Damn that felt good!

It was a nervy second half, but a relieving and deserved win. Pemberton’s army starts its march on a win, a win that marches us out the relegation zone! Well done lads!

Definitely think that is Campy’s last game for us judging by his post-match reaction. A pity as he had another cracker. More later when I’m not on the mobile.


On the march for Pembo’s army?..

Yawn!  I’m not a morning person, I’m just about to set off to the wilds of East Anglia on the trail of John Pembertons Red and White army.

We will definitely be without Bennett, likely to be without Lynch and Wilson, and of course are without a manager and assistant manager – so it should prove an interesting afternoon in Norwich.  With the Canaries struggling too, the game of course represents a real opportunity to make up ground in the league, perhaps a seasonal delay in appointments might give us two shots at the ‘new manager gets inevitable result‘ event.

I’ll put some kind of update online post match, but I’m unlikely to get anything online with any degree of detail until some point on Monday.  It will of course be sods law that Forest will announce either the depressingly inevitable appointment of Billy Davies, or some kind of crazed curve-ball that none of us anticipated and the internet will melt.