Just got word of the score … Naturally I am gutted, and rather inappropriately cursing a fairly distant relative opted to pass away when they did (I realise I’m going to hell now).

You bloody Reds!

Billy: I’m a pain in the arse, get used to it!

Whilst he may only be watching from the stands tomorrow at Eastlands, many – if not all – eyes will stray to Billy Davies as he takes in his new charges before taking charge on Monday.  And we’ve actually heard a bit more from him in the press since his appointment was made official – and do you know what?  I think I am, in the inimitable way a football fan can, starting to warm to our new gaffer.

It will be interesting to see how things transpire over coming weeks – obviously the transfer window is open now, and Davies will be keen to start recruiting, I’m sure.  How will somebody who states themselves they are difficult to work with cope with our transfers-by-committee policy?  Will he really want to wait for a green light from David Pleat and Mark Arthur before targeting players?  I doubt it!

I won’t have a chance to keep tabs on the game tomorrow unfortunately, as I have an unforeseeable clash of commitments – plus I wanted to prioritise league games in my budgeting for away travel.  So any of you folks heading up to the City of Manchester Stadium tomorrow do feel free to post your thoughts via the comments – it’s always good to have a first-person (or several!) account of how things went.

Of course we should at this point extend our very best wishes to John Pemberton who takes charge of his final game in his short stint as caretaker manager.  I suppose the future for him is uncertain, but all being well he will be continuing the sterling work he’s been doing with our reserves over the last few years – good luck, John!