On the march for Pembo’s army?..

Yawn!  I’m not a morning person, I’m just about to set off to the wilds of East Anglia on the trail of John Pembertons Red and White army.

We will definitely be without Bennett, likely to be without Lynch and Wilson, and of course are without a manager and assistant manager – so it should prove an interesting afternoon in Norwich.  With the Canaries struggling too, the game of course represents a real opportunity to make up ground in the league, perhaps a seasonal delay in appointments might give us two shots at the ‘new manager gets inevitable result‘ event.

I’ll put some kind of update online post match, but I’m unlikely to get anything online with any degree of detail until some point on Monday.  It will of course be sods law that Forest will announce either the depressingly inevitable appointment of Billy Davies, or some kind of crazed curve-ball that none of us anticipated and the internet will melt.

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  1. In reply to the poll. Look at the stats.

    Billy Davies has a win % of 40%. With 20 games left after today, this give us the 8 wins we need and will take us to the brink of escaping safety.

    There aern’t many other Managers with this. What do people want ? A choice based on “his face fits” or a chance of staying up ??

  2. oh my god it is so not as simple as that.

    simon davey in the mix!!

  3. On that basis, we should have stuck with CC as his win record was 42%!!

  4. just been informed (3rd hand of course) a certain mr davies has been seen at mr doughty’s house at least twice in the last month. time will tell.

  5. Umm My preference:

    1) Temporray solution to provide incentivs for us to escape relegation,

    2) Pembo given a chance initially

    3) Or, another temp manager possibly Davis, until end of season.

    4) Longer term solution is delecate negotiations to bring Pearce and Clough togther as joint managers

  6. SB. Davies has 40% win record (mainly in our League). Good part of his bad results were at Premiership level. Get y’ facts right. CC’s win record at our level is 16%.

    We need 40% wins to stay up (with a handful of draws).

    Question is what you want. The right face or staying up.

    My view is also to protect our downside. Who would you not mind having as a Manager if we went down?

  7. We already have our manager.Pembo stayed loyal to Forest despite offers following His win ratio,admitedly not the same standard,but the players respect him and he is a winner.
    I would have more faith in him taking over to the end of the season than money grabbing davies coming in and totally destroying morale and and any remnants of team spirit that will show today under Pembo. If not give clough a chance.
    Sunderland have just appointed their caretaker manager after 4 games,but we don´t have a board like Sunderland.Sunderland don´t have mark arthur……..

  8. At least Pembo has shaken up the team,Brecks back as captain,Garner and earnie subs…..? Worried about reappearence of chambers though..
    .One thing today is the team will give a good display !!!

  9. COKE IS IT!!!!

  10. CC’s gone Breckin back in & we’re 2-0 up @HT. Can you believe it says my cousin? Of course I said, Pembertons in charge!!!

    CC 42% win ration in Div1 but in CCC it’s more like .42% – actualy it’s under 20% says a lot doesn’t it….

  11. Wow, don’t remember the last time we scored 5 goals, and still sitting at home worried about getting three points. I think Pemberton needs some time, he’s clearly done something that CC couldn’t do on Boxing Day, oh and thank you for that wonderful belated present 🙂 Just confirmed the win, out of the relegation zone should Southampton remain 1-1 with Reading.

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