Damn that felt good!

It was a nervy second half, but a relieving and deserved win. Pemberton’s army starts its march on a win, a win that marches us out the relegation zone! Well done lads!

Definitely think that is Campy’s last game for us judging by his post-match reaction. A pity as he had another cracker. More later when I’m not on the mobile.


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  1. Im guessing his reaction is purely because it could have been his last game, he probably knows little more than us as to where he will be in the next few weeks.

  2. We need Camp. Move heaven and earth to keep him I say.

    Well done today lads. Excellent stuff. Brown trouser job at the end but what a result.

    Would CC have played 4-5-1? Never in a million!!!

    U REDS

  3. Well done Pembo and the team!!! We all hope something gets sorted with Camp !!
    When Pembo was interviewed he didnt know what was happening but he had a meeting with the dreaded Mark arthur tomorrow.
    What is arthur going to say to him??
    I hope pembo is given a few matches to continue the run and team spirit,but unfortunately with arthur still in place we never know !!!

  4. 5 goals away from home!

    You REDS!!!!!

  5. Oh dear that interview with Camp dident sound good he seems to think that was his last game for us

  6. In Fact i don’t think he could have made it any clearer that hes been told Davies will be the new manager

  7. when earnie scored i thought we had won… but bloody hell we made it difficult.
    what was garner doing?

  8. Pembertons red and white army!! give him a chance i say he has done well with the reserves, so why not give him a chance!!! Well done today lads, football is a funny game!! We dont need Davis.

  9. Davies out, Camp, Pearce, Clough in!!!!!

  10. Davies out – he’s hasn’t come in & I hope it stays that way – Camp played a cracker 2day from what I read but 2 og doesn’t help. 5 goal thriller & we scored all 5!! I think we’re conceding & giving too many og 2 be complacent.

    Tell you what though – 3 points are ours & we’re out of the bottom 3. FA Cup next & Man City lost 2day….

  11. Enjoy it while we can. If Davies is confirmed Camp will go, Earnie will be on the transfer list and would I be right in thinking Wilson played for Davies at PNE? So he’s a cert for captain then!

    Anyway, great result, and I promise to get 100% behind the new man…whoever he is.

  12. Davies. Play-offs (at our level) 3 years running. Says it all, and not the pratt some of you think.

    Some Derby fans thought they were a boring 1-0 team to gain promotion. Their main complaint was that they got promoted to the Premiership at least a year to early !!!
    Don’t forget they shut out West Brom in the play off final when Sandwell Town were thumping teams week in week out.

    Just shut out the blame culture you see and read in the press every day and think like a person with a brain for a change.

  13. are you a shagger in disguise !!!

  14. Any idea what happened to Malony today ? was he dropped or rested ?
    I think he has been a real gem since being recalled from his loan.

  15. we dont want or need billy weasel face davis the only good thing he has done is helping the sheep become the worst team in history along with porno paul jewell,i would prefer alan curbishsley or KEANO theres only one KEANO purely for the chant……..COME ON YOU REDS!!!!!!!!

  16. I take it Steve and johno refer to me?

    No problem lads, I do think with my brain Steve. So much so that I am probably the only person in the lower trent who could see us going down with CC in charge yet still refused to bow to public pressure and boo the players. And refused to slag off Smith when all around me had short memories and screamed abuse at him constantly (I hope they get behind him the rest of the season). Oh, and changed their minds about what they want constantly, depending on what the guy sat next to them said.

    As it happens, I’ve read some very positive stuff about Davies in the past, so if he comes I’ll give him my full support.

    Lets face it, we don’t own the club, do we. Doughty does. We don’t make the decisions, he does. In my opinion the biggest millstone round this clubs neck is Mark Arthur, the club is run like an amateur business and he needs to go.

  17. The only good thing about Davies is that he is not Paul Ince. But anyone who even thinks of giving Davies any backing is a moron. If Davies is appointed, the boo-ing of the dugout has to start from minute one of game one of his ‘rule’. NO TO DAVIES.

  18. Mattyboy. Not having a go.

    Really fed up with the a lot of the guys who come on here having a go at potential Managers, be that Davies or whoever. It’s just cheap blame culture without looking at the job these guys actually do. AND what’s more it’s their record and not what tripe what the gullible sods read through the press that should count to anyone with half a brain cell.

    I actually think there are a lot of great candidates out there. Davies, Curbishley, Keane. Me – I’m a fan of the chap down the A38 …… but he’s just top of a very good list.

