Reds to pin their future on Davies?

Nottingham’s Paper Lace got to number one with ‘Billy don’t be a hero‘, and it seems like barring some heroic last minute reprieve by the former Derby manager, he will be Smoulderwood’s replacement.  He’s in talks, he’s spoken before of his desire for the Forest job due to his acrimonious split from our neighbours, and having had a chance to gather feedback from the various forums and Forest fans sites, Forest can feel confident now they’ve singled out the candidate nobody wanted.

So, I’ll get my bitterness out of the way – because like it or not, if the negotiations are completed – which I fully expect them to be – then we need to look forward, benefits of doubt need to be given and – more important than anything – we need to stay up.  Why Forest took quite so long to make this announcement when it’s abundantly clear they’ve been courting Davies prior to Smoulds’ dismissal, who knows.

Davies represents the ‘safe’ bet from the candidates that have been under discussion for me – on paper at least.  Once Curbishley said he wanted to be in the Premiership, if you had to put money on one of the available managers to prevent our relegation then I think you’d pick him.  That’s a pretty positive thing.  In fact, that’s a hugely positive thing.  Relegation again to League One would be an epic disaster, more so I think than any particular candidate being in charge.

The less positive side is that Davies has form with some of our squad – namely Robert Earnshaw, who must be gutted – he was signed for Derby by Davies and promptly ostracised for reasons unknown.  Earnie is a key figure for us this season, we could do without his head being messed with.  Lee Camp is almost certain not to extend his loan or sign permanently now as another person who had issues with Davies at Derby.

So in this supposedly ‘safe’ bet, Forest have put at risk two very key positions in the side.  Of course, the rumours and stories I hear from my tame Sheep friends could be way off the mark, but I think not.  Davies is reportedly a manager who rules by fear and discipline, which in itself isn’t a bad thing – unless the fear factor is a little bit too extreme.  Our squad is very young, after all.  How will they respond to such a radical change in approach?

I was going to finish by urging folks to get behind him, but I would have no credibility if I did so – I made no secret that this was amongst the last choices for me, and I would be lying if I said I was anything other than gutted.  I shall endeavour to have an open mind, however, and back the new man – but if we end up with dour 1-0 attrition football and the Sheep go and lure Clough from Burton then it won’t be good!

Once again Forest have managed to scour the list of managers they could acquire and find one that the fans will never back.  This is a weakness on our part as well as the boards, because it will take only a fractional issue to get the fans on the teams back – much as with Megson, and more recently Smoulders.  I wonder what makes them so overly cautious, and determined to pick managers the fans won’t unite behind?  

I suppose it stops the supporters turning on the board when there’s an easy target in the dugout, but should Davies be unveiled as I expect, then I don’t think it unreasonable to start to question the board’s recruitment policy.

For now, I still find myself practically praying that the negotiations that are taking place break down.  I think on balance I would rather have Smoulds back!

So, we had a Merry f**king Christmas thanks to a piss-poor performance against Doncaster Rovers, all that remains is for me and for Forest to wish you a Happy f**king New Year by appointing another cautious, dour and unwanted manager to the helm of our beloved club.  But seriously, Happy New Year to you all – let’s hope for a brighter 2009 portion of the 2008/2009 season, and if it is to be Billy, that he surprises us in a nice way!

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  1. We need to put the fact that he used to manage Derby behind us, and we need to realise that he is here to keep us in this league, something that he is more than capable of doing. Personally I have no quarrel with him, I have always thought of him as a decent manager and a generally nice guy. I’ll be supporting him in his efforts, and I hope all Forest fans will be doing the same.

    Billy Davies’ Red White Army! 😀

  2. I don’t think that appointing the Manager at Forest is the footballing equivalent of the “X” Factor.

    Let’s face the probability that Pearce, Martinez, Laws, Curbishley, Keane, Clough & Co were not probably available, and we do actually have a budget and not an owner who throws money at everything.

    We simply have to get the best man available with what we’ve got, and a lot of supporters have forgotten that we need 8 more wins = 40% WIN RATIO.

    Do you really think that Charlton, Norwich & Southampton are going to sit there, do nothing and feel sorry for us because we are famous for winning back to back Europena Cups ???

    WAKE UP …. !!!!

