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After being a mardy bastard, NFFCBlog would like to extend a slightly-less-than-frosty welcome to Billy Davies.

After being a mardy bastard, NFFCBlog would like to extend a slightly-less-than-frosty welcome to Billy Davies.

Okay, before the news was confirmed I had a good old grizzle about the soon-to-be-arrival of Billy Davies.

Well, now he’s arrived and comes with an impressive record at Championship level, so there seems very little point in continuing this policy of moaning.  As many of you have already pointed out via comments, I might add!

So, officially it’s a case of welcome on board Billy.  Whilst I remain fairly cynical, I am certainly prepared to back him and the team – it would be foolish to do anything else.  As I intimated before, avoiding relegation is paramount this season – it is simply not an option, and really if you look at it on paper, then Davies probably was the best option on that front.

Whether we get the kind of ‘football’ he dished up at Derby, or at Preston, remains to be seen – but since I imagine he is likely to adapt his style of play to fit the players, perhaps prophecies of ‘hoof ball’ might not be as accurate as could possibly be.

He officially starts work on Monday, leaving Pembo a chance to impress against Manchester City in the FA Cup on Saturday, a game I’ve opted to miss in favour of trying to get to the league games.  So, welcome to Billy and to his new assistant David Kelly, who both arrive with three and a half year contracts.

Let’s get behind the lads and see if we can’t compound Charlton’s misery a bit.  Oh, and you never know, we might do something in the cup too!

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  1. Yep, welcome to Forest Billy. We don’t care a toss about your sheep sh*gging background, just please do your best to keep us up and also bring out the full potential of a talented young squad. Here’s an early criticism for you from a hard to please supporter….

    When Harry Redknapp took over at Spurs, he was straight in the dug out managing from day 1. So why will Billy not get stuck straight in on Saturday? I’m sure there is an argument for watching the pattern of play from the stands but if you’re the new manager – get in there and manage!

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more NFFC, the Board on Nottingham Forest Football Club has appointed Billy Davies as the new club manager.

    Every real fan should now get right behind him, and the team, regardless of who we could have/should have got.

    The prospect, if we don’t, is unthinkable!!


  3. When dave “harry” bassett arrived as manager the blooming forest fanzine ran a vote on the style of play we could expect, one of the options was “will we need air traffic control”
    We didn’t as it happened.
    Harry never won the fans over either, we won away at the mighty crewe alexander 0-4 as we left the ground people were still heard muttering things like f***ing cockney fraud.
    Perhaps billy boy deserves a bit better eh.

  4. Yep, NFFC, reiterate your viewpoint ~ it’s like finding you’ve got a new boss at work – no point in whining about his skills & job history, you’ve got to give him the best support you can.

    Next pre-occupation will be watching the news websites for the multi-million pound, big midfield defender we need.

  5. I’m not 100% keen on the appointment, however, he’s now in, and there to do a job, and he and the team will need all our support.

    A good performance will be needed from all as they are playing for their places now against City, and watching them against Blackburn last week, we should be able to cope (he says now…!)

    It’ll be interesting to see what targets he has.

  6. While it would be nice to have Billy starting straight away I wonder if the board are doing this on purpose. One of the reasons we went for a new manager was to get the “new manager effect” like Harry at Spurs, Sam Alladyce at Blackburn – and pick up a few vital points. If he were in charge v City and we got thumped, then we would be back to square one. I think it’s better we get the cup out the way, and then get the new manager in for the crucial game at Charlton. Also, Billy can see the game from a detached perspective before going in on Monday to start properly?

  7. Ok, Welcome Mr B. Davies – as the title says clean slate. Do this with the players too and forget what happened in the past.

    If you do that, I’ll be a lot happier.

    That’s all except to wish u, the players, the staff Happy New Year 2009.

    Happy New Year 2009 to all of us bloggers too and of course NFFC for allowing us 2 do so.

  8. Good point F7. As everyone has said, debate over. Until the next time. Come on you Reds.

    PS This is still a great site for a debate on issues Forest.


  9. Perfect appraisal of the situation, Forest7. You wanna watch yourself, thats two sensible comments in the past few hours. Steady on son 😉

  10. If anybody looked at the comment i posted last night you’ll know im not happy with the new appointment. My point is this guys, how long are we goin to put up with the board doing what they like no matter how wrong they are? We all want to get behind the team, but wouldnt it be nice for just once if the club got behind us and we all moved foward together. No matter what BD ever does nobody will ever really take to him. The first time the team has a bad run we will all be calling for his head and where will that leave us? Back in the same place again, waiting for the club to appoint another wanker!

  11. Big Daz: the problem was we weren’t agreed either. The poll on here had Nigel at 19%, the poll on Vital had Curbishley and Keane as the winners on 17%.