  19. Don’t forget Andrew Cole is looking for a managerial appointment.

    Or is that “managerial disappointment”?

    We need about 46 points at the end of the season on current form to be reasonably sure of there being one team between us and the dropzone – which would be nice. That means 22 points from 20 games, which is aboout what Derby are doing so far this season. That’s not impossible – if we get 8 draws (about our current average for 20 games) we need another 14 points – 5 wins – from 12 games. We have played well enough to win at least 5 out of 12, and if we can just get that confidence, it should be achievable.

    Of course, if we win all 20, that’s us on 84 points – play-off potential! Sorry, dreaming there…

    One thing – if Camp goes, what state is Smithy in? He hasn’t played for ages, and knows he is only in now because Camp has gone, and he’s primed for the boos already. We need confidence between the sticks, that’s for certain.

  20. Great result – again away from home. Very frustated at the Camp situation. That is typical of the paralysis and indecision at the club. I fear that is a greater problem than relegation. But tonight I raise a glass to Pembo.

  21. Sign Camp now!!top Priority !!! It shouldn´t need anyone at board level to think about it…It´s bloody obvious we need him !!If we don´t,we need to know who is responsible Doughty or arthur…Speak up NOW !!!!!

  22. a norfolk pizza delivery boy texted 5 live to say he had just delivered £200 of pizza to the forest team bus in the carrow rd car park. they deserve it!

  23. Pizza??? Surely Delia could have knocked them up a little light supper if asked nicely?? Thats assuming she wasnt pissed again of course! 🙂

  24. Obviously it was going too well . So thanks to breck & garner for keeping it real.LOL

  25. Jewell for Manager!!!!!!!

  26. Smith is not rusty (re Forest Forest), he’s been in superb form in the reserves & keeping clean sheets!!! Not having a go at Camp here but the whole defence inc. him!! Own goals – 3rd top scorer (as over on eighteensixtyfive) Not bad!!! 😆 Oh well, 5 goals & we still win 😆 . Seriously though, our defence needs to stop giving those goals away. It gives us heartattacks when it happens.

    Anyway, 3 points, out of the bottom 3 and looking towards Man City in the FA Cup (who lost last night I add again!!).

  27. The name s a little sarcastic (not intentionaly) (Not that some would notice either)

  28. oh f*** sex pest paul jewell has just resigned from the sheep –

  29. More breaking News:

    Lynch contract extended till end of season & Camp’s future is on hold until a new Manager is in place.

  30. Also: Sky Sports – Pembo not interested in post, Porter has not signed or spoken to Forest.

  31. My son phoned this morning from Norwich after staying over after the game ,he was talking with Camp in a pub after the game ,Camp was telling them Forest have made no move at all as regaurds sorting out a deal,he said he would love to sign and as really enjoyed his time with us ,but due to the lack of movement by Forest its back down to QPR,if this is the case the WANKERS that run this club should hang there heads in shame,he has been the best keeper we have had in a long time,and if it was not for him we would be in deeper shit than we are now,many thanks for your efforts Lee and i hope you soon get a club with ambition.

  32. Mick, I refer you to an earlier comment…Mark Arthur is an amateur. NottsCC were delighted to get rid and have gone from strength to strength since.

  33. agree strongly MICKF, but as matty sez earlier and ive always said, arthurs a millstone to us, any breaking news that comes our way seems like it’s his little secret and we as the heart of the club arn’t privvy enuf to be told anything. only thing i’ll add bout camp/lynch is – it’s gotta be davies coming in otherwise someone at the club would have sealed the camp situation before now ie wen calderwood was still in charge, but if doughty/arthur had meetings with davies, the fall out between him and camp would have been talked about.

  34. Yiannaki, Man City drew against Blackburn, two goals in the last two minutes. I don’t know why we’ve not moved heaven and earth to get Camp, we need a good keeper as if Smithy is injured, who do we have? Lynch, my god, he’s poor, sooner play Heath who has desired, which could make up for lack of experience – I can see why that have extended the loan, Bennett knackered, but are you telling me that they can’t deal with Camp in the same token (depending on new manager) this all points to Billy Davies… god help us if he comes in.

  35. John – you’re right. I was about to post my correction but you beat me too it. I only just noticed it now!!! Equalizer right b4 the final wistle. Another match ending like that this season.