  3. Arthur OUT !!!!!!
    Happy New Year to You All !!!!!Alan

  4. Billy bloody Davies, sod that, I will not be setting foot in the City ground whilst this bloke is in charge. Once again our club is not listening to the fans, I give up, can’t be arsed with this joke of a team anymore.

    Why on earth they can’t get someone in to lift the place and fans is beyond me.

    Sorry Colin, please come back.

  5. I don’t think it’s the fact he used to manage d*rby that’s the issue, more that forest fans don’t want 1-0 football week after week regardless of the opposition. but given our circumstance 1-0 football is a lot better than sexy 0-0 or 0-1 which we’ve witnessed regularly this season. Maybe Billy can bring a different kind of player in to add steel to the holes we clearly have (center midfield, center back, full back now julian’s out)

  6. I just cannot accept the cooment: “I would rather have CC back” that is ridiculous. I stuck behind him right up until the Norwich Game when I think he had to go and the Donny debacle had to seal it. As for Davies; I too would have preferred Curbishley but he wasn’t interested. Clough has stated he has no desire to leave BA and although I would have loved to have seen him team up with Pearce, the reality was that was always verging on fantasy land. BD was a long way from my bottom of the pile list; that waqs occupied by Ince, Keane, Hoddle etc.

    As we stand right now I echo Marc that 10×1-0 pewrformances get my vote beacue the reason we are in this position is because opur leadership and defence have been shocking. If we finish mid-table that is a success and MA & ND know that Championship survival, not pleasing the fans, is the business priority right now and with a cica £6M/yr inject ND has put his money where his mouth is.

    Bottom-line, throw your toys out and sulk off if you want cause we don’t need that kind of ‘support’. As for me it has always been through thick and thin; I will be there getting behing whoever has the job of keeping us up!

    So Happy New Year and good luck to all who sail in the good ship Forest!

  7. I am disappointed about this on so many levels. It was fairly obvious at the weekend that Davies WAS the candidate and obvious that the players knew this – hence the fact that Earnie and Camp were so down when interviewed. Lee Camp knew he would not be coming back. Mark Arthur did not need to feed us the crap he did in his interview.

    Why do Arthur & Doughty have a blind spot to appointing ‘Forest men’ as managers? It is what the club needed at this time and is the only way that I see Forest ever getting the ‘period of stability’ that both of them crave. There seems to be an arrogance amongst the two of them that they know best and will therefore never pander to a populist choice.

    We have to accept that there will be a number of supporters who will never take to Davies and as such he will end up in the same position as CC as soon as we have a bad run.

    I worry about the style of football and the introduction of a more negative defensive approach. For me the style and the attempt to play good football is the reason I go and, okay maybe I’m in a minority here, but for me that is even more important than the result!

    I told the CC out brigade to be careful what they wished for – well here you go fellas. Very well done and I hope you are all happy now. YOU hounded him out on Boxing Day as Arthur would not have pulled the plug when he did if it was not for the outrageous lack of support.

    I will support the team (as I always do) and I will support the manager whoever he turns out to be. However it is a sad day that we do not appear to have even attempted to bring in Laws, Pearce, Clough or Keane who would have galvanised the club in a way we have not seen since Paul Hart was manager.

    A shame.

  8. I’ll take a load of 1-0 games against some of horrific poundings we’ve had. Let’s give the guy a chance, he comes with a decent track record at our level of football.
    So Smith gets back in goal? No problem from me, it was Wilson making him nervous in the first place, which led to the same dicks slagging him off and shattering an already fragile confidence who I’m sure will slag off the first poor performance under the new man.

    Attempted to bring in Pearce? Behave, would you jack in a bloody good number to chance it in the 2nd division? Laws has just signed a new contract at SW and I’m glad its not Nigel. Can you imagine all the old buggers at the CG after a couple of poor games “ooh, not a patch on his dad, is he. Get him out”

    Come on guys, lets get together and sing for the players, eh?

    Happy New Year!

    Ps, Arthur should still be sacked, for all previous crimes against NFFC, no doubt about that.

  9. Having witnessed the way some of our own supporters attacked CC on Boxing Day, I kind of think we DESERVE Billy Davies as our manager.

    I was ashamed to see so many supporters venting hatred towards Calderwood. Joining in with Rovers singing ‘You’re going to get sacked in the morning’ to the current Forest manager who we all think is a decent bloke and did just get us promoted. I know we were all angry at the performance and his apparent lack of tactics and motivation but that really was disgusting. If the Donny and Norwich results had been the other way round, he’d still be our manager now.