    So no matter who ND and MA chose then 80% of fans would have thought them wrong.

  12. I can’t stand BD because of the colour of his tie in these photos.

    Let’s catch and overtake Derby in the CCC and then claim he was our number one choice all along …. based, of course, on sound footballing knowledge.

  13. 3 and a half years. 3 and a half years. does anybody seriously think this contract will be seen out?

  14. A la Victor Meldrew….. ” I don’t believe it!” We all seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet about Billy, which, lets face it, is rare on here. 🙂

    Still its a done deal, and even NFFC has “warmed” to the idea (or should that be less chilled??) so welcome Billy, prove us all wrong. I dare you!!

    U REDS

  15. I´m glad Pembo has the cup tie.I think we have more chance of an upset with Pembo than davies coming in their faces just before the game.
    They will be performing for Pembo and also knowing davies is watching.
    I hope davies swallows his pride and gets Camp back before saturday.
    That would go a long way to showing his intent with our beloved Club !!

  16. As we all seem to be accepting the new manager we can still continue with campaigning for dimwit arthur to be thrown out for sheer incompetence.
    That really would be a breath of fresh air through the club !!

  17. Yes, I think that’s acceptable, Alan!

  18. I see Davies wants to win over the fans..
    One quick way is to sign Camp and do himself a favour !!!Unless he thinks this walsall keeper is better??? Pity Forest are not on espn, but I´ll enjoy the commentary..

  19. Nice to hear a more positive vibe at last.
    Just read the letters page on the ‘official’ site. Jeeeesus!
    We all accept that we have some of the countrys least patient fans who demand nothing less than European football, but hellfire why offer to burn season tickets/throw them in the trent before he’s even picked his first team?!

    No, I hadn’t got him down as my first choice, either, but he’s here and he’s in charge. So we have to give the guy a chance.

    Why is it tghough that when a business is failing (and we were, 4 wins in 23) its always the line leader/supervisor/ manager that gets fired, never the bloke that appointed them??

    Arthur out

  20. I don’t like 2 promote illegal viewing… but there are other ways 2 watch the match Alan…

  21. mattboy, are you insane ?? Put yourself in the position of Chief exec you have 2 CV’s in front of you, One is from a Manager who has been succesful at this level wherever he’s been reaching the play offs on 3 ocassions with 2 seperate clubs. The other a non league Manager of 10 Years experiencing his first taste of success being 13 points clear in Jan. Come on it’s a sound Business decision, if they start listening
    to fans what’s next fans picking the team ??
    Do you not realise that without the money from these guys we would be down with the likes of Notts !!!

  22. “Billy Davies red an white army” says it all really – never be sung, it’ll still be “Brian Clough’s red an white army” CC was here two and a half years and i only heard it sung with his name a few times. We’ve got to move forward and if Billy is to be the manager who gets us going in the right direction, i’ll be backing him 100%. It’d be great if 6000 odd Forest fans got to there feet tommorow at Eastlands and gave him there backing with a rendition of ” Billy Davies re…………………………” we’ll wait n see.??? see you all there if your going with radgie,his excited lad,me etc.

  23. Er, garibaldi, I agree totally! Doughty is our saviour, of that there is no doubt (but he will want his money back eventually).
    No, my problem is Mark Arthur and his position. As Chief Exec in my view he has failed this Club. His previous appointments have been less than successful, and all manner of things need improving around the ground. I know for sure he wouldn’t get a job in our Company!

    BTW, my preferred candidate (!!) was Curbishley, but I’ll back Davies all the way. What else should loyal Forest fans do…

  24. Mattboy they come as a team and it is ND who is the big cheese MA is just the front man, if you have an issue with 1 you have it with both. He does not make any decision alone just like with the signings it is done by comittee. I think they have it spot on I can’t believe comments like the one from big daz lets judge the man after 12 months.
    I’m having £10 on survival right now !

  25. If anyone knows how I and other forest fans can see the match from outside the u k we would be very grateful. I did have a code for bbc1 but lost it !! Here´s hoping……espn are not featuring the Forest match according to their schedules.

  26. I should add my e mail is Thanks Alan

  27. alan from margarita – the only thing iv’e seen is a link from – man city there’s something on there aimed at forest fans not able to attend the match, ive been through the various links when it prompts you and it basically sends you round in circles so it must be a wind up from the guy who posted it on vital/man city. av a look yourself and see if you can come up with anything you never know it could be something that is posted on there last minute b4 kick off – all the best

  28. Alan from Isla Margarite: Do a google search for Live Footy Doctor, they should have it.

  29. whats the latest with lee camp? is there any chance he might sign?

  30. Alan try TROODI VIDEOS it says on the main page the game is on 16.00 CET cheers…..

  31. Many thanks for your replies. It´s Greatly appreciated !!!!!

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