. u redddddddsssssssssssss!!!! btw 🙂


    Only joking. Well done John !!!
    I wanted you to stay until the end of the season but I hope You resist offers, which will surely come, and stay with us !!
    I´m sure davies will wonder why they are there.. It certainly makes his job easier. No lack of confidence thats for sure.
    Well done to all the players.

  35. Wonder if the powers that be at the CC wish they had waited until after this game to decide who to offer the managers job to ???
    Pemberton looks like the real deal !

  36. Fantastic day for all us reds enjoy a drink on me lads that was a brilliant result im cracking open the bubbly.

  37. Well done Yiannaki !you were right.. My choice for the next round would also be Arsenal at Home.
    Nice to sit here in the Carribean listening to 6000 of you cheering the team on !!!
    I wish I had been there…..That´s one day you will never forget !!!!!

  38. Thank you CC for putting together a great squad, your tactics were woeful as the last 2 games have proved, but you signed good players and who play the right way.

    Respect to Pembers, but let’s not get beyond ourselves by saying he should be manager. It’s about more than winning a couple of games. Although it pains me to say it, let’s get behind BD and get some respect back to the CG.

    Youuuuuuu REDS

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