    Smoulders must have known Davies had been approached a month ago and he continued to conduct himself with great dignity throughout. Who knows what we are getting really with Davies but I have to agree with Barrow Red with the ‘Be careful what you wish for’ sentiment.

  10. I hope everyone can get behind the team even if the new manager makes them feel unhappy. I also hope the first thing the new manager does is sign Lee Camp on loan or even better permanently (unlikely I know but would be great if it happened).
    If it is Davies, both he and Earnshaw should work together for the best results for the club-that is what they are paid to do.
    Calderwood had to leave, I am sure a nice guy and loyal to the players but I believe we would have been relegated and that would have been a disaster. CC continually played players in wrong positions, changed tactics too often and changed winning teams.
    Happy new year everyone lets get behind the team whoever the manager is and hope we get enough points to stay up. Come on u Reds

  11. Horrific poundings? Wolves & Donny apart when have we been pounded this season? As I say, I am aware there are supporters who will accept any old crap as long as we win. For me, I want style, attacking flair and at the very least an attempt to be positive. You ask for the fans to get behind the players……like they did on Boxing Day eh? Joel Lynch was really supported wasn’t he?

    I accept that you feel Pearce would not come but I believe Peter Taylor did both jobs for a substantial period of time so it is not quite the pie in the sky you make out. Roy Keane is out of work. Brian Laws has stated on many occasions it is the Forest job he craves and Nigel? well who knows unless you ask.

    It would be the ultimate kick in the you know where’s if Nigel Clough is appointed as Derby manager next week.

    Look if it is to be Billy Davies (and Sky have just said he has agreed to come), then so be it. I will still support him and the team. It just isn’t an appointment to bring the club together and for me we will be in the same situation again in a couple of years.

  12. Barrow Red has it spot on as far as I can see. Miserable, moaning, unrealistic fans don’t do anyone any good (exept perhaps an unpopular executive as per the above).

    I am a bit concerned that another change in footballing style suggests that the executive’s grasp on the importance of results may not include any idea of how their own decisions keep undermining those results.

    We used to be a passing team, then we copped for Bassett, Megson and co. and all that went with them, then we were a passing side again, and now, it seems, we’re going to be a defensive team. With the players we’ve got at the moment that should be something to see!

    On a more positive note – We should acknowledge Davies’ courage. He’s walking headlong into a relegation scrap, and taking on supporters and players who don’t appear to want him into the bargain. That sort of bloody-mindedness is exactly what we need about the place. So, good luck to him – and let’s hope, a happy new year all round!

  13. So. MA and ND manage a supreme own goal in the PR stakes again:

    Billy lined up prior to Colin’s departure. Fans not exactly happy, but expecting it.

    Colin sacked, but rather than put Billy straight in, they string it out, talking of five candidates.

    As a result, fans get hopes up about other choices including Nigel clough who reportedly wouldnt say no, then promptly go back to plan A, having raised expectations about Nigel, Stuart and others in the meantime, thereby reducing support for their “preferred” candidate.

    Finally, who on earth announces a “preferred candidate” prior to concluding negotiations. They just strengthened Billy’s hand, since if he does walk away then whoever Forest go for next knows he is second choice.

    I’m not in the “sack the board” brigade, but these guys deserve some kind of an award for their handling of all this.

    Oh, well. Perhaps a flair performance thrashing Manchester City 7-2 will put fans minds at rest. (And there goes another squadron of pigs in the sky above lucifer skating to work)

  14. So… erm… Billy Davies scares me… Has he ever successfully steered a club from relegation? I’m not so sure by the way (I’m quite young). I would have preferred Roy Keane who has recently managed this with Sunderland… but oh well.

  15. Pundits and reporters on a host of sites are also questioning this appointment.
    For example the site that Mr B has given above.

  16. the only positive i can take from the davies appointment is his past record in acheivements at championship level(2x play-off final’s, 1x promotion to the promised land which he f****d up with the scum). as youve said at the top of your piece nffc “his desire for the forest job due to his acrimonious split from our neighbours” if true and he wants to succeed with us to rub there noses in it come 21st february then i’m behind him 100%.nigel clough/roy keane wouldn’t have worked for/under doughty/arthur because of the backing they’d have got from every forest fan and they could’nt risk that could they ??? must mention the comments already made by aylesbury red concerning colin calderwood’s dignity in all this as this must have been going on right under his nose and not once has he publicly slagged anybody or anything to do with Nottingham Forest.including us lot. it’s arthur who’es the enemy not davies – happy new year to all see you at eastland’s

  17. my 15 year old daughter has just said ” does that mean colin calderwood can go to derby to be there manager if he wants to dad ” after much laughter and a b********g from her mum for laughing at the daughter ive thought about it and is there any way we can get a rumour going nffc ?

