Reds to pin their future on Davies?

Nottingham’s Paper Lace got to number one with ‘Billy don’t be a hero‘, and it seems like barring some heroic last minute reprieve by the former Derby manager, he will be Smoulderwood’s replacement.  He’s in talks, he’s spoken before of his desire for the Forest job due to his acrimonious split from our neighbours, and having had a chance to gather feedback from the various forums and Forest fans sites, Forest can feel confident now they’ve singled out the candidate nobody wanted.

So, I’ll get my bitterness out of the way – because like it or not, if the negotiations are completed – which I fully expect them to be – then we need to look forward, benefits of doubt need to be given and – more important than anything – we need to stay up.  Why Forest took quite so long to make this announcement when it’s abundantly clear they’ve been courting Davies prior to Smoulds’ dismissal, who knows.

Davies represents the ‘safe’ bet from the candidates that have been under discussion for me – on paper at least.  Once Curbishley said he wanted to be in the Premiership, if you had to put money on one of the available managers to prevent our relegation then I think you’d pick him.  That’s a pretty positive thing.  In fact, that’s a hugely positive thing.  Relegation again to League One would be an epic disaster, more so I think than any particular candidate being in charge.

The less positive side is that Davies has form with some of our squad – namely Robert Earnshaw, who must be gutted – he was signed for Derby by Davies and promptly ostracised for reasons unknown.  Earnie is a key figure for us this season, we could do without his head being messed with.  Lee Camp is almost certain not to extend his loan or sign permanently now as another person who had issues with Davies at Derby.

So in this supposedly ‘safe’ bet, Forest have put at risk two very key positions in the side.  Of course, the rumours and stories I hear from my tame Sheep friends could be way off the mark, but I think not.  Davies is reportedly a manager who rules by fear and discipline, which in itself isn’t a bad thing – unless the fear factor is a little bit too extreme.  Our squad is very young, after all.  How will they respond to such a radical change in approach?

I was going to finish by urging folks to get behind him, but I would have no credibility if I did so – I made no secret that this was amongst the last choices for me, and I would be lying if I said I was anything other than gutted.  I shall endeavour to have an open mind, however, and back the new man – but if we end up with dour 1-0 attrition football and the Sheep go and lure Clough from Burton then it won’t be good!

Once again Forest have managed to scour the list of managers they could acquire and find one that the fans will never back.  This is a weakness on our part as well as the boards, because it will take only a fractional issue to get the fans on the teams back – much as with Megson, and more recently Smoulders.  I wonder what makes them so overly cautious, and determined to pick managers the fans won’t unite behind?  

I suppose it stops the supporters turning on the board when there’s an easy target in the dugout, but should Davies be unveiled as I expect, then I don’t think it unreasonable to start to question the board’s recruitment policy.

For now, I still find myself practically praying that the negotiations that are taking place break down.  I think on balance I would rather have Smoulds back!

So, we had a Merry f**king Christmas thanks to a piss-poor performance against Doncaster Rovers, all that remains is for me and for Forest to wish you a Happy f**king New Year by appointing another cautious, dour and unwanted manager to the helm of our beloved club.  But seriously, Happy New Year to you all – let’s hope for a brighter 2009 portion of the 2008/2009 season, and if it is to be Billy, that he surprises us in a nice way!