    Sorry all 4 that… :~

  36. Of course you guys must know better about Davies since you are a lot nearer the centre of action than my humble self, but just remember what happened the last time we appointed an ex-D***y manager… Am I right?
    Davies is not my first choice either (as far as I’m concerned I’d either bring in Keane or make Pemberton the permanent manager, I don’t believe he doesn’t want the job), but this doesn’t mean I will not back him up if he gets the appointment. After all, his record in this division speaks by itself. As far as Camp is concerned, I believe no one who’s got a brain bigger than a bird’s would not keep a goalie that has performed the way Lee has. Come on now chaps, people’s quarrels all die down with time. And even if Lee leaves, don’t you all remember that Smitty is a first-class keeper and it’s a big insult for him not being even on the bench in the last games? I feel he should be the one playing against Manchester City, and if Camp stays as well I believe we will have the best goalkeeping duo in the whole league and maybe the Premiership too!

  37. Camp has to be signed.!!!!!!!!He is the best keeper in this league, and as Cloughie got Shilton,you start with a good keeper.
    No disrespect to Smith at all,but Camp has to stay. The new manager can then dispose of Camp if the new manager has someone better than Camp to bring in,which is highly unlikely,unless it is the dreaded davies…..Earnie and Camp are needed. Can this fact penetrate Thick arthurs brain???????
    Pity Doughty is away….Pembo doesn´t want the job…Pity, but the Guy knows mark arthur…. Enough said !!
    Arthur out !!!! lets have a fresh start and OUR Club that communicates !!!!!!!!!

  38. Latest unofficial statement from the Chairman reads ….
    “Im in the Caribbean sunning it up and playing a bit of golf. I’ll look thru’ Mark’s list of potential new Managers over a Pina Colada this evening. Are the saddo’s still back home still texting in their criticism of the new Manager I’ve not yet appointed? ”

    Put that on the NFFC website, it’s probably as real as it gets …

  39. NFFC, where r u? You said ther would be more from the game when you were back on your pc, but nothing so far although you are usually spot on when you give such “appointments”. Please at least post a message that everythings alright, kinda worried here. Thanks mate.

  40. Excellent Steve!!!

    Yes only Forest fans can slag off a manager we don’t have in post! Never let it be said we are a difficult bunch to please………

    Poison chalice???? No – I dont believe a word of it.

    I just wish they would hurry up and make a decision. I mean, I need to put a name to the person I’m supposed to bemock 🙂

  41. Do you not think if the Davies rumours were correct it would have been announced by now?
    This is just typical of Forest, letting it fester like this.

    The more I think about it the more I am swayed by Curbishleys appointment. We tried an ‘unknown quantity’ 3 years ago and I think we were all baffled by his tactics as he learnt his trade. Maybe now is the time for an experienced man, someone who has spent time at a club similar in size to ourselves (yes, really) and command a certain amount of respect from the supporters.
    Or am I p**sing in the wind?

    I’d agree that our lot are among the most fickle in the country, but thats only because some people cant accept our day is over, and we are not one of the “big 4”.

    Could be worse though, could’ve been born a D**by fan, or a Geordie fan, or one of any number of teams out there whose supporters cant accept they just are what they are.

  42. A friend just informed me that Clough is favourite for Derby job. What the f…..

    I know his dad loved both clubs, but gimme a break! He wouldn’t take it, would he?

    Just annoys me even more about the situation not being resolved with ourselves.

    Absolutely infuriating!

  43. Forest have made NO EFFORT to sign Camp up, Whereas we get Lynch ’til the end of the campaign? Surely the most part-time fan can see that we need Camp in net for us at least for the rest of the season. Countless times he has saved us and made us come away from matched with points. He saved a penalty against those b*stards for God’s sake. If it wasn’t for him we would of been well in the shit. Well, more so than now.

    Nice one Forest.

  44. It’s that time again. Musical chairs ‘n’ all. At least we all agree Camp is a great keeper.

    Curbish wants a Premiership job, Clough supposedly is fav for down the road & odd’s have been slashed to 3/1. Davies bookies fav. What about the fans NFFC?

    Thought over Clough – we sold him on would he want to come back? Does anybody rem. who sold him to Liverpool & the cost & who was Chairman at the time?

  45. think young cloughie went close season (93) for 2.75 million dont know if frank clark was in charge or chairman fred reacher ?????/comitee/board did the deal. anyway thats one reason he wont come to us – because of the way we handled the late great one when his time was up.

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