  18. I don’t agree with BarrowRed. Let’s look at some facts and where we need to be.

    1. We’ve won 16% of games under CC.We need to win 40%.
    2. We are not the only team in the CCC with a wealthy Chairman. Any sensible club with a good Manager will have them tied up financially.
    3. We should be worried (about relegation) with the appointment of ANY Manager
    4. We have the same bunch of players to turn the win ratio around.
    5. The 4 week transfer window opens shortly. Any incoming Manager should have had the opportunity to look at Players availability in advance (hence talking to Allardyce, Curbs & Davies some weeks ago)

    “You get what you wish for” Well if you’re so paralysed with a fear of failure in your own mind to make a wish in the first place you’re even worse off in my view.

    Anyway, off to get slaughtered and I’ll wake up tomorrow wishing I had not.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL and especially the person who writes these excelllent articles.

  19. Billy Davies lined up months ago??? Thats constructive dismissal then, Tell CC to get down the to Tribunial first thing Friday morning. So I dont believe that crap for a minute!!

    So is everyone against Davies coz he managed the Sheep??? Remind me someone, didn’t a certain Mr Brian Clough manage them before he headed up the A52???

    Ok I admit not my first choice either but Im determined to give the bloke a chance and support the team 100%. Like NFFC says relegation is not an option……

    So innocent until proven guilty and the fight to stay up starts here….

    U REDS

  20. Just two things before I wish you all Happy New Year from rainy Athens.

    1) About us appointing an ex-D***y manager: The last time we did that we took aboard a man who indeed ruled by fear and discipline – although in his own way. He took over and we just avoided relegation to then Division III. The following season we finished mid-table. Then he shipped out one of our top scorers (Curran I think it was) and our first-choice goalie (Middleton). The rest anyone can fill in, because we all know what happened next and I’m surprised nobody remembers. I’m not of course saying that history will necessarily repeat itself, but the fact that Davies has worked for D***y (winning with them a PROMOTION, not an ENGLAND CHAMPIONSHIP, and getting SACKED by them, not RESIGNING) is clearly totally out of my interest. And I think people must get this well into their minds and back both him and the team up. His CV shows he can manage, so let’s not be stupid my beloved Forest co-supporters.

    2) About the “Colin please come back”, “Beware what you wish” and “Forest players fighting for their futures” and “being indebted to CC” as stated by both Camp and McGugan (and I believe others as well), here’s an old Greek story for you to have some fun with.
    Once upon a time, the donkeys gathered together and decided that they would not tolerate people riding on their backs any longer. Their verdict was it was all the saddlemaker’s fault, because, well, if he got out of the way people would not have any saddles anymore so they would not ride them. So they ambushed the saddlemaker and killed him. But people still needed to go to their fields and elsewhere, and still needed to ride donkeys. So they had their own conference and decided to appoint the saddlemaker’s boy as his replacement. The boy took on to the job, but of course he wasn’t as skilled as his master. The saddles he made were so rough, that they made deep scratches to the donkeys’ backs and they were bleeding and moaning every time someone rode them. Then the donkeys remembered the saddlemaker, but it was too late.


  21. Well, my friend Egor beat me in reminding you about the great man… Well done Georgie.

  22. Hi Vassilis….great story that!!! Looks like your New Year’s Eve started a few hours ago….!!!


  23. we must be the worst managed club ever, it looks like they never even spoke to nigel clough, so we will never know if he would come or not……..until the next time. they tren try to get you to sign up to expensive text messages “to be the first to know”. they have no f@@king shame, bar stewards, the lot of them. now davies, my god he is so far removed from the forest way it is a joke. i dont care about him being ex derby i just dont like him or his football, i am so f@king angry that the club i love is run by WANKERS. pemberton / laws / clough, one of them surely would have taken the job. the polls were clear…….. not davies. they dont give a f@@K about the fans, they never have.

  24. I don’t see a problem with Davies. He looks to have just the sort of track record that Forest could benefit from. good spells with Preston, and taking getting promoted with Derby. I don’t have a problem with him being a former Derby manager. Clough came from Derby to Forest for Christs sake! I wouldn’t want Pearce as manager, he was awful when he was briefly in charge of Forest and I didn’t rate him at City. I would love to see Clough at the city ground in the future, but not now, it’s too risky for him and us. A lot of the other names mentioned we’re pie in the sky.

    It’s a real shame that the fans don’t seem to be on his side even before he’s appointed! Forest fans can be their own worse enemies sometimes. It looks a good appointment to me on the face of it. I do have question marks about his style of play, have never seen any of his teams play. I hope he will quickly be able to silence the doubters and prove to be a success. Calderwood was tactically naive to say the least and in my opinion should have gone when Forest crashed out of the play offs.

    COME ON U REDS!!!!!

  25. I would have liked Nigel in charge BUT ….. what if we chase down and overtake Derby with Davies in charge ??

    Isn’t about time the tide turned.

  26. So it’s all about whether we win or not is it Stevie boy? For me, football is not about win ratios (a Sky Sports creation if ever there was one, like drop zone and their other mindless creations) but far more about entertainment and commitment. Forest under Colin Calderwood have built a bright young team which has improved year on year. The team he has left will grow and develop and many of the players, like Paul Hart’s team, will end up at a higher level.

    Sorry, I want to be entertained and probably our best home performances this season have not necessarily been the games we’ve won. The second half performance against Birmingham was brilliant, we were good against Reading on the opening day, we battered Blackpool for ninety minutes, were robbed against Burnley & Cardiff. The Barnsley game where we won was probably one of our worst performances.

    Football is a sport and is about entertainment and pride. We can take pride in our traditions of good football, of developing good young talent and for the successes of the past. However short term gain in terms of results rarely produces sustained growth. Billy Davies may well secure our championship position and no one will be happier than me if he does so. Whether he will produce a team that galvanises our large fan base into filling the city ground or the new stadium on regular basis remains to be seen.

    The ‘be careful what you wish for’ quote was aimed at the c***s who acted so despicably on Boxing Day and yet are bemoaning Davies’ appointment. I want to see Forest play with flair and ambition in the Forest tradition. If that produces a winning team, great, if it doesn’t well it’s not the end of the world. I’d rather watch what we’ve produced this season than Stoke City’s football in the Premier League every time. Sorry if you don’t agree with that but I’m big enough to be able to go into work on a Monday morning and face up the Liverpool & Man Utd fans and talk up my team. If you can’t, then maybe you ought to join the glory hunters.

  27. When are we all goin to wake up! The club that we all love does not give a fuck about us! Who if given the choice would have picked that sheep shagging bastard for the job? People keep saying look at his track record? Ok so what has he ever done apart from get them into the premiership, only to turn them into the worst team in resent history. Are we honestly saying that their is nobody in the world better than him who would have took the job? Guess we’ll never know coz they dont want to look at anybody else. Our chairman said not to long ago he wanted to put the Nottingham back into Nottingham Forest so why does he think the managers job should be any different? No ambition as usual, stuck watching shit long ball football! After being a fan for 20years maybe its time to say RIP Forest. Until we stop walking through the door and paying our money then nothin will change!

  28. The former Derby part of this is a red herring, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about such things. Earnie and Camp are former Derby players. Camp is a former Derby season ticket holder, I am more than happy to see both representing the Reds.

    Let’s not even start with Brian Clough.

    My reservations about him are purely football related; his style of play and management are things I don’t think will thrive here. I would dearly love to be proven wrong.

  29. nffc has got it right! His style of football is wrong for us and why can noboby at the club see that? Were just going to end up being boring boring forest

  30. Barrow Red – I agree with some of what you are saying, but not that we played good entertaining football.

    CC’s tactics were often baffling, usually negative, and ahieved little. The games you mention did have good parts – but how many games has he taken off a striker for a defender when we are 1-0 up and in charge? So many times – and right since 2006, that has never changed. We have midfielders at right back, wingers up front, centre forwards out wide – so much that we even joke about Smithy playing up front. We are often a shapeless mess – and for all the skill that the players have, they cannot express it when they are out of position, or don’t understand the system. That is what I have seen week in, week out. How it got us automatic promotion last year I will never know. This year, CC has been found out -he does not have the ability at this level.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t want Billy Davies. He is successful, but his style is crap. Yes, Cloughie came via Derby, but he had style and ability in abundance, and he knew how to play attacking football. That’s what I grew up with, and I want it back. Megson can’t do it, Kinnear can’t do it, Calderwood can’t do it, and neither can Davies.

    However, it looks like we’re stuck with Davies, so we’re going to have to get on with it. I agree with you, that it’s kind of ironic that the twats who were so vocal on boxing day deserve all they get, and can’t moan now that the Christmas Fairy has granted their wish. I reckon we’ll stay up, but with average attendances of less that we had last year.

  31. I’ve not checked the numbers, but I’m pretty sure we’re already averaging less than last season on attendances!

  32. Fair point, nffc. It will be interesting to compare, though.

  33. If davies is joining us and wants to prove a point to the sheep,that is one thing in his favour.
    I hope his contract is a short one ie to the end of the season or the end of next season.It seems no one else wants to employ him.
    I would have been happy for Pembo to continue to the end of the season with the threat of davies coming hanging over the players motivating them to perform well to keep davies away. I´m sure Pembo would have kept us up.
    The important thing is we finish above the sheep and I believe that will happen,and ,of course we will stay up.
    I will continue to say Dimwit arthur OUT !!!

  34. I see from the sun that Pembo is in charge for the city game……Good experience for him…and a motivated team. You never know …………………

  35. “Davies, a former manager of Preston North End who took Derby County into the Premier League, left Pride Park in November 2007. He has not worked in football since then. It is believed that he was approached by Forest a month ago.”

    so calderwood was stabbed in the back. they were waiting for one bad result to have an excuse to get rid. we’ve treated him like shit. he was getting us out of the relegation zone (we’d have beaten norwich with him, there’s no new manager bounce over two days) and we chucked him anyway.

    the board has lost the club credibility and damaged the reputation of the club.

  36. Have you read the latest articles today on this bloke,he is already thinking of leaving, name me one manager who would have have said that when starting out in a new job. Eactly no one.

    I so hope this falls through at the last minute, to say I am fuming and guttd is an understatement.

  37. I have concerns about Davies style based on my DCFC “friends” (thru gritted teeth). When I saw them they played some good stuff as well. Compared to Forest at the time they were worlds apart in terms of class of football (putting more than 2/3 passes together).

    We have a massive scrap to avoid relegation, it’s going to be FA Cup each week, and the quality of football under these circumstances may not be that great.

    In reconciling Barrow Reds point of view, you look at Sheff Utd, highly organised, stop teams playing etc. but in with a shout for promotion … They outwitted Forest big time and yes that’s boring. However, there’s no doubt that we need some of that to avoid the drop. As for Calderwood, Forest never could deliver good football in the final third.

  38. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place! Billy Davies? No thanks. Iain Dowie? Can I have Billy Davies please?

    Absolutely not the choice of anyone but given the list of realistic names available then probably the right choice.

    I remember similiar derision when Frank Clark was appointed. I’m not a Billy Davies fan, probably never will be, but I will give him and the team by backing.

    The best part of all this is that he’s been watching us for the last month so already knows the strengths and weaknesses of the side and could well have a few targets lined up for the January sales already.

    Here’s hoping…

    BTW: How many are going to Eastlands? Me and my son will be there (his 1st away game, he’s sooo excited, especially as Smiffy will be playing), Seanyboy is going I beleive and I assume nffc. Anyone else? Have City bought anymore Brazilian legs for us to break yet?

  39. Davies it is then……!!

    Let the moaning commence! 🙂

  40. It’s official.

    I don’t give a crap about the fact he was ex-manager there.

    From what I can see, PNE played decent football under him and the Preston fans hate him for the manner in which he left, not for anything he did while he was still there.

    He’s young, arrogant and a disciplinarian. That’s pretty good I think.

    And now I’ve finished looking on the bright side, I’m still not that happy.

    Lastly, got to say thanks to Calderwood – he leaves us in an infinitely better state than when he arrived (for those with short memories we really were a laughing stock under Megson – now we have an exciting, talented squad that seems to be interested in football, not booze).

  41. Well I am totaly pissed off now. I just dont like Davis, Davies or what ever his bloody name is and its nothing to do with Sheep United either. No one will persuade me otherwise unless its the manger himself with good results, personally I cant see it happening. NFFC is wright it wont work although for the good of the club I hope it does. I will not be a “Davis the dud” fan – sorry but that how I feel !

  42. i just hope davies doesnt upset Pembo in any way . His results and commitment to Forest deserve more.I just hope they get along and Pembo is left alone to continue the fantastic job with our reserves..
    I expect davies to keep us up,but I knew Pembo would keep us up too. 3 and a half years !!! Let´s see…
    By the way shimshacks,you say we would have beaten norwich with cc. I dont think so. The formation and tactics used by Pembo to get the early goals would not have been used by cc. Still Happy New Year !!

  43. I just don’t understand this negativity regarding Davies.

    He’s the best candidate on the realistic shortlist, which had the likes of Pardew, Boothroyd, Dowie etc

    Nigel – he could have well done a good job, but the board could never have made such an appointment. To sack CC then turn to a non-league manager with no league experience of manager full time players would never happen. Fans need to understand taht it’s a serious business and the board will play safe with experience every time with relegation on the line.

    Davies / Derby link – this is so stupid it isn’t worth discussing. Look at Brian Clough

    Davies management and style of play – we don’t really know what sort of manager he is. All managers fall out with players. It’s not like he fell out with everyone after 2 minutes at Derby and Preston. He’s a hard man, but I think that can only be good with a side that tiem and time again get complacent with a win. As for his style of play, well who knows what will happen. CC was dour at first, then went all out attack. Davies will assess the strengths of the squad and play accordingly. At times we have played too much football – look the goals gifted to Donny.

    In summary, let’s wait and see what happens. After ten games, we’ll al have our opinions, but he’s the best candidate, a realistic appointment, and deserves our support 100%

  44. Spot on Forest 7. I’m amazed at the negativity surrounding the appointment given Billy Davies’ record of success with Motherwell and then two play offs with Preston & his biggest crime @ Derby was getting them promoted too soon. All this criticism of style of football is also suprising as anyone would think we’re setting the world alight at present. Yes; CC was more expansive than last season but he was unable to get the balance right of the team & was hardly a sublime tactician as our league position shows. Remember the crticism the club got when they appointed Bassett; I don’t remember many people complaining about the quality of footy he played with Campbell & Van the Man leading the line.
    Whilst Billy is clearly not as likeable as CC I wany someone competant, intense & a little ruthless to run the Reds. Billy is undoubtedly that..
    No matter who we’d have appointed there’s no guarantees of success so please everyone look onwards and upwards as I believe we are finally back on the march. I’d have been just as happy with Johnson/Martinez/Curbishley/Pearce/Keane but “Billy Davies’ RED & WHITE army” it is so get behind him.

  45. At last some sense on this debate; spot on Forest7 and Graham. I state again, BD was not my first choice, that was Curbishley, but I too think he was the practical selection in the circumstances. I can’t believe we would be discussing any other non-league managers ability to take the job on unless his name was Clough but that doesn’t make him Cloughie and not all Cloughie’s football was pretty! We must not judge BD until we have given him some time and in the meantime he deserves our support. I hope he does bring some discipline and structure to the City Ground without resorting to the fear factor all the time.

  46. Ok people you win – but think on this – The Ginger Winger “Mugson” was a disciplinarian who was going to sort out Forest problems on and off the pitch, it didn’t take long for him to switch off the dressing room with his bullying techniques and constant negativity, long ball game and nonsense substitutions, I sat behind the dugout and heard his nonsense on match days week in week out. For the sake of the once mighty Forest I hope Davies will make them mighty again – I still can’t see it though ??

  47. Nigel has been lost to Derby and we are stuck with davies. Long ball crap footbal again .THANKS to the forest board they are the ones who need to go. I am so angry !!!


  49. Hey guys, take 5 minutes to read all the comments to the above story.
    I reckon some of you will be choking on the humble pie this christmas!!
    The reservations were understandable, but give the man his due, he’s made us proud to be Forest fans again, hasn’t he.
    Merry Christmas, fellow trickies!

    • Plenty of helpings of humble pie have been eaten – and enjoyed – by this author.

      I was guilty of listening to poison spat forth by Derby fans, and there’s no excuse for that. Billy has proven to be a shrewd and effective manager delivering great football and results on the banks of the Trent and around the country.

      Viva Billy